Can You Dig It?
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Wait until you see what's coming to NX.

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It's great to see console wars click bait journalism being applied to mobile OS.

Oh wait, no it's not.

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Absolutely. All people need to do is give it a try. The product is damn impressive.

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There's a gigantic market adjustment coming whether we like it or not.

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The first ND since the passing of Iwata. This is going to be very emotional for a lot of people.

But also the first step towards a bright future. Nintendo has some big plans in the works. Their long game is going to surprise even their most loyal fans.

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I'm calling BS on this one.

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Seems like a bit of damage control from Digital Foundry. Why didn't they make note of this in their first performance analysis? I seriously question the integrity of this site.

With that said, for the best performance play it on PC. It's that simple. As much as it pains me to say it, PC was really the way to go this generation.

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Well at first Uncharted was merely Dude Raider. And now Tomb Raider has become more like Uncharted. The circle is now complete.

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A troll? No. Since that comment was made over 10 months ago, I was making an accurate assessment of the console during 2014. You may have noticed that in the past 10 months there has been a number of new games released for the PS4.

But what's more troubling, and of greater concern, is that you actually went back in my comments history a full ten months to desperately try to find something you could use against me. I'm sorry my friend but that is a clear sign of obsess...

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I just want to say that there were some neogaf "insiders" claiming the review score from IGN was going to be low.


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A scant handful of titles compared to the vast majority. You're clearly triggered by the truth of my statements.

But again, if you really cared about performance you'd be playing all your games on PC.

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I would have cared more if this feature came out two years ago. Still, it's nice to have, but I doubt I will be retiring my Xbox 360 any time soon.

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"paying customers voice their rightful disapproval, you lambast the customers and multiple communities but not the developers responsible"

That's not what I was talking about. You clearly missed the entire point of my comment, once again, reinforcing my feelings about the fanboy community.

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In this case, second place isn't even close to being first.

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Absolute genius! This company rules video game advertising. Their creatives are brilliant.

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You console fanboys are the absolute worst human beings. You're taking only the parts of this video that support your personal bias, while ignoring the parts that don't. I've never seen something more pathetic. It honestly makes me ashamed to call myself a "multiconsolegamer."

This comment section is living proof of how sites like this one, and neogaf, have severely damaged the industry and made gaming less fun for everyone. It's no wonder there is s...

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EDIT: Double post. Site is acting really buggy for me.

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Frame rate > resolution.

Of course if we're going to have this tired old argument, then you should still be playing all your games on PC.

I'm sure they'll fix this problem with a massive patch.

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Here's my story. I'm a bit afraid of heights. When I tried the demo for the new Morpheus hardware at E3 2015 I was playing a game set high in the clouds. (Wish I knew the name.) The demo was held on the second floor of a somewhat rickety custom built stage. I could feel the ground shudder beneath me every time someone walked by. The sensation of height was so realistic, coupled with the shaky demo stage, that I actually had to take off the headset for a moment because the feeling was...

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