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"Can You Dig It?"


Anyone who says Sony didn't have a great E3 is lying to themselves. Their only problem was their biggest announcements are all coming to other systems. Also almost everyone didn't give two cents about PS Vue.

But a game like Horizon: Zero Dawn has "AAA" written all over it. It's sure to be a fantastic new IP. And Uncharted 4 is definitely going to deliver the goods. Those two games alone make it worth owning the PS4.

I also haven't... #18
I think everyone did. The system was like capturing lightning in a bottle.

And from what I heard at E3 2015, they're going to do it again with the NX. #19
Hicken you've been spamming this all over the site. You need to cut it out. #1.3.1
Now these are the kind of responses I would expect from my fellow N4G regulars. And that basically proves my earlier point. Especially the guy who used the "Mountain Dew / Doritos" meme often used to smear Xbox fans. That was amazingly hateful. I'll chalk it off to you being too young to remember the history of IGN.

Then you got the guy used nothing but obscenity, nice work there. That's worthy of a ban, or at least a loss of a bubble, but I doubt anything w... #15.4
They're saving their big guns for TGS.

But it's strange to see them skip Gamescom. I guess "my heart" will have to belong to someone else this year.

(*I wonder how many people get that joke?) #22
This is fantastic!

I just backed the Kickstarter for a second time to get the physical release for PS4. #7
Its glorious and I will play it on PC. #17
I don't get it? Suddenly Vita doesn't count? #20
It depends on who and where you ask this question.

If you ask this question here on N4G, which is primarily a site for Sony fans, most people will tell you that Sony won E3. And I'm not dogging N4G, I think it's a great site, if you're mainly into Sony products. This phenomenon is like going to Boston and asking people if they like the Red Sox. Gaming websites and certain message boards tend to attract different crowds.

If you ask this question an... #15
Edit: Never mind. Wrong story. #23
Absolutely, positively, 100% fake.

As fake as fake gets.

And I love the addition of the "my dad works at Nintendo" meme. Nice touch. #30
I just made my second pledge to get a physical PS4 version.

Also doing the physical PC version where you get your name in the credits. #40
It won't. Otherwise they would have released it 7 years ago.

Still excited for the project. Still think Ico and Shadow are works of art. But let's be honest, in this market they are niche games.

And that's just the way it is. #23
Good because I'll get the PC and PS4 versions.

Very happy to hear this news. #12
They just won E3 and they've doubled down on Xbox One, making a serious investment in the brand and the hardware.

There is an Xbox One slim in development along with an Xbox One version of the Oculus Rift. The company also has far more console exclusives than their primary competitor.

Submitter and certain N4G regulars are trying to spin that as a negative. Read the comments and you'll find the usual propaganda you see here and on marketing forums su... #33
Very much so. They really hit it out of the part with this one. #67
I loved this collection. Will be a day on purchase. #1
No. #34
Xbox One took November and December last year and it will do the same this year as well.

I expect that in the long run the U.S. and UK will fall to the Xbox One. #22.1.2
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