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"Let's play video games!"


I buy Nintendo consoles because they are made by a brilliant company. The true artists of the video game industry.

I buy PlayStation consoles because Sony gets all the Japanese support. They also tend to have some great exclusives, and lost of unique smaller titles.

I buy Xbox consoles for the fantastic online, the best controller, and to play the vast majority of western titles. Also Halo, Forza and several other important exclusives.

I'... #2
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This game is straight up amazing! Great review! #4
I thought this was a solid, well written review. #1
You don't need a phony insider to see the truth.

Look at PS3 launch games and then compare their quality to games released much later in the console lifespan. #18
Expect this trend to continue. Especially now that the weakness of the PS4 CPU has been exposed. Let's not also forget the lazy devs and their poor Anisotropic Filtering.

It's like GTA V all over again. Grass VS gameplay. #35
It's a sharp looking piece of tech. Mark Cerny is basically a genius. The console itself is a triumph of industrial design. Very snazzy looking. #5
The review score damage control needs to come to an end now.

When game receives good scores, suddenly review scores matter.

When a game receives bad scores, suddenly the whole review system is broken.

This flip-flopping needs to stop. It's making a mockery of the entire system. We need to get the publicists and the shills out of gaming journalism. #22
When it comes to the quality of a game the only opinion that truly matters is your own. You have the same analytic skills as any professional journalist. You have the right to make up your own mind. #24
Ouch! Right in the wallet! Day one. #30
We should get an N4G crew going. Could be kinda fun. #25
Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up. #4
I have already played a few. Opinions may differ. #27
Very cool for people who want a choice of controllers. #9
So many awesome deals!

Someone should make a list of all the games with cross play. #18
I used to be able to beat Tyson when I was a kid but I doubt I could do it today without serious practice. #5
Very intriguing! Future-proofing the tech. #8
One of the finest pieces of technology ever made by Sony.

However.... Retailers have pulled support. Best Buy lowered their buy back prices on the games to $1. Other chains that buy used software are dropping their buy back prices as well.

Developer support winding down. Still has games coming in 2015, few of them retail, most of them projects that have already been in the works. Many digital games.

PSTV was supposed to provide life support... #1
It's obvious this would happen.

14 games and one collection in just over 10 years. A great series milked to death. #1
PS4K incoming. #4
Absolutely awesome. I want to help them promote this as much as possible. We should all spread this to our social media pages. #3
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