Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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You know he means in gameplay right? Good game design never ages for me :)

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You need to buy a ps4 for games like the order,metal gear solid, infamous second son,final fantasy xv(if it comes on pc you know it just as well as me it will be a year from the launch almost which will suck) .And many more indie titles.Im a pc gamer but I had to get a ps4,to many good games to pass up ^_^

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lol "However;we might accept FFVX" No shit the graphics on that game look amazing. That game looks like it raises the bar in graphics in some parts of the game.Would be a shame not to have on our 1000+ dollar rigs dude!But i got a ps4 for games I cant get on pc,like that and the order and many many more. Though if it does come to pc it will be around a year later probably.

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I see it doing 1-2 million

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Wow that sucks...i was hoping for a fallout in 2015.

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Nope...maybe we will have different format in future but i will and many other people will always rather have a physical copy than a digital.

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Competetion is always good,but with valve and amazon jumping in the consoles its getting a little to cramped and someones got to go

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It just had different weather,theirs dynamic weather in the game dude

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He is kinda right in that it does not make a big difference but their is a noticeable difference,but its note a huge deal like some fanboys on this site make it out to be lol. But it does effect my multiplat purchases for some games. I wish ps4 got raiden

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The lighting on objects is noticeably nicer on the ps4 version.theirs also more detail on the ground for ps4.Also it appeared a little bit sharper.Xbox one still looked good.What surprised me was how good the 360 version looked,looks allot better than the ps3 version. But the 360 may have just looked better just because the xbox one version did not look that good when they went back and fourth between them and made it feel like the 360 version was closer to " next gen "

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If it gets out of hand or really bad then people will not support it and the game company will fail. Theirs always that game company out there that's gonna say "We don't do this".So there will always be healthy competition fighting this. :)

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Yes the weak 12 year olds fell for the trap and now all us gamers must suffer with this curse and be forced to live with micro-transactions in the gta universe.Before you know it we will be paying for cheat codes!

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I agree,great optimization right there if true!

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Flappy bird was so innovative man,GOTY right there.Honestly mobile game developers dont really have that passion for gaming as the ones making the next gen titles that i am seeing.Mobile game developers usually just care about money with the in-app purchases and ads and shit. When you say 90% innovations,you mean where the money is at?Maybe its because people like my middle-aged mom who decide to get ripped off and buy shit in candy crush?Cause that's the reason why mobile games make s...

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Really cheap move.

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Forza 3 sold 5.39 million,what are you talking about.

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Fastest does not mean best selling in xbox history.Its not like there's that much to buy on the system yet anyway.You could say the same for killzone shadowfall.

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Whoa.........that was uncalled for Mugen81....infamous second son way better than titan.

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Which both second son/titanfall are targeted towards Americans derp derp...

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Second son is just mad over here cause it takes was soon to be 1. spot on the pre order list lol

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