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"Let's play video games!"


That's a common myth. PS3 stands at around 80 million while 360 is at roughly 84.5. Not to mention ps3 lost billions it will never recoup.

But you're right about the need to develop first party studios. #15.1.1
I can tell you that Microsoft is already making the rounds trying to secure other shocking surprise exusives, and devs are responding to their advances.

I can tell you that ROTTR will not be the last.

I can tell you that the company has a very big war chest and they mean to use it. They intend to leverage the dire fininacial weakness of their enemies to their own advantage.

I can tell you that they are dead serious about winning at any cost.... #15
Silent Hills. You know what I mean. I should have been more clear. #30.1.1
I agree with many of the choices but I do not consider SR4 to be a 3rd person shooter. #2
Ah I see. Interesting to know. #25.1.1
There's no doubt that Sony will save some of their big guns for an important show on their home turf.

I want Vita news and any details we can get on PT (like an estimated release date.) #30
Wow! This guy was responsible for overseeing some of Sega's most notorious advertising. He's kind of a legend. #1
I know right? And this is only a freaking demo!

Would love to try this with a decent pair of headphones. #1.1.1
Luckily my city still have a few decent arcades.

I really enjoyed this piece. #1
Too late. I'm sure some people already did just by playing the teaser. #1
Hyped! #18
I can't agree with you about his acting. When he was forced to kill his brother in TWD he just wasn't pulling it off. The forced blubbering really got to me.

He's been the same character in every film from 8MM, to Blade to TWD. #1.1.1
Norman Reedus is the only sticking point for me. I just don't think he's that good of an actor. #1
I've said it before and I will say it again.

The PS Vita is one of the finest pieces of gaming tech I have ever owned in my entire life.

I also see heavy Japanese dev support as a big plus. #1
I agree on both points. 3rd parties should remain neutral, it's in their best financial interest.

I also believe this is Microsoft's end game plan. They know about the financial problems at Sony. Everyone does. I keep saying they're going to "Pull a Reagan." Well President Reagan defeated the communist Russian government simply by outspending them on defense. MS will do the same thing to Sony. #1.1.1
At this point I don't want to say "wait until TGS" because now I honestly do not know what will happen. I seriously doubt that Sony has given up on the platform all together. #1
I am very excited about Android TV for a lot of reasons. It will give developers the initiative to think beyond the mobile format and consider gearing their titles also for the big screen.

I was recently at Google in Venice Beach discussing the future of Android TV gaming. The only thing Android TV needs to be a huge success is the right box. #1
If you have been with the series from the beginning then you know it started as a multiplat (PS1, PC, Sega Saturn) and then Sony bought exclusivity. Later some of the games were released on PC.

But again if you have been with the series from the beginning I can see why you still might be upset.

I also fear there will be more shocking "betrayal exclusives" and franchise defections coming in the future. #1
I am really excited about it. I've always loved the Warriors series. #2
I'm still very excited. I love the concept of an open world MGS. Day one purchase. #2
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