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"Let's play video games!"


PS4K incoming. #4
Absolutely awesome. I want to help them promote this as much as possible. We should all spread this to our social media pages. #3
A white Atari Jaguar shell, produced sometime last year by a fan. You can check the Atari Age forums for that one.

A third party Wii U pro controller. Someone is messing with you. #1
It's hard for me to get excited when I hear the word "Rare."

Here's hoping whatever they release is a return to form for the company. #27
How low will it go? Pretty damn low apparently.

Including Wolfenstein is a pretty good idea. It's one of the multiplats that performs better on Xbox One. #5
Stop writing this click bait. #22
Another good review from another site I've never heard of.

Lazy game design, reusing assets, uninspired combat (read boring), CGI filler, and 5 hours of gameplay should NEVER get a good review. #26
One disappointment after another. Only single console fanboys have to defend this situation or ignore the truth. Even the best PS4 exclusives are tremendously sub par.

The only exception is TLOU, which is really a PS3 game.

And although I enjoyed Infamous SS, it has an incredibly corny story, like a bad Sony Pictures movie, and the gameplay quickly degrades into a mindless collector fest. Also, more gamers should have been offended by the portrayal of the gam... #76
So basically...

Sites I've never heard of = Good reviews.

Well known sites with a solid rep = Bad reviews.

Keep it up marketing department. I'm sure you'll fool someone into buying this game. #9
Xbox and 360 were slaughtered in Japan and it didn't matter at all.

PS4 isn't exactly doing PS2 numbers in that region. 3DS is doing very well but not near DS numbers. To say that either system is "dominating" Japan is absurd and shows how little the author actually knows about the region.

The truth of the matter is M-Create is obsolete in a time when most Japanese gamers are playing games on their phones. People ignorant of the culture thi... #11
I'm getting Bloodborne but if you're a fan of the Souls series you're better off sticking with what you know.

Still get them both when you get the chance. That's the only real answer. #33
Absolutely valid.

Another damage control marketing piece. #26
We don't. We want bad games to fail.

There is a very clear running theme in damage control marketing surrounding this game. #23
Xbox / Microsoft Direct. #10
Yes. Dumping stock. #21
PS4 will be a big success for them. But I see more gamers moving towards PC (hardcore gamers) and tablet / mobile (casual gamers.)

PSV and PSTV are catastrophic failures.

PS Now has tremendous potential. It could save the entire company. If it fails this company is incompetent and does not deserve your support.

The company is getting ready to post a yearly fiscal loss in the billions. So I'm not still not sure they have a future. Hopefull... #8
Lot's of PlayStation advertising in the latest print issue of GQ. Seriously, go to the newstands and check for yourselves. #19
Expected. #20
There will be Tomb Raider, and Dude Raider.

I'm really looking forward to Just Cause 3 more than any of these games. #2
It's a bad game but that score is a bit too low. #61
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