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I would agree with you but you have to keep in mind the pre-orders for the Halo 5 bundle. Those "Day One" sales are going to be massive.

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Xbox One had some crazy deals last month so I believe that attributed to some of the YOY grownth (26%). PS4 also had some amazing deals but not as aggressive as XBO. Considering the release date for Until Dawn, I'm happy to see it charted at number seven for the month.

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LOL are you talking about the disc having only the steam install on it? Yeah I read that.

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Sorry to do this....

"I prefer trophies and that's pretty much the biggest reason for me picking it on PS4."

"My mates are on Xbox so of course my primary concern is playing with them."

It looks like you're shifting gears a bit. Is your biggest reason trophies for PS4 or playing with your "mates" on XB1?

Also I never said that people didn't own Xbox Ones in the EU, but that you would ...

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"But if the MP is good, then I'll pick the X1 version."

This is baffling me a little bit. Alot of people predict this game to sell like 3:1 when comparing the PS4 and Xbox One versions. You would literally be isolating yourself to a smaller community by opting to purchase this on an Xbox One (for MP or MGO). Not to mention this game will be exclusive in Japan and EU is Sony land. Unless you're planning on playing with Brazilians or Americans more than people...

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I love my PS4 but to be fair the better version would be to play this game on PC @ 4K or 2K. Since I'm a trophy nutt, I'm going to be picking this one up on consoles. But if you really want to play this game at it's best and you have a decent PC gaming, stronger than current gen consoles, the PC is the way to go. I might end up buying it for both.

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I like Driveclub as much as the next person but this is clearly an article comparing Forza 6 to ProjectCars. Let's remove our loyalty caps for two seconds and discuss what the article is actually about.

On topic: Project Cars is a better looking game overall compared to Forza as far a lighting is concerned. Dynamic lighting really increases the immersion in a racing title. Forza 6 is no slouch by any means, but Project Cars is just doing it better, graphically.

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Adam Boyes is killing it over there for Sony in securing high-profiled AAA games. Watchdogs, Destiny, Batman Arkham Knight, and now Metal Gear V. EU and JPN are getting the red PS4 bundles. This games will sell regardless of which platform is on. I'm sure it will become and standard for benchmarking GFX cards on PC. As for consoles this will definitely move the needle in Sony favor again running at a native 1080p. Can't wait for this game guys. I'll also be on MGO when it's re...

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XBL gets hacked everyday.

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Seems like you are trying to make this bigger than what it is. Also can't believe people still have their credit cards on PSN after the first on. I switched to prepaid cards and haven't looked back.

XBL has these problems too if not more, but some people are under the perception that one is better than the other. This isn't the case though.

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The rain physics are superior in Driveclub. Around the :22 mark you can see both cars in idle. Notice the build up of water running down the windshield. @ the :24 sec mark you see how both cars in motion. You clearly see the buildup now moving off the windshield to the left. PC still has a static animation for both idle and in motion. It doesn't appear like the windshield whippers are actually affecting anything. It just like a rinse and repeat of the jet sprayed water followed by three s...

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Agreed. Sony toughest market in Europe is the UK, which they are leading in. All other markets consists of at least a minimum of 70% market share in favor of Sony. They didn't feel the need to contend with MSFT on media coverage in a market they dominate. They allowed Microsoft to have all the focus at Gamescom so they can capture the media's attention during Paris Game Show. After that they have TGS, which MSFT is skipping. Then PSX is following after that.

@The Pope...

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The Samsung TV deal (report from insider) is about to end and then there is MGSV coming also. The insider also said PS4 is still selling like crazy despite Xbox's promo.

Even if it's close in America, WW will be nearly 3:1 ratio with ps4 leading. EU and JPN both got the red ps4 MGSV bundles.

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If you think this game's sales wont be hindered by star wars and fallout 4 you are sadly mistaken. Both of those games have much larger markets than your TPS market.

But will the game's overall performance be hurt for being a timed exclusive, yes. From a logical standpoint, xbox one has less than half of ps4 install and PC has a much larger install base. Then there is an attachment ratio, this is where those TPS demographics come into play. I think the most it could s...

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Damn that's a deal.

and extra 500GB + Live + 2 games

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You clearly didn't play P.T. There is alot more tension when you're in control and you are the one making the decisions. Also the immersion from VR takes it to a whole other level. Which is probably why 4D Insidious.

With responses like that I feel your have put MYfoot at the beginning of your name

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He's clearly comparing the weather effects. I don't understand why so many of you guys are trying to move the discussion to something else. Is it because you don't like the answer? Driveclub has a better weather system than Forza and Project Cars, move on.

Forza is 60fps because they don't have the dynamic lighting system that Driveclub has.

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"A look at Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 in this video which focuses on which racer has the best wet weather effects."

Really!? it's literally right under the title.

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Every droplet of Driveclub's rain is physics based, unlike Forza 6. Even Slightly Mad Studios gave Evolution the nod when it came to their weather effects.

Check the gif

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