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Yes, definitely. Slim models will be upgrades. Xbox One also. It's been done with handhelds, it's been done with mobile. It's only a matter of time before it happens with consoles too. Things are changing too quickly.

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It will get a revision eventually, but only if it's successful.

The model I used at E3 is pretty much perfect. Get it on the shelves already.

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That is horrible news. My heart goes out to his friends and family.

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This is very big deal.

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I have reasons to doubt this article.

Front page of N4G...

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Option 1: They simply want to sell more copies. Split screen does cut into sales.

Option 2: They didn't want to waste resources working on split screen.

Option 3: The hardware isn't capable of pushing the full game experience in split screen mode. (Full resolution, 60fps)

Tell me which one you think is the answer.

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"It's okay when our side does it."

That was my first thought upon reading this headline. As if the author was absent for the drama surrounding this issue for the past 10 years.

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Sounds very promising!

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I will admit that I love the concept, but I think the cost of the accessories is prohibitively high.

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I actually scored it early about a week ago. There's a store in Burbank, CA that had it for sale.

Perfect 10 IMO. Having a blast.

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So wait, a guy whose business is selling me disc based content is telling me that disc based content will be around forever? You don't say?!

On a side note, disc-free next gen consoles are already in the works. It would be wise to avoid buying stock in Game Stop.

EDIT: Do not misconstrue my comments as an endorsement of the disc-free future. In fact, I want disc based games to live forever. I always want games that I can own and hold in my hands. But tha...

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I think the Vita still has some life in it yet.

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The game felt like busy work to me.

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I think it's absolutely pathetic when fanboys say "it's okay when my favorite company does it."

These kinds of people make me sick.

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I'm sorry. I don't want any NSA spy cams in my home. That's why I got rid of my Kinect.

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I feel a great disturbance in the force.

EDIT: Oh wait, this claim comes from a neogaf user. Never mind.

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What's more interesting is that he also said this will be the last console cycle, which is true. Gaming will evolve into a Netflix style streaming service which will be available on many different types of hardware.

What's that you say? Input lag? Latency? Bandwidth? Those issues will be resolved in the future.

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Reddit > GAF

How does it feel to know you're no longer relevant?

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I know everyone is going to vote for classics like FF7, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Symphony of the Night, Twisted Metal, Tekken 2, etc...

But I really want to vote for Einhander.

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Never mentioned core gamers. Try actually reading the comment before you reply Pink.

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