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There's another revision of the PS4 coming before the end of it's hardware cycle.

If console makers can overcome some major hurdles, the PlayStation brand will evolve into a Netflix style gaming service with not console at all.

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The basic logic here is way over your head apparently.

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Zelda beating Horizon. And to think, we actually had people saying Horizon was Sony's latest "Zelda Killer."

Amazing scores for two amazing games. Zelda beating Horizon truly is a feat because Horizon itself is a damn near perfect game.

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I told you, just call your local store and ask them how many units they have received. Sending one of two units per store is deliberate under shipping. This isn't rocket science friend, even you can figure this out.

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I don't work in retail little troll. I already told you there's a way you can figure this out for yourself. It's not my fault if can't follow directions.

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It's my job to know the retail market. There's no shortages. Only under shipping.

Now I have a few theories about why they're under shipping. Both Nintendo and Sony. But I'm not giving that info away for free any more.

Still, if you really want to know the truth for yourself just ask your local retailer how many PS4 Pro units they have received since launch. Then you'll know I'm telling you the truth. You can do the same with the...

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Every day a new propaganda piece from this website. Not even going to give it a click.

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They're are no shortages. That spin won't fly. A shortage happens when something is in high demand. Sony is deliberately under shipping the console, it's happening here in the US. It's just like Nintendo and the NES Mini. It's not a shortage, it's deliberately under shipped.

Now ask yourself why.

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Xbox fans don't want this. It belongs on PlayStation.

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Can I just say something? We all knew there would be at least one review like this.

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I am soooooo glad I bought the PS4 Pro. Although I'm not a big fan of the character design, the enemies and environments in this game are incredible. This might be the best looking game I have ever seen on a console.

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Expected almost perfect scores across the board. Was not disappointed.

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I enjoyed this table a bit more than the two TFA tables.

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That's because Nintendo exists in their own market. Blue ocean.

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This could be good, it could be bad.

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Visually stunning open world but the character designs are the pits.

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Ugly female character designs seem to be a new trend. First Horizon Zero Dawn and now this.

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lol, now that's an original idea.

Sony. A history of innovation.

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Absolutely embarrassing when any website uses "X killer" in a title. Shameful display.

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Hmm, yes, passing off your opinions as irrefutable facts. Whatever you say.

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