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VR, where the girl appears to be sitting on your fac..... I best not finish this sentence. #6.3.1
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Don't worry I'm also a PC gamer you don't need to be defensive just because you limit yourself to one platform.

This is a discussion about comparisons, feel free to disagree with my original comment but don't tarnish us all with your odd alliance to a single gaming device. #2.1.4
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What's Up With Sony Closing All Canadian Stores?...... Same reason Best Buy closed all the UK stores, not making enough money. #11
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Then why not compare low, mid and high level PC's to give you an idea of what your system is capable of?

I think its fine to compare consoles as they are in the same class/category/price but to add PC's to console comparisons seems silly. #2.1.1
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I assume this comparison is on a £300 PC otherwise what’s the point? It's like a car comparison site comparing every car to a Bugatti Veyron. #2
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If you don't buy this game your soul will receive the poorest travel package for the journy to the Ninth Underworld! #2
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Such a tiny percentage of people have PCs that could push "boundaries to their furthest extent". If dev's focused on high end PCs only we wouldn't have a game industry.

Creativity is not quashed by consoles either just look at games like Locoroco, Little Big Planet, Tearaway, Unfinished Swan, Ni no Kuni, The Tomorrow Children.........etc.
Console makers are great supporters of indie dev’s giving their games exposure and fun... #3.1.2
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There are posts with actual gaming news that have been waiting for hours to get approved and this drivel gets the green light in less than one!

F**k me. #16
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Thanks for continuing the playground mentality of N4G.

If anyone has a gaming site or blog take note of this article as it's a guaranteed way of getting instant N4G approval, hits and a number one article

Why does the article complain about fanboys when it’s poking them with a stick and is completely reliant on them to get hits?

N4G, News for Gamers....? #1.4
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Let’s not pretend that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt to raise awareness to a cause and to raise the profile of the shops that banned GTA5.

The shops that banned the sale of GTA5 have already made the big bucks from the game, they would of never of banned it on release because they would of lost millions in sales. The banning has also raised the profile of the stores to its core shoppers, females.

GTA5 is the fastest-selling entertainment produc... #6
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I think I'll try this on all cutscenes.

Just a question, has anyone noticed how many cars struggle to go faster then 100mph? Take Michael's car for example, it’s based on an Audi RS5 that car can do over 170mph in game its flat-out at just over 100mph. #8
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Shawn Fonteno said he's working on the GTA5 DLC in an interview posted on here a few weeks ago.

Here's the Youtube link.

edit: and the N4G post #4
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Share Play #12.1
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Well the ultimate driving sim might not have been there but the ultimate petrol head made his appearance, Glottis from Grim Fandango.... thats good enough for me. #1.1.1
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It's the variety of genres that blew me away at the PS Experience, a bit of something for everyone. #1
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Holy hell! Not only do we get Grim Fandango we are getting Broken Age, Gang Beasts and Day of the Tentacle.

I'm gonna be in gaming heaven. #3
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Forza is a very good racing game but GT is a far superior sim. GT gives its fans what they want, they don’t need to please the reviewers just the people that play it, you only need to look at the acclaim GT gets from racers and they racers that the game spawns to know Forza and GT are very different. #5.1.1
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I shall go with the obvious answer, GTA5.

Rockstar have made one of the most fully realised gaming worlds that it would be nuts not to bring this to Morpheus and Oculus.

I got this game today for my PS4 and so far all I've done is explore the city on foot in first person mode, to be able to do this in VR would melt my brain. #2
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What this interviewer should of done is gone all Kathy Bates Misery on Dave Grossman and kept him locked up until he scripted a new Monkey Island.

Monkey Metal #2
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