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"Let's play video games!"


Reason Number Six: You like playing video games. #7
Sony always match top tier audio equipment. I am sad that they have been overshadowed by lesser companies with inferior products. #10
Top notch developer, top notch game. What else did you expect?

I'm actually going to replay the entire franchise (including Golden Abyss) before the release of Uncharted 4. #59
On one hand I like the idea of using the Wii U tablet to play this game. On the other hand I was a bit underwhelmed with this title. #19
Doesn't matter. It will still sell like hot cakes. #37
I'll be there! Can't wait!

If you're going PLEASE BRING YOUR VITA! #20
Tom Savini is a god! This is awesome news. Will definitely check this out. #4
The $258 Million in revenue made by the PS Division was utterly annihilated by the $1.59 Billion Dollar losses posted by the rest of the company. If you're keeping track losses have increased by a quarter of a billion dollars since last report. Sony as a company will not recover and needs to spin off their valuable gaming brand in order to keep it alive. Unfortunately as these results show PS gaming is only a tiny fraction of the company. It's certainly not enough to save a company th... #42
People will still try to say Nintendo is doomed. Just visit NeoGAF and see for yourself.

Congratulations Nintendo! Proving haters wrong since 1889. #23
So completely awesome! #8
Very un-pc. I love it! #15
PC + Nintendo is the way to go this gen.

Xbox One and PS4 are underwhelming, underpowered and don't have much going for them. One of these two consoles has a library of games that is just freaking terrible. The worst on the market and the worst of any console to carry its prestigious brand name. #37
Neat! #30
Looks like a really fun game. #25
The PS4 GTA V bundle will sell like hot cakes. #41
PS4 has a stack of mediocre exclusives. #31
One of these consoles has a very poor lineup. We all know which one. #26
Only bad for your wallet. #70
Harsh! #1
Such a weird decision.

Still happy though. Day one. #11
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