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"Let's play video games!"


Best of luck to them both. #50
Bring back the feel of games like Undeground and I'm sold. #10
True. Should be obvious with New 3DS on the horizon. #1
CES has been pretty amazing this year. Full of surprises. Lots of cool new tech. #3
True. #1
Hilariously enough, I would play this game if it were real. #25
Very excited about this game but do not know which version to get. Will probably go with the PC version, as I have been doing with most multiplats these days. #5
I would gladly welcome a co-op MGS game. #16
No. It's a very good deal that will only get better over time. #15
Nice to see the Dreamcast still getting some love. Still one of the best consoles of all time. I actually used my PS2 as a stand for my Dreamcast for the first two years of it's life. #4
Yes. And it would be ridiculous to think otherwise. #2
Very robust line up and this is just the beginning. #11
CPU is more important for gaming. GPU is only important if you want pretty grass and other little details.

Graphics wise, GPU is important. But if you only care about graphics you shouldn't even own a console. You should be PC only.

CPU is all about the gameplay, which is why certain games perform better on the Xbox One, while others look better on the PS4. #28.1
Good luck. They're going to need it.

Still expect them to do well over the holidays. Retail channel checks showed the Xbox One was selling like crazy. #22
Fantastic service at a great price. #76
Absolutely insane numbers! First to 20 million wins! #36
Calling them hackers gives them too much credit. #20
I'm sure it also makes a great living room TV. #3
I would totally play a WWE game made by Naughty Dog. I am sure it would be awesome. #6
You can't say something is the "best" game of the next generation when the game itself is not out yet. #7
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