derp de derp
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And it ranks pretty high even if you only compare the revenue. It's the equivalent of selling 1.5 million retail games for 60$ a pop.

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Time to bring out the Banhammer Bros!

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You don't need a PS3 to be able to play those games.You don't even need a playstation to play Okami(also on the Wii) or Closure(also on the PC).

They're not PS3 exclusives. It's that simple.

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Okami is available on both the PS2 and the Wii. A higher resolution doesn't make it a different game.

This isn't about "punishing" anyone. It just seems unfair to count some "console exclusives" and discount others. Either you count them all, or you don't count them at all.

Those games(except Okami and Closure) might be exclusive to the playstation brand, but they're sure as hell not exclusive...

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Using the term "Playstation exclusive" is such a cop out. Playstation Allstars is playable on more than one platform. It's multiplatform.

Besides, he is clearly comparing the 360 to the PS3. He's not comparing the "Xbox/Windows exclusives" to the "Playstation exclusives."

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Including multiplats such as Playstation Allstars, Closure, Okami HD, Motorstorm RC and Sound Shapes yet excluding games like Minecraft, Mark of the Ninja, Alan Wake's American Nightmare and The Witcher 2?


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They're different games thus they've been reviewed differently. Did it ever occur to you that the reviewers might like MW and Halo better than Starhawk?

Most of the reviews you mentioned doesn't really rag on the SP in Starhawk that much anyway. Hell, the Destructoid review actually recommends trying it out.

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That's excactly why Uncharted 2, MGS4, LBP, Journey and God of War III recieved such crappy scores, right?

Not every PS3 exclusive can recieve top scores from every reviewer. Get over it.

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"teh shooterbox!!111"

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You're joking, right? NG3, Raccoon City and Kinect Star Wars was bashed to hell and back.

But you're right! It's all just a conspiracy to bring down Sony. Herp de derp.

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The gap was 6-7 million when the PS3 launched. Get your facts straight.

Edit: At most, the gap was at 8 million(In 2008 I believe).

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Nights Springs was announced before The last of us. It's just a coincidence.

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1. Alan Wake IS a third person shooter. Have you even played the game? What sets it apart from other shooters is basically the setting and the story.

2. They do give a crap about it. Or else they wouldn't have greenlit this project.

Let's just wait and see excactly what the game is about. For all we know this could be an episodic game. Considering how AW was structured, I think it could work very well.

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You're acting as if your opinion is the truth. Maybe the americans just prefer the 360's selection of games? Did you ever think about that?

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He looks like Frank West. He has covered wars, ya know.

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I'd say that it was the growing popularity of a little invention called the Internet that made the bashing more widespread.

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@badjournalism: He was answering a question from an interviewer.

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Hah! If anything, Sony is bashing the competition less than then company did back in 04-06. They were acting like arrogant douchebags back then.

And Sony respecting Nintendo? Was that a poor attempt at a joke? Try looking up Koller or Tretton's comments about the DS and the Wii.

Microsoft is not innocent, but don't try to act as if they're the sole reason for Sony's bashing of MS.

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Do you have any examples for us?

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"Rocksteady are better than that."

Arkham Asylum had PS3-exclusive content. Just saying...

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