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RAD even confirmed that the build that was previewed is a 3 week old build. The lighting is much better in the newer build. People have been trying to claim this about ps4 exclusives since launch clinging on to anything just to discredit the developers. I know you guys remember the whole "Killzone not 1080p" fiasco. They usually end up eating crow as a result.

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There are considered to be target renders rather than CGI. Going to Sony's retail release track record, people seem to be hitting and surpassing them.
The same thing goes for Insomniac and Sunset Overdrive. Console loyalty aside, that game looks like an absolute blast. If it's a success you can guarantee that we'll see it on PS4 since Insomniac has control over the IP. Here hoping that game does well on Xbox One.
We can expect Micro...

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I'm comparing visuals, as by the title, is what the author emphasizing on.

You, however, seem to be referring to gameplay for some odd reason. Kudos to you veering off topic while trying to chastise the two guys to are remaining on topic. FAIL

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This is running on Ultra on a PC (unlocked hardware) compared to Driveclub on PS4 (locked in hardware). When you even out the playing field and put Project Cars on PS4, Driveclub slaughters it.

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Honestly at this point anyone claiming downgrade for a PS4 1st party exclusive has an agenda. With so many games proving that the retail surpasses the target render, that has to be the only answer. There are claims from Shinobi (insider with very good track record) that Uncharted 4 looks better than the Order 1886. if that's true,.....then I don't see the rival platform competing at E3. Except for Halo (343 industries got the most out of xbox360 with Halo 4.)

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@ FasterThanFTL,

I really don't understand how you can say that. Guerrillas Games surpassed their target render for Killzone ShadowFall. Suckper Punch did the same thing with Infamous: Second Son. Driveclub has definitely gone beyond their target render. What's there to be reserved about? If you've every played any arcade racer (PGR/Forza Horizon) you know what to expect. As far as car models go, nothing on CONSOLES is even coming close. (In before the PC elitist ...

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Here some food thought. Every first party developers target render that was shown @ Playstation Meeting back in 2013 has been exceeded when the retail version released. Wasn't there just an article about Ps4/Xbox One being able to achieve CGI in realtime?
Yeah you keep thinking that's CGI tell your friends.


You fail so hard with that comparison. Crytek had to still pre render cutscenes on Xbox One with Ryse but you're telling me they were able to render that on PS3/360( 1/10 of the ram of Xbox One) in realtime? Lmao, yeah okay. Real time is what Quantic Dream did Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

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IF you look at the report. The Xbox 360 is actually leading in software. Everything next gen has PS4 outselling Xbox One, generally.

Also "-Infamous was the best selling next-gen game. (As in, in terms of only counting sales of games on XB1/PS4/probably Wii U, this game sold the best if you ignored all other sales.)"

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not when you're game is completely dependent on the camera's motion control. Harmonix's game doesn't require any buttons to be pressed. Since Microsoft initially promised that every Xbox One owner would have a Kinect sensor, that probably was a factor in their game design. Now that that not the case, the market they're were trying to attract just got that much smaller.

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People are misinterpreting what I was saying. In a nutshell, Xbox One isn't showing the leap that justifies an Xbox 360 owner to upgrade. Ps4 is as we can see with Driveclub/Killzone/Infamous. But it's not like we're not still playing out PS3 either.

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Well in a sense, he's kind of correct because now we get features that weren't available on Ps3 due to initial memory constraints. But the exact same thing can be said about the Xbox One when it comes to the Xbox 360 install base. 360 gamers (myself included) weren't happy with what they revealed back in May 2013. As a result people are heading to your main competitor.

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The PC version of Watch_Dogs doesn't even look like the reveal back in E3 2012. But after seeing Infamous Second Son, you're right, Playstation gamers should be upset. My hype has deflated rapidly and doesn't do anything for my outlook on The Division either. Damn Ubisoft 900p/30fps. At least DICE gave us 900p/60fps

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Then why wouldn't they just spend that $400 on a PS4.
Sony has more first party studios.
VR games are going to be ported over to PS4.
PS+ instant game collection is vastly superior to Game with gold.
Better peforming multiplatform games.
Last of US.

Kinect was considered by some, Microsoft's biggest advantage over Sony's system. Now without Kinect, the $400 value is just not there. Hopefully their software lineup will rem...

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Why do people think this changes things? You could get the Xbox One with Kinect and Titanfall for 399.99 last month.

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Question is, now with Kinect removed and you still control your console with just the headset like Sony/PS4?

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But couldn't you get Titanfall last month with Xbox One and Kinect for $399.99? I surely remember Gamestop having some type of deal like that.

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Thank you, GOD!!!!! Nintendo has never sold a system at a loss. While they may not have Wii Us flying off the shelf. They aren't losing money unless they are continuing high production.

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"The Division (Xbox One is now lead platform)"

Highly doubtful.
But 343 better not screw up Halo2 excellent MP. If don't right I might invest in an Xbox One.

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link broken?

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