Working on a crysis 2 mod, also going to build a pc soon


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It's going to get harder to run. Remember that they have yet to add the 100k poly character model, they are replacing a lot of the assets with better ones, adding PBR to the whole game, creating universes, the game will look so much better at release.

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Crysis 3 looks better then everything shown to date. Why didn't you compare it to BF4 ? Crysis 2 can look amazing with Maldo 4, but still not at the level of Crysis 3.

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I can't believe how long it took for someone to notice the lack of textures... this is completely unfinished. This really shouldn't be an article, because this isn't really ultra settings.

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This was made by a modder, not Crytek. As a CE3 modder myself, I can confirm this. Find "gametime" at Crydev to see the rest of his work.

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You know this was made by a modder right ? I actually disagree with your comment as well.

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Um no... Crysis 3 is DX11 only on pc. Either way, KZ:SF looks great, but Crysis 3 is really on another level.

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Crysis sold as much on pc as Crysis 2 did on every platform.

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@ Frosty, you nearly just described the CCTV screens from 1984, if that isn't a sign to step back, I don't know what is.

Sooner or later we will reach the ((Brave New World) of (1984)), I don't plant to help them reach that vision. TV's are going to start having this same tech within the next few years, and it will be always on. This is getting scary.

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This is somewhat true. It will put ps4 in the limelight, and of course kids will see the shooting game and find a way to get a ps4 :D

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Republicans want to take our games and movies, dems want to take our guns. I think they forgot they were supposed to be protecting our rights!

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I was on the thread when that ocean video was posted. I don't think it was meant to impress. It was just a comparison to CE2 water. It would look much better if the water had a better fog color to it, this is pretty easy to change. The current color looks un natural.

Also this isn't Crysis 3's editor, it is CE3, which is the same engine, but we haven't gotten some of the features of Crysis 3 yet. The water from Crysis 3 looks nearly photorealistic -

There is no such thing as a bullshot if you play on pc.

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Personally, I like BF3's sp, it was pretty decent, and I am really looking forward to this one, the story looks interesting to me. I would be pretty upset if they ditched the SP portion.

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Crysis' main component has always been the SP. The campaign isn't 5 hours, multiple people on Crydev confirmed the length to be 7-8 hours. On a higher difficulty, without rushing, 10 hours sounds reasonable.

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I have to disagree. Crysis is one of the best FPS series. First off, it is one of the few that doesn't feel like Cod, it strays from the formula. It also has always given you options. In the first you were running across an island, able to take out Koreans with stealth, you can run and gun, snipe from a half mile away etc.. In Crysis 2, there were less options, but the vertical combat added a interesting and unique gameplay style. Crysis 3 seems to mix the best of both of these worlds, Cr...

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We were discussing this over at Crydev, and we all agreed that the 5 hour figure is far from accurate, unless they were on a speed run. The Crysis 3 pak file is also bigger then both C1 and C2 combined, which eludes to but doesn't confirm that this game will be atleast as long as Crysis 2

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@ Adorie, great post. You are right, I and millions of other Americans own guns. 99.9% of all US guns are never used in a single crime, so why should they take guns from law abiding citizens just because a minute group of crazies. Both parties are at fault here, reps going against movies and games goes against the first amendment. Dems going against guns goes against the second amendment. If anything should happen, we should get people in office that have read our constitution, and will stand...

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part 2

What I am saying, is that next gen consoles won't reach the level of graphics in that Titanic video, and they won't start with Crysis 3 graphics either. A game that will max out Crysis 3 will cost 300$. Keeping in mind that consoles will use the newest line of graphics cards, this means that they will need a GTX 670 to max out Crysis 3, considering that they are probably going for a price around 400$ for the entire console, that means a card this good is highly...

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Part 1

Well, for starters, Crysis 2 isn't the best game to show. BF3 would be a better choice(single player), the "enlighten" GI it uses for it's lighting is the best GI to date, it uses pre computed reflector surfaces that can be dynamically changed, the only problem is that it doesn't take into account dynamic objects, on the other hand Enlighten can handle any amount of contributing light sources, while CE3's Light propagating volumes only uses th...

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@ Septic, you are getting downvoted for telling the truth, isn't that great!? To everyone, if you knew what was running behind the KZ2 CGI video, you would know it greatly surpasses KZ2 and every console game this gen. The particle effects and texture quality are far better then the actual KZ2, just watch this(2:44)-

That doesn't mean KZ2 isn't impressive, ...

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