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"Let's play video games!"


I have four HDMI ports on my TV, along with composite, component and coxial inputs. And they are all occupied.

I would suggest the Fozomon HDMI switcher. It's cheap, it's very small and it doesn't create input lag.

Currently hooked up to my TV:

Xbox 500GB modded
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Wii U
Dreamcast w/ HDD

Get on my level. #7
Absolutely. It was a terribly underutilized idea. I really loved it. #38
Real. #21
Bloodborne has ruined my social life as playing the game has consumed all of my free time. #9
It's great to see a fantastic game get the attention that it deserves. Especially in a country where mobile gaming dominates the market entirely. Consoles are merely an afterthought in Japan. A remnant of a dying market. #9
All companies will do this eventually, and I don't care what David Jaffe or Angry Joe has to say about anything. #13
The offer is 100% legit. It has been mentioned and confirmed legit on several other sites.

I find it even more suspicious that someone would be telling us not to take Sony's free money, especially here on N4G.

Sony is not going to reimburse you directly. #19
Oculus is great but it's far from perfect. #1
That's funny, I seem to recall playing Infamous SS, TLOU Remasteted, Watch Dogs, Resogun, Retro City Rampage and Injustice Gods Among Us.

Are you saying these aren't games? Huh. Coulda fooled me. #17
Meanwhile they are still on track to lose 2.1 Billiion for their current fiscal year. If you are counting that's 11 fiscal years in a row without a yearly profit.

>Forcasts for the year ending March 31st, 2015 remain unchanged

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It's not a console. #10
It's not a console. #11

The wait is agonizing. #7
Getting gamers to focus on sales reports is so harmful to the industry. Website owners don't care because they're only out for themselves. But sales culture is pure poison that harms the industry, fuels console wars, actually hurts sales, and makes the industry a worse place for us all. #4

And reviving the Joe Montana Football brand would be a great way to challenge the EA Madden Football empire. #30
E3 is going to be awesome! #17
I would never take a chance and install something like this. I'll wait for the official release. #30
It will be at E3 2015. #37
A truly awesome idea! I hope they bring this idea to the US. #1
I already have this game paid in full.

However whenever someone mentions Twitter I have to point this out...

Twitter bots and shill Twitter acvounts are used by many corporations to influence the trending status of certain topics on the Twitter network. You can actually pay black hat companies to do this for you. (seriously, look it up.) It's the main reason why I deleted my Twitter account, well that and I dionta care TIB ear what some celebrity had for... #14
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