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Sales flop, probably not. Sell less then PS4, most likely yes.

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He explains exactly that in the quote:

"Now, the reason I say “near final” is because you guys like us to be precise. Anyone that knows HW development understands that millions of units don’t come flying off the assembly line by just flipping a switch (see what I did there?)

You have many, many units that are run on the factory production line before final product starts as you’re testing quality, tweaking the manufacturing process, etc. But all these c...

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It doesn't really matter. It's 100% coming out before Black Friday.

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That's fine....But fix the damn price.

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Hard to argue with the price and policies, Sony killed it.

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It depends on how the games turn out. Everything will be answered at E3, MS is going to either crash and burn or redeem themselves as a contender.

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For MS's sake, the games better be absolutely mind blowing.

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The NFL agreement alone with sell the XB1 in NA.

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The 15 games better be damn amazing, every single one of them. What they show needs to melt faces for MS to dig themselves out of the hole they are in. But to be honest, knowing what we know, and barring any major hardware upgrades (to late for that anyway), I don't see how the games will stand out from the PC and PS4 games to be shown. With that being said, I will remain positive and hope that they really do dedicate the full presentation to show 15 awesome games.

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We will see 15 games, 8 new IPS. That's all we can go off at this point.

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Games. Period.

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And where was Alan Wake 2 dammnittt!?!?!?!?

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Yup, totally agree with you man. The time dedicated to games wasn't overly impressive at all... show something in game at least.

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As I stated in a previous post, I really hope that MS blew their "non gaming services" load yesterday and keep E3 100% about the games. They have to sway the opinion of many gamers at this point. To be honest, I still cannot believe they f*cked up the conference that bad yesterday... It's almost unreal how seemingly out of touch they are from what gamers rally want.

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But that would mean that "always on" would be required, which in the end is not a good thing for gamers.

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Totally agree with you. They should of focused less on the tv aspects and more on the actual hardware, I don't think they even mentioned anything about the GPU for frig sakes. As far as games are concerned, I hope MS blew its load in regards to services and UI (wishful thinking) and use E3 to focus 100% of the 15 new games they quickly mentioned.

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I asked a question, a point of conversation. Never did I say that I believed it to be true or not.

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What I think you meant to say is, you hope it's not possible. The truth is that anything is possible at this point. Less then 24 hours away from knowing for sure.

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And what if both games are not multiplats? It is possible that the are next gen exclusives.

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720 controller

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