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in order for the PC version to be held back it would have to have been the lead platform, which in this case it wasn't. also when making a game for PC you have to have the lowest common denominator in mind for all the different PC configuration. Most configurations today are well below what consoles offer. I don't plan on supporting any developer who thinks this is ok. #1.2.4
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Xbox One is tracking below the Wii U worldwide. Sorry but close the if you're still being outsold by the competition. I understand the whole "12 year head start" argument, but you assume it would have outsold the Wii U by now. #2.1.8
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This speaks volumes. Congrats CD Red Projekt.

Off Topic: New IP Last of US, is also over 8 million #2.1
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Rockstar north has more resources at their disposal than sucker punch.GTA 5 had one of the biggest budgets also. #3.1
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is correct. I personally don't agree with the decision seeing as how EU consumes the most racing games. If they took that in account EU is heavily PS territory. Xbox360 architecture is really close to PC that's why it was so easy to program for. #1.1.3
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I highly doubt it. Games with Gold has very slim pickings at the moment. People still consider the service to be lagging behind PS+. While EA access does allow you to play games from their vault, most of the games are outdated sports titles. Let's not forget that on top of XBL($60), you'll need to pay an extra $30 annually (or $5/month). That $90 a year. Unless you consume every EA title they put out a year (mostly sports) then I really don't see the benefit. People also don'... #1.1.1
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EA Access requires you to play the natively from your HDD via download. PS Now, allows you to play games from a remote server without actually needing the game installed on your console. If you want to compare EA Access to anything, it would be similar to Games with Gold/ PS+. I'd really wish facts with a hint of intellect were present in these "PS NOW vs EA access" articles. #1.1.6
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Yeah that's life to date or LTD.

YTD it's actually > 4:1

XB1=70k #1.4.1
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I don't think you're understanding the difference between the two. EA access is similar to PS+ as it allows you to get some games for free and discounts for the others. PS Now is comparable to Gaikai and OnLive. Each publisher sets their own prices.

"Variable pricing is in place... #1.1.3
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@ Christian Hour

Maybe you should read the actual quarterly report.

look beside the little Astrix and you'll see *PS4 and PS3 systems. Sorry but it doesn't mention ps2 at all. It makes sense because report numbers based on their shipments. They stopped shipping PS2s back in January 2013. #1.1.12
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Panasonic and Sharp acquired most of Pioneer Kuro patents. Sharp elite came the closest to recreating the Kuro black levels. Oled surpasses the old kuroshjtsuji technology without losing its brightness. Unfortunately, oleds are expensive to produce. #1.4.5
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This article is adding ps2 when the report clearly states "ps4 and ps3". We also know ps2 haven't been in production since January 2013. #1.1.4
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The question is it worth ($400)Xbox One purchase? Yes, if you're getting rid of you Xbox360 and your library of games. No, if you're just going to buy the Xbox One outright for Destiny. #1.1.3
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@ Ezzz2013,

Screwed, lol, royally. But I agree Micorsoft is insane if they think Xbox One offers the same value as PS4.

People are crunching the numbers and the install bases might be

X1 4.2m sold to consumers
PS4 8.9 sold to consumers #1.3.2
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Look guys i called it. He reported my story because the source was from Neogaf but then his uses neogaf in his article and it apparently has more legitimacy.

Check the time stamps #1.4
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I love how Abriael reports other users submission that have neogaf as a source when his site uses this exact source for most of his articles. This guy lmao

Neogaf > #1.5
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@ Dread,

PS3 was more powerful but also more difficult to program for. Xbox 360 was a whole lot easier when it came to coding.

This generation both console are nearly identical with the exception of RAM and GPU performance. Ps4 is more powerful AND easier to program for than the Xbox One. COD:Ghost has sold more on PS4 than Xbox One. #1.1.8
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Sony TVs have some of the lowest lag input for video games and there isn't one on this list. Just goes to show how anyone can make a fact-less article.

Cnet's "Best TVs for gaming article" #1.3.3
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Just a little insight to how the market is reacting according to Amazon (US). PS4 still sitting in top 10 @ the #8 spot. Last of Us Remastered is sitting comfortably @ #15. PS4 Destiny Bundle is sitting @ #20.

Further down the list we have both Xbox One SKUs occupying #s 45 and 46 spot. The 399 SKU barely edging out the 499 Titanfall bundle (better value IMO).

But the shocker being, the Wii U showing signs of life with Mario Kart sitting comfortably in the #1... #1.2
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Amazon has been a pretty accurate indicator on which way America is going to swing.

Here is the link for this month so far:

Still doesn't look good for Microsoft #1.1.4
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