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That's beautiful man. #29
"Fastest selling console in history"

I love that line. Pure marketing BS.

Whatever helps you kids sleep at night. #20.2.1
At least their gaming division is profitable. It's also owned by a company with a solid future. Anyone who wants to sugar coat what's happening at Sony is lying to themselves. It's definitely more than "restructuring." (That's my favorite line of spin because it so hilariously understates the real crisis.) #15.1.1
Microsoft following Sony in the shady practice of combing hardware shipments to conceal the real total for each product, and reporting shipped as sold.

Now maybe Sony fans will finally agree with me that this is an unscrupulous and highly suspicious activity.

Meanwhile in the retail world they know the truth. Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are underperforming and next gen is off to a cold start. (In before "but they told me record breaking sales!" an... #20
Yes absolutely. So were the other 3 games I purchased at launch. #21.1.1
Ridiculous premise considering the game is on multiple systems. #40
For me its Wii U first and Xbox One second. But I sure have spent a ton of time playing Dead Rising 3. Best game in the series and totally worth the cost of the system. #21
I would like 3D video support. #25
PC Rising.

Be afraid.

PC has the potential to be the true "one platform future." #17
>this article is needed for any xbox fan who still think Dem secret sauce and Dat 10% unlock of GPU will somehow make xbox on bar with ps4

Pure impartial maturity.

I don't care about which toy is more powerful because I own them all. But it really seems to matter to you. And you heart is full of ugliness and hatred for people who prefer a different toy than you. In fact it seems to bother you quite a bit.

>"no i never wrote t... #1.1.11

Ezz's comment was so hateful and immature that even I was astonished by its nastiness. Were he talking about another company I'm sure he would have already been market for trolling. That comment shows breath taking ugliness even by N4G standards.

And the obvious logic is that the PS1, 2 and 3 were all amazing consoles with robust libraries of games despite their technical inferiority or difficult to program hardware. When Ezz made his... #1.1.8
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Hey Ezz2013, how did you feel about the technical inferiority of the ps1, ps2 and the ps3? Did that make them bad consoles in your eyes? Because that's entirely the logic you are applying to the Xbox One.

I also want to applaud you for your post. You represent the perfect N4G user. You are the poster child for this place. Great job. #1.1.4
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The Wii U is currently the best system on the market and it has the best library of games. BC is also a huge plus. #1
One of the best looking games last gen is now one of the best looking games this gen. Will buy on day one. #28
Brilliant! #2
Follow the obvious pattern.

Agenda driven articles attacking Xbox are ALWAYS on the front page of this site. Always.

These articles almost always come from sites you've never heard of or rarely visit.

This is David Manning all over again. And the proof is in the who is records.

Don't fall for the click bait. The good news is a major search engine is about to punish click baiters with a drastic change to their search e... #72
Oonah bunga! #27
N4G Shill Site. #18
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Here's the chain of events that lead to the posting of the fake numbers, along with a clue to their illegitimacy.

The fake numbers were quietly posted to a site owned by Newegg. A user on NeoGAF noticed that the numbers matched the predictions of a recently banned user almost exactly. In the tradition of typical NeoGAF censorship users were forced to edit their posts for even mentioning the user.

So the trail goes from the banned user, the newegg owned si... #21.1.1
I'm going to catch utter hell for this....

Thuway is a known fraud. These numbers are pure fiction.

Let loose the slings and arrows. Bring on the dogs of war.

That's not even an official NPD report.

Let the fanboy stoning commence! #21
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