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Oh and the diablo thing....i can name 10 games on console right off the bat that out did it a lot on launch day. But im talking about less mmoish cause thats really the only form of AAA gaming that you can say sold well. I hear diablo 3 all the time but what battlefield or even watch dogs(its pre orders numbers are a fraction of the ps4s) Games that are even "meant" for the pc players,it turns out to sell much better on the console. I think that shows there's not really a huge m...

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I realize that you have no knowledge of what AAA gaming is (far cry 3,gta,bioshock,battlefield) And that was such a small ass proportion and also I did not say it did not make money dipshit,i just said games with AAA quality wont sell well because few people can actually run the game. Almost all that money you mentioned is free to play,mmo,and indie. I have a gtx680 and a decent cpu yet a ps4 can have a more stable fps than my pc on some moments.....

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PC can be a lion of course because with 1000 dollar plus you can get that but what few people have this?Sure n4g its more common but almost no one actually games on pc,at best you can say is people buy a few games like minecraft and others but other than that don't expect AAA games to sell as well compared to the cheap more efficient for your money console. Which I cant see every pc rig running this game but the lucky few who have a real gaming pc like you and me.

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200 at lowest and 300 at highest

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I can guarantee more than half the people that hit that dislike button dont have a gaming pc or xbox one. Ps4 fanboys smh...

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titanfall...end of discussion. Its better than both of them,playing it on my pc right now.

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If you don't do a speed run like these reviewers you will put about 3 hours or so into the game but you feel like your done with it.

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I think its money,but the think about it,the next metal gear solid is gonna be AMAZING....and this game will give you a FEW hours of entertainment with the free roam and exploration and etc. Maybe he is just wanting money to fund the huge development cost for the phantom pain.

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early 2015 is for the dlc alone,I think we will see this game Q3 or Q4 of 2014 and then a month or 2 later Q1 2015 DLC comes out

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I think we will....Nintendo has given hints and talks about zelda development on wiiu for like the past 2 e3s and even teased us with a stupid tech demo for it at one e3.I think we will see zelda,mario, and a wiiu pokemon...that's it though.Not raising my hype cause they have been disappointing ever year at e3 for the past 3 years. We also might get a announcement on another pokemon game for 3DS

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Yea they need it to stay i in the console business

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Well if you plan on getting the titanfall bundle might as well get it now,but there could be a $50 dollar price cut after e3.

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Well at the moment its probably not ready for e3 nor might it be ready for 2014 release,so they are just trying to get it done similar to what Ubisoft did to watch dogs but they failed so they just decided to delay it 6 months.

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How do you get all those disagrees? I wish there would be a IQ test you had to pass before becoming a n4g user.

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I wants it now lol

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Maybe its because phantom pain couldent run on it?Phantome pain is not comin out on 360 or ps3.Or maybe he does not want to finacially fuck him over...theres a lot of reasons.

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amazon still got it 399

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I don't want to say these are bull shots but from trailers the game does not look this good,the e3 build( https://www.youtube.com/wat... looked even a little bit better maybe but the trailer here that came out a month ago does not look as nice as the screen shoots,maybe due to youtube compression: https://www.youtube.com/wat... <...

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Or you could stab her ;)

You know....stab her with your penis

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Not just that...its also japan...there are not many Japanese games on it nor are consoles that popular there.

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