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It's purely a theoretical musing , that is , I think it is?

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Xbox isn't fit to wipe the Arse of the ps4 lmao.

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Hmmm I shall investigate....

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Awww no need to be like that , Xbox may see killzone, turismo one day... Besides , why are you so sure? The other dead rising's were multi format and the ps4 has more pre orders and interest , be a shame when you have to eat you're words.

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Wonder if it will look even better when it comes out on the ps4 after the timed exclusive Microsoft played for?

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... Though could be a lead up to the ps4 version of the game , pretend it's a movie it looks that good! ;-)

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A killzone movie trilogy would be better.

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The players can now only run at a 100 mph, not 200.....

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But but, what about my twenty grand PC I built!!!? Waaaaaa.....

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This looks awesome.

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Gay raving , wow cool.....

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Who gives a flying #%*t about how many frames it runs at.
one is running CGI type graphics , the other this gen in higher resolution.-... I will let you guys decide which.

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Fugly and ugly? Is that because it's not showing a TV channel?

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Don't know why some are moaning and going on about it being just a arcade racer... That's what started the genre , not simulations , they came after , a arcade racer , a multiplayer one at that,is instant appeal and instant fun , a simulation is something altogether different , something that takes time and patience to master , this will be awesome and will still offer a great challenge for those who are good and get the most speed out of corners , a game is for challenges and this o...

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Never had no yellow what ever on my ps3's I have the original fatty that went to my son and my thinny that i use , always great never broke seriously but is prone to randomly freezing very occasionally, a reboot fixes that , unlike the Xbox 360's I owned one when they first came out after having the original Xbox I thought why not that was a good console admittedly,it red ringed twice in it's life got repaired twice before it red ringed again (third time) and got boxed up stashed...

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Ps4 pre ordered.

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Waaaa waaaaa Lol.

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A taste of ps4 power.

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Be great if the jaws music starts playing whilst in the water swimming or moody music to the same idea! Then a shark fin appears... Arghhhhhhh.

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