Stop playing with that, you'll go blind!


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Doom is my game of the year, most enjoyable FPS campaign I've played in a very long time.

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It's more likely down to people who use the same password for multiple sites, it only takes one of those sites to be hacked for them to gain your name, password and email.

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Are you trying to make sense of a clickbait, fanboy stick poking article? Save your brain there is no logic here, it's just a cheap article written specifically for N4G.

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Have you seen the user accounts on here that have approval status? This is guaranteed to be approved just for the title alone.

.... Also I would recommend not to read the content, the Daily Star is something that no living creature should be exposed to....please don't judge my country too harshly if you click on the link.

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"Because 95% of N4G is already clickbait."

Well thank you for for your contribution to N4G, approvers like you are why this site is now devoid of any real gaming news and is just spammed full of opinion pieces and hate articles to find any real news I have to sift through countless pages of garbage.

I remember coming to N4G and learning something about future games and new developments, now when I log on to N4G I ...

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They get to much attention from the media, all you need to say is "a bunch of ****s did something twattie" then move on. Don't name them as all you do is give them the attention they want which will lead to more attacks.

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"New Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer is The Best Thing You'll See Today"

When everyone's gone to bed tonight I'll be watching something much better.

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YAKUZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!..... ......... Yakuza.

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Team VVV seem to be having fun with it. 35 min vid with lots of info.

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The reviewers at Videogamer had no problems.

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It got an 8/10 from Videogamer and the reviewer didn't feel sick.

Unfortunately it's a positive review so it won't get any love from N4G.

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I know, its a shame approvers prioritise negative articles and reviews. The low score doesn't bother me, just the speed it was approved.

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It's like a up to date House of the Dead, mindless fun.

Still not approved? Looks like N4G's approvers don't think a game review is as important as Jim's demo review.

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Sweet, I wonder if it'll get approved as quick?

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He gave Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood 8.5/10 but that won't gain any attention on N4G that's why it hasn't been posted.

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"But, thinking it will be on PSVR, as opposed to the multiple options on their primary platform, PC, is silly"......?

Who said not to make them available on other platforms?.... I'm confused.

"I feel as though their time supporting Sony is coming to an end with all the recent crap because of mods". No company would cut off that revenue stream because they didn't see eye to eye with mods.

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If they get titles like GTA, Fallout, Elder Scrolls working on PSVR it would print money.

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I clicked so you don't have to

"VR for all its faults is back in the public spotlight, after Oculus Rift and others made big splashes during the year announcing new headsets and experiences for the medium everyone is calling ‘the next big thing’. However, the initial kick off to the VR revolution—or lack thereof—have left many with devices that cause nausea, gaming experiences that lacked any sort of value and most of all, several hundred out of pocket.

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I feel left out.........sniff. Put me on the list!!!

errrr, your console of choice sucks and you partner feels unsatisfied!!!........and er... what would the Fonz say? Sit on it! Aaaaay.

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