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The "tease" was the fact that you fail to understand the context of my article which is clearly explained in my speculation in the article about video clip we all saw and instead choose to be a troll and attempt to insult my intelligence of which you failed to do as trolls like you seem to have nothing better to do. Good on you for clicking the link though! I appreciate the visits. :)

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Nope not embarrassed in the slightest. It was found while it played during the actual conference. If you didn't see it, that's your own fault, go back and watch it again and you'll see these two screenshots show up in the conference video. Not sure if it was supposed to be a tease for something or something that was just left as a tongue in cheek, but it is what it is and it was there nonetheless.

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Nice article!

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As soon as I was watching the trailer that's all I could think of! Haha...

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