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I'm buying the digital version and the disk because I'm a boss. #7
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I think Sony and/or Microsoft pay third parties to gimp the Wii U version or ignore it outright. With both companies paying for timed exclusives and dlc for multiplats, it's not hard to imagine them paying 3rd parties to starve the Wii U of third party content. Indies on the other hand aren't in bed with Sony/MS so they have more freedom. I think the Wii U if properly utilized could run a version of Destiny very close to the PS4 version and I don't think that's something Sony... #15.1
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Same here, it is by far the most played game on my PS4. It would be nice if they brought to the Wii U since I would buy it again for the item and base management with the Gamepad. #1.2.1
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Well said. The pattern I've been seeing with most multiplats is purposely delaying or gimping the Wii U version. I know MS and Sony pay for timed dlc and skins, it would not surprise me if they were also paying to sabotage Wii U ports. It just doesn't make business sense to sabotage sales of your own game unless you were getting paid elsewhere. At this rate Project Cars is guaranteed D.O.A. #2.2.1
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Nintendo actually makes money off their first party content, where Yoshida admitted only 4/10 of their games actually make any money. Third party studios will go bankrupt trying to ignore Nintendo and I have a feeling this will be the last game anyone see's from Slightly Mad Studios. Nintendo knows money hatting a multiplatform game is a horrible business practice that MS and Sony platforms are forced to do because of their weak first party offerings. There is no need for Nintendo to fol... #3.2
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My PS4 is my secondary console to my Wii U. Being married with kids I can really appreciate Nintendo's "everyone's" approach. It's in no way a knock to Sony or MS, but a lot of their content is geared towards single men, which isn't bad it's just a different demographic. #5.2
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Quite the accomplishent for Nintendo to score so high among the IGN fanbase. #3
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I'm apologize, I should have put sarcasm at the end of my statement. #8.1.1
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Let me guess Nintendo plans to spend their billions in the bank on timed exclusive DLC for multiplats? #8
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The game looks great visually, but so does Killzone. Graphics are great for day one sales but gameplay generates word of mouth to keep the sales going. #12
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I've never owned a Xbox console, but I would love for Xbox to take a sales lead so fanboys can STFU. I thought being a fan of a particular console meant you liked the games said console provided. #14
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The Wii U gets 90% of my gaming time and I personally think it's one of the greatest consoles ever released, I also have a PS4 but see no reason to play it until MGS 5 releases. So far the PS4 don't have any games that interest me except MGS 5, and that is a multiplat. But hey those are just my opinions and everyone has their own. #10
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The going trend I see is over produced zero substance "next-gen" games bankrupting a lot of developers. With each studio trying to visually impress their customers with ultra realism and not getting any return on their investments, you can expect many more developers to fall like dominoes. #20
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How is Titanfall "next-gen" when it came out on a last gen console? #9.2.1
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I would love to see Don't Starve on the Wii U. #4
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I would love for Sony and MS to implement something akin to Nintendo's Treehouse. Having the developers talk over extended live gameplay demos was fantastic. Nintendo held my attention for 3 days. #10
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It looks like Rosalina's long legs will carry Mario Kart 8 far. #1
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As an owner of the Wii U and PS4 I was very happy with Nintendo's conference and Treehouse event. I was really looking for MS to give me a reason to buy their console and they came up short (multiplats don't cut it when you have a PS4) Sony's conference was wait till 2015:( #26.1
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The Treehouse Live live demonstrations of every game with the exception of the Legend of Zelda and Starfox, has my hype meter on full. Nintendo delivered. #4
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Bubs for you. That was pretty funny? #22.1
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