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After spending a lot of time with it, I couldn't find any flaws with it other than really nitpicky ones that were more personal preference than any design shortcoming. Couldn't justify not giving it a perfect score when I loved every second with it. #1.1
I miss cheat codes... #1
Oh man, how could I have forgotten that one?!?! #6.1
My eyes were leaking as I was watching that video #2.2
So as an African-American child of immigrants, I'm a dupe, ignorant, or defective to want a game made by someone who understands my perspective and experiences? Skin color and gender don't make anybody better than anybody else, and that's not at all anywhere close to what Adam was saying. Those two factors DO however provide the ability to tackle an issue from different perspectives, which can only improve this hobby that we all love. #2.1
There's more than enough homogeneity in the industry. Too much can lead to the same exact ideas being churned out over and over again. Is it really too much to ask for one team with diverse backgrounds to come together to make something different? #1.1
Sunset Overdrive is going to be huge when it comes out. The multiplayer by itself is amazing. #3.1
The Episodes haven't been that long so I'm sure you can find time to squeeze both in. #3.1
Exactly what about being LGBT is not family friendly? #1.1
Yup! PC, PS3, PS4, 360, and Xbox One #1.1.1
DAMMIT I totally forgot about Shadow of Mordor...I think I'll just have to retire from life on October 6th #5.1
This sounds awesome! #766
Just for kicks, do me a favor? Read the title one more time, like the whole thing. #1.1
*Amateur. And thanks for being such a loyal fan! #6.1
Obviously, none of you actually read the article...There's nothing about this that wasn't based in reality. #4
Agreed. For the most part they did a great job portraying minorities. I wish all other game companies did as good a job as Rockstar #1.1
How do you know what I can and can't sit through? You don't know me. #4.1
You called me a pussy. You get 10 internet points. Congratulations! #1.1.2
Right? That's the same exact thing that happened to me! #5.1
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