Stop playing with that, you'll go blind!


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Here is a link to a vid that fully explains the "pay gap"...

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No Yakuza!??!!?!!!

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If gamers have a problem with this they will vote with their wallets.

@moldybread, wow you approved this fast, the article wasn't even 5 mins old. What makes this opinion piece (which offers nothing new) have such priority over news about actual games that litter the pending list but still have no approvals?

I think it's about time N4G look at the approval system as this site is becoming a fanboy troll pit, gaming news is being ignored and opinion...

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@ Septic

The "beast" will never brake it's chains because the only thing that's really holding it back is MS and their refusal to make games exclusively for their systems and fully utilise the power that they have.
Until MS start putting in the effort themselves your "beast" will stay toothless.

Ever wonder why multi-platform games never look as good or run as well as exclusives? When you are developing games for multi...

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t would be nice but it's not really a priority.

I'm more shocked to see that N4G has given approval status to two of the worst troll accounts on here.

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Having 4k 60fps is nice but I'm just happy that the slickest racer in history has been rebuilt and is on the PS4

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I find it funny that your question was about games and no one answered that question.

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Great, now I'm gonna have to think of an excuse for putting locks on my interior doors.....thanks Sony.

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Stuck on lv-426 waiting for help

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80% of 73% + 15

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Judge Dredd Game, best news in forever!

An open world Mega City One is like a childhood dream come true.

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Thanks for the answer man, it's good to chat sometimes and I learned something on how achevements can be linked.

N4G gets too crazy

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Thank you for an answer that isn't some sort of weird knee jerk defence as it is an honest question.

Cost I can understand.

Plug and Pay, my PC is connected to my TV with HDMI (same as my console) and my PC was able to Auto detect the make of my TV a auto applied the settings it needed, everything except my graphic tablet needed custom drivers. Nvidia Geforce experience auto applies optimal settings for games and I use t...

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Exclusives are the point surely? Having an experience that no other platform offers.

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What games aren't going to work with your 4K PC, and whats so different from playing the same games with the same controller? I'm seeing people excited to play at 4k but waiting when you can just do it now.

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Whats the difference? Turn on PC click on game, play game..... and you can do that today in 4k

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Just a question, if you are eager to play 4K why not get a PC? You can play Xbox "exclusives" with an Xbox controler, no online fee and you don't have to wait till the end of the year.

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If it ain't sexy I don't want it.

That's the rule I live by with all my purchases.... from games to socks

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Looking forward to this, just one complaint about the trailer though.. it should of had the Firestarter instrumental from 2097

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