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If you wanto get a real gauge of how much the game has changed go to the forums on halo waypoint. Actual fans of the series are pretty upset over some of the changes made in halo 4. And your point about blops is a moot point as it is a multiplat.

MC's armor caused a big hoopla for crying out loud. Even the slightest of changes to the usual halo formula are scrutinized by the community. So for a non fan, or casual fan to say the changes were minor is just flat out wrong. ...

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*Edit* Fred, Kelly and Linda.

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Kelly and Fred... sickkkkkkkk!

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That would be sick as well. The halo universe is huge man, so many potentially interesting story lines.

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Watch Ep. 5 of FUD everybody ;)... amazing!!

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James, Kelly and Linda. All are f*ckin awesome characters(SII's).

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@ amaguli

Then if that is the case, their is a fault in the way games are reviewed. Deadline or not, they have to realize that what they write may potentially sway ppl to buy a game or not.

If anything a review of a game should be played through as the game was intended to played. It would be like writing a car review by taking the car around the block once. It doesn't provide enough time for the reviewer to give a valid critique.

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Exactly, and does he mention at what difficulty setting he played the game on?

What is the writer implying anyway? That the game is lacking in quality/content? I think it's pretty fair to say that with the campaign, multiplayer, spartan ops and forge no other game even comes close to the amount of content H4 has.

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rinky dink sites usually try to rock the boat with suspect scores. Stick with the major sites, all of them are 9 and above.

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*from the Halo wiki*

John's first mission was against rebels in the asteroid belt of the Eridanus system, where his home world was located. He was shot in the side by live ammunition while leading his squad to capture rebel leader Colonel Robert Watts, without heavily injuring him. The mission casualty list is 11 dead rebel soldiers and an unknown number of rebel civilians. He received a Purple Heart after this mission for taking a round in the side.


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With comments like that, I highly doubt you have even watched the series. The series is top notch, from the effects, to the acting, the production, props... Everything is done at a very high level.

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It doesn't necessarily have to be shown through cutscenes. There are so many events in MC's life tht could be incorporated into video games. Some examples would be to use a game of "Ring the bell", a traning exercise/game MC and the rest of the SII's used to take part in as young children as a tutorial for the controls. Or the first time Cortana and MC were "paired" together to pass a test for the MJOLNIR Mark V armor could be a QTE type level. Point being they...

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IMO the games never really did a good job of showing who MC (and the rest of the Spartan II's) really is. You never really see what he had to go through to become a SII, you never see the amount of training he went through, you never see the the close knit group the SII's created with each other. The fact is MC was born to kill, his whole life from the time he was abducted up to the events of Halo 4 was about war... to be the most proficient killing machine mankind has ever created. R...

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1:22-1:35 =

One example out of many why Halo is so awesome. There is so much material to draw from, the games show a very small portion of what is goin on in the universe.

*Edit* The piece is called "Awakening" by Eddie Smith.

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F*ckin awesome!!

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Pretty obvious has no clue what he is talking about. Improved graphics, physics tweaks, load outs, infinity, mechs, new weapons, the removal of elites in multiplayer, flood mode, spartan ops... Yeah, not much has changed...

So either the guy is a complete knob, or this is a obvious attempt at trying to get more hits on his site. Either way this article is a joke.

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343 as a whole are doing an amazing job with Halo 4. Everything they have shown has been top notch, halo fans/gamers should be in for a real treat this November.

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Only owning a 360 I can only speak for games available on the 360, but here is my list:

Gears series
Dead Space
Mass series
Shadow complex
Batman Arkham series
Read Dead Redemptiom
COD (as much as some people might disagree, the series a monster)
Portal series
Assassins Creed
Oblivion series

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Everything shown in the video just makes the wait for our first glimpse not that bad. To finally get a good look at what the game will look and sound like is awesome. The fact that every aspect shown looks bloody fantastic is the cherry on top.

P.S. That first screen never gets old.

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