Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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Dont thank the developer,there not the ones who decide.Thank warner bros for being a good publishing company,this and the the shadow of mordor will be kick ass next gen.

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wow 2014,surprised by that release date.Hope it makes it.

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Sucks to suck

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Well I mean, last time i checked ps4 was not running games that looked like ps3/360 games...in other words wiiu games. And even then, there are some. most next gen titles like watch dogs are 1080p.

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Yea battlefield 4 was running on 360 and ps3, and it looked like shit. Its pretty demanding on my pc bro.Shows that you know little about modern gaming....

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People are taking what you said out of hand....compared to a ps4/xbox one I wouldn't call it a Powerhouse either.

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Or he is just used to better support or easier to develop for devices like pc,xbox one, or ps4. Once your introduced to it and you compare it to the Sh!t support nintendo gives your for developing it for there system its hard not to act like him when your pampered all the time especially from sony.

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Ill give you a bubble when you stop saying Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4...seriously your making PlayStation gamers like me look like freaks. While I agree with most of your opinions, you are totally biased towards sony and your a huge fanboy.

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Even then it just came out,its gonna take a few years to get majority,i would say by the end of 2014,would say around 30% or more gamers would have a next gen console

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I have yet to see phone games be as big or good looking as some of the vitas games....killzone looks amazing and modern combat does not look as good as it.

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And as a result of phones becoming popular it has came not eve close to the DS or gameboy numbers,its way behind on sales,DS sold allot more when it was the time it was on the market compared to the 3DS......and im not counting the sales of the DS after the 3DS came out btw.

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Its honestly because Mobile gaming on phones is HUGE here and that takes up a huge chunk out of the sales for vita.

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Yes that is true I don't take Playstation Universe or any site that just does news towards one thing,its going to be biased.

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You get 1 year of ps plus($50)
A additional ps4 controller,you have 2 now($60)
The console ($399)
The game ($60)

Its exactly 570 dollars so your not exactly getting a deal but its not a rip off like some of you are acting.This is what happens when you guys just look at the headline

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Like you can find one?Its not like stores are over flowing with ps4s right now....

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But that did not stop its first party ips from looking next gen at the time,something Nintendo has failed to do even with their own ips for the wiiu. And on top of that its allot easier to develop for compared to how hard it was to develop for the ps3's launch. And even the harder to develop for ports on ps3 looked better for its time compared to wiiu,wiiu looks like it plays last gen games ( battlefield 3, metro , or any 3rd part title playable on a 360) Though those games may be next ...

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"ton of untapped potential in the way of its gpu-" Lol okay.......just look at Nintendo ips,they don't look really that next gen but yet there the ones who made the hardware so they got pretty much all of the potential out of it so that's where we see the potential and it shows its not next gen... also the website has nintendo on it so its likely that you should not be taking their opinion seriously about a Nintendo product from a site revolving around Nintendo,its going to ...

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Graphics are more cartoony in sims 4 which make the game as a whole seem a little less realistic which can be a + or a - for some people, but at the same time more sharper.I like it

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I think its a "Good" chance of it not being on last gen consoles,if not then 100% sure next installment will be next-gen only. This one could be on last gen,but I dont think it will be dumbed down,look at watch dogs for example.Its a next gen title and looks next gen yet its still releasing on last gen.

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Its setting it up for trolls to pick on it.

Assassins creed:Great Fail

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