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Typical N4G troll. Hates everything that isn't made by Sony.

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Patchter is almost always wrong. He really blew his credibility back in the Wii era, and now he's lost most of his relevance in the analyst community. I certainly wouldn't make any investments based upon his advice.

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Japan has better taste than America. Also a greater appreciation for fine technology.

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Look up blue ocean before you embarrass yourself any further.

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Great pics!

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I would score it higher but I'll also admit this franchise isn't for everyone.

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They pulled this same nonsense with the Wii and Wii U. Third party companies cashing in on consumer ignorance.

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And literally none of them will be good.


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In stock at multiple Walmart locations as recently as Friday night.

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Put a fork in it because it's done.

I've been a very outspoken supporter of PSVR even before it was on the market. I'm not happy that it's effectively dead in NA, I'm pissed. Really pissed.

I'd love to be proven wrong. I'd love to see a new round of VR games. I'd love to see smash hit sales. I'd love to come back here and tell everyone that I was wrong while eating a nice helping of crow.

But that wo...

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I don't just believe it. I know it.

That's why Sony sent a 3rd party company to demo the units instead of sending their own people. This thing has tested poorly in the US since day one. From the high price point to the lukewarm reaction to the hardware and software.

PSVR had the potential to be the champion in the home VR market and Sony dropped the ball big time.

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Yesterday's comment: "PS4 will remain ahead for the rest of the generation"

Today's comment: "PS4 will remain ahead for the rest of the generation."

And yeah, sales nerds are the worst kind of people. A plague on the industry. The lowest form of human garbage. They get suckered into console wars so they can drive traffic and hits and site revenue for places like NeoGAF that actually harm the industry and ruin the fun of gamin...

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On paper it had a lot going for it, but the reality of the product was terrible. The execution was the absolute worst. I really wanted to like it.

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You are absolutely, positively, completely and totally wrong.

Sorry if that bothers you.

Oh and BTW, Nintendo doesn't compete with Sony and MS. That's a fanboy delusion spread by places like LOLOLOL neogaf. Nintendo exists in their own market.

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This is fanboy projection at its worst. This kind of person sees everyone who doesn't agree with his opinion as a hateful fanboy. Meanwhile he's the only one here spouting hate.

That's just a sad way to live your life.

And let me tell you another thing that's sad. The fact that you don't realize that sites like NeoGAF and N4G have you caught in a trap for the financial benefit of just a handful of people. You see, without console wars...

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It's in stock. I just saw it tonight and I've seen it several times since launch.

Sony lowered their expectations for this product after seeing the lukewarm reaction to their public demos.

It's a great product, no doubt.

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Bashing? Celebrating? Now you're just projecting. Cut it out. Stop seeing the world through fanboy tinted glasses my friend. Enjoy your game box and unhook from all this sales culture nonsense. It's such a waste of your life.

I should probably mention that I work in a field where I have to know a lot of this stuff. So sometimes that bleeds out into my comments here on N4G. I was warned by my boss to "stop giving it away for free online" but I have a probl...

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That's my favorite PSVR game.

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That's the best way to play it, but it's also not a lot.

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Nope. Comments are completely consistent with what I said today. Do try and keep up.

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