Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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The pc and ps4 version are literally identical. The ps3 version looks like a blurry mess.

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I imagined it would taste like coke if one existed. Just because its a direct copy of the coca cola design just with a slightly different name.

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8.9....9.....same god damn score

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Like to me,pc control's are way better for fps but anything else like racing,fighting,or 3rd person I feel like controller is better. Oh and strategy games are better on pc controls. Maybe for future ps4 strategy games will be using the touchpad for the mouse icon and they will be much easier to use on controller.

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I bet we will see watch dogs 2 by 2016,then we will start to seem them yearly.Same thing happened for assassins creed.

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Um that was in my 2nd comment,what was wrong with my first comment Unreal01?

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Why is everyone giving my comment disagress?Butt hurt that you cant get titanfall on your ps4 much?

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It couldn't of lost that much money if it did,it sold 2 million units at-least! That is pretty good and its budget is probably lower due to the fact they cut out the single player. If it did fail it was not a bad one and the next one will make money guaranteed when it comes to the other platforms.

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Hell I would of took the Nexus 7 they gave me and if the game was bad I would still give it a bad score and just say thanks for the Nexus though at the end of the review lol.

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That its expensive....and few can afford to get it.That is what makes it special and only a few people can get this knife. This concept of value applies to a lot of things. Why are certain in game costumes so valuable? Same reason except this one is taken to a extreme level.

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Well you have to admit games are more immersive than those examples you given. You almost feel like your actully that person especially with crazy stuff like the oculus coming out! I doubt it makes you violent though. Maybe if you play it when your 5 years old but older than that any normal person would not be changed by it. At most you could say is that it makes you less bothered and effects the way you react by violence and violent acts that you see in real life.

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Probably a exclusive tv show lol.......im not joking :|

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Honestly, its just bought for bragging rights for rich people.

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So hyped for this game.

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Those are not the release dates,there place holder dates because even gamestop does not know the release date for some of those games near the end of that list....

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Kinda dick move on oculus,they should of done a vote to let Facebook buy them out by the people who funded and green lighted oculus . Fucking ridiculous

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Okay but the order is not out yet is it? I would expect the order to look better becauses its a year later from
Ryse,everything gets better every year thats expected.At the moment ryse is the best looking nextgen game out at the moment and theres nothing you can say or do but disagree in denial at this comment.

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Yea the controller is great!

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I think people will get use to it,it could be bad but who knows! Seems like valve would just stick the traditional controller if it was really this bad but since there doing this it seems like it would be better or have a reason for them to make it different.

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Your still useing a controler,its not like wii or kinect,its a different way of seeing the game. ITs like going from pixels to polygons.

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