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Why? Saints Row 2 came two years after the first one. The only reason SR3 took so long is because Volition had to scrap 6 months of development time and they made a new engine. #3.1
They are just helping with creating assets you guys. No need to overreact. #4.2.3
That's not it at all. Resident Evil 5 didn't get bad reviews for being a TPS. #2.1
If Nvidia can get Project Shield out for less than $250, it will be a must-have. #4.1
Isn't Invizimals Sony's take on Pokemon? #10.1
Actually, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus ran at 30fps. #5.2.1

LOL. #3.3
N4g's community isn't too good either honestly. #2.2.1
These are bullshots. Some of them look like old promo shots for the console version. #6
*generic and boring #5.1
It doesn't change the fact that it's mediocre and extremely unpolished to most. #2.1
I guess I'll hold off on the Wii U version then. You know they'll once again add content that not available on all platforms. #12
We haven't even seen the other ones.... #9.2
You can actually also sign up for a free 14 day trial to Game Informer on Google Play, and then cancel it once you read the issue (it supports Google Chrome). #14.1
It should use Max Payne 3s shooting mechanics. They are glorious! #1.2.1
"4k visuals on ps4"

Don't hold your breath. Sony's not going to make another $600+ console. #4.1
This isn't the same. It isn't a sequel, it's a non-shitty version of a game many ps3/360 gamers shelled out $60 for. Basically, they were beta-testers. #2.1
It's satire man. Calm down. #24.1
“I wrote everything down for my mom, but the stupid bitch still went and got me Dishonored for the PS3 instead of the 360″, said a teary-eyed Graham Jones of Montgomery, Alabama.

LOL #25
This was hilarious. I hope no one just sees the title and posts a stupid comment. Oh yeah......this is N4g. #2
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