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"Far Cry Primal, for example, displayed that the player count dropped down by 82% within the first month since it came out. AAA mega hitters such as Fallout 4 and DOOM each fell from between 74-82% within their first month of release. It's not uncommon to see players move onto other projects due to burnout, but what you'll be coming to No Man's Sky for is the longevity of unique experiences it has to offer."

What do you think about these much larger ti...

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I'm not to fussed about ground bases but I would love a larger ship that stays in space that you fly from system to system which has shuttles that you fly down to planets to gather resources.

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8.7/10! You're going to have to wait a long time to see this review approved

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Do you think that it could be the same reason why you don't see everyone that's playing W.O.W. or GTA Online?

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I clicked so you don't have to.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… lower your pitchforks. Allow me to clarify, I don’t think No Man’s Sky will be a disappointment. But I do think far too many people have gotten themselves too hyped up for a game which can’t possibly live up to expectations, because those expectations are unachieveable.

The problem developers always encounter, whether their game is big or small, is that gamers love to project their imagination on...

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I can't believe we're getting this in the west!.... I'm so happy.

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker was a god send for me, I've been able to turn off background tasks and spyware that MS feels necessary to put on my PC. There's been some benefits in doing this, I've freed up 8% of my systems memory and got rid of a problem I was having with a jittery mouse pointer, I'm a graphic designer and having a mouse pointer freezing every couple of mins was driving me crazy.

Has anyone been able to read the article, I cant get it to open?

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For me I say Playstation when it comes to choosing a console exclusives matter, the Xbox has no longer got any exclusive games I don't see he point of owning one as I own a PC. The Xbox and PC conference might as well have been combined as all Xbox content will be available on both platforms.

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....... I gotta go to bed it's 3:13am but I can't stop watching, so many games.

Edit: Now i can sleep...

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75 days ago I commented on how I was looking forward to playing ex-Xbox exclusive games such as Gears 4 on my PC, it upset a few people for some reason.

I do have one concern and that's how this game will play as Windows store games still don't run very well.

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It doesn't matter if people agree or not with the article as long as you explain why said game is a "Fraud" and you put this statement across in a coherent argument.

You haven't explained any of your points.

"most rudimentary gunplay you can find in any third-person-shooter" please explain why you think this?
"His wisecrack jokes are not funny and the character is completely superfic...

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It just shows that on N4G you can post any old s***, you don't even need a coherent article it will still be approved.

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You approved this?!?!?!???????............. ....!...?



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This has got to be a joke article.

Here's the drivel from this drunken rant. I clicked so you don't have to.

"Just because a game sells well or wins numerous Game of the Year awards does not mean a game is actually good. While this is not inherently bad thing, Uncharted was inspired by the early Tomb Raider games and the Indiana Jones film series. Ironically it actually inspired the reboot of the Tomb Raider series, which has surpassed Unchar...

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How about some thoughts from Jim Sterling and Total Biscuit

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I love to find these thing out for myself but that opportunity is now gone thanks to crap like this being posted.

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It's good to know the game plays as good as it looks, and it's one of the best looking games in existence. I cant believe what ND has been able to create on a £280 console.

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I want the PSX intro music back, I know its not the original but it is the best.

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"GameSpot"..... should of known it was fiction.

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@ FullmetalRoyale

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