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Just make sure you don't pick your nose after itching your arse. #6.1
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I have to agree, this is a rare thing a Gamingbolt article that isn't like having a sewage outlet coming out of your monitor.

It's quite an in-depth interview, let’s hope they can keep it up. #5.1.1
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WOW DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes, 10 paragraphs this time!

I think next time Sony has good news that seems to make you this unhappy your time would be better spent in emailing us all a PDF detailing why Sony is so bad and why we should all be as angry as you at their and our good fortune. Try to focus a bit more though as your message is a little unclear, tell us where does this hate come from and why we should hate as much as you?

Anyway….. let’s see what they inves... #19.4
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To be honest I just find it funny to wind up people with troll accounts. You guys put so much time and effort into hate that it’s comical to read what you come up with.
You’ve written an 8 paragraph post just because you’re unhappy that Sony has good news, that’s very odd behaviour... but please don’t stop because it is very funny.

Like I keep saying, let us all be happy as today all gamers win with this fantastic Sony news with sales and Anisotropic Filtering. #4.7
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Instead of you spreading hate a false information that 900p looks better then 1080p can’t you just be happy that today’s news on sales and now AF (which has been available on the PS4 since release) is fantastic for us gamers?

Look don't be so mad, if you are a good little girl this year for Mummy and Daddy I'm sure Santa will bring you a PS4 then you won’t be angry anymore. #4.5
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You didn't find the toothbrush in the bathroom?

When Lisa first pins you down you get a nice close-up of her face, what you need to do in this instance is quickly use the toothbrush on her teeth, the cleaning of the teeth also cleans the blood off the sign. As for your missing H in Hills you will find it behind her left wisdom tooth but it’s only visible after you used the toothbrush on her. #6.2.1
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Yeah I remember that bit, you can hear Guillermo trying to console Hideo and talking him out of going to Konami to give them a piece of his mind.

"Don't do it Hideo there not worth it, Konami's just a slag" #6.1.1
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I see what you’re saying, now the PS4 has full AF and 1080p everyone needs to buy one. You may have hidden the message slightly but we all know you trying to increase PS4 sales.

I like’re a very good salesman. #4.1
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Didn't anyone make it out of the house in PT? There was a 20ft sign saying "Help, Konami are going to remove me from Silent Hills. Lots of love, Hideo Kojima"... I'm surprised so many people missed that subtle clue. #6
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Well done Gamingbolt great reporting!(don't hate me for saying that, it was for KNWS benefit)
The Order was the first title to use HQ AF here’s a quote from the article " It was the first PS4 game to employ a rather high quality AF filtering across the board"
You can see AF in action when playing Dying Light, it’s made a big difference.

Also its never been missing from the PS4 "Cort Stratton, who is one of the developers behind the console’s... #1.6
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Man these reports are really upsetting you, I think you need a little nap.

Don't worry this is good news for us gamers, be happy for our good fortune. #11.1
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Sorry to crush you with this news but its 22.3 million sold.

I know this news hits you hard, if you need time off from school I think people will understand. #13.1
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Just think how much Sony has given us with the Playstation through major financial difficulties.
Can you imagine what they are going to do now? With profits set to quadruple and aggressive investment in games and hardware we as gamers are looking to benefit big time. #4
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Minecraft is the best Tetris (because of blocks and whatever) and GTA5 is the best Jet Set Willy (you control a man..... yeah that’s good enough) we are going to get. #7
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It's proactive consumer feedback. #1.1.1
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I like to use them to annoy my nephew, I'm at a higher level than him and it makes me happy to know that he hates that I'm old and better at games.

For that reason alone I think trophies are awesome. #5
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"Preserve P.T. and everything that it is. Preserve it, as a reminder that those bastards would have seen it destroyed"

Those words should be stuck to a billboard and placed outside the office of Konami... with a nice big inflatable middle finger salute by its side. #1
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I was collecting them to use in the Big Game Hunt totems, you need quite a few. I had about 120 bars, few hours later I noticed it had dropped to the 90s so when I collected the next bar I remembered to look in the corner to check the tally and the number dropped.
All it took was a restart and problem solved. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again but I’ll be checking a little more often now.

I didn't mind too much though as I bloomin love these games, I forgave it... #1.1.1
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I've had a few odd glitches with this game the worst has been with Eridium bars. Every Eridium bar I picked up the game deducted that amount, I lost about 30 bars before I noticed. #1
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Oh look another Gamingbolt title that seems to offer some insight but unfortunately after reading the article you realise you’ve been duped.

It’s a shame N4G is now a dumping ground for sites like this. #12
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