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I think we both know the real reason you can’t give me a straight answer.

“Besides, I have criticized MS/Xbox on a few things, you should come on over to those articles and check them out for yourself sometime.” 20 pages into your comment history and still haven’t found anything but praise for MS, but I have noticed a good percentage is negative for anything Sony related. I wonder why you feel the need to comment (not saying you can’t)on somethi... #25.1.6
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I never said you couldn't criticise Sony or that you aren’t allowed to comment, you still haven't answered my question.

It doesn’t matter if you like the games or not the fact is you criticise one for not having enough games when it has a lot more then the company you endlessly praise. I want to know why don’t feel need not to criticise MS in the same way?

What is so hard about this question? #25.1.4
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A few questions for you gangsta_red

I'm asking you why do you criticise one company that has released more and higher rated games then its closest rival which has pretty much released nothing so far this year?

Why don't you post comments on Xbox articles like what you’ve posted here?

Also, I have interest in PS4 articles because I own a PS4, why do you think that makes me blind? #25.1.2
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Accounts like yours always make me laugh, you criticise a company that has released games throughout the year and yet you always have praise one that has released nothing.

You children are funny. #25.1
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Out of the two why do does this article writer think Sony needs to do more? They have exclusives releasing throughout the year, VR, better versions of multi platform titles, an expected price drop at E3 and is outselling its closest competition by 2:1, what more do you want from a gaming system?

I think it's MS that need to do something.
They need to address why the Xbox only sells good numbers in one region.
No exclusives until the end of the year and tho... #5
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I'm playing the Pre-Sequel now, PS4. There are still a few stutters in the frame rate but nothing like it was, also the light bar on the DS4 changes colour depending what elemental weapon you have, which is nice.

Quick round up:
Sexy colours. #3
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I love Brutal Doom, the team who worked on it did something amazing that I though wasn't possible, they were able to improve the original game! I know saying that is blasphemous but the people who’ve played it know that it’s true, even John Romero has given them praise.

Here's a link to the Brutal Doom site: #2.1
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I wonder if anyone is working on a mod so you can fly to Libity City from Los Santos? There must be a mod team out there that has the ability to make that happen. #9
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So you are saying it would be better for Sony if they copied the competition and realised The Order, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, Ratchet & Clank, Until Dawn, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Tearaway Unfolded, Hellblade.... etc all at Christmas and forgo year round high sales just for the spike (which it will get anyway over the holidays)? #3.1.1
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I don't understand this article, it seems Dealspwn would of been happier if all the PS4 exclusives where saved for a Christmas release.

The article ignores a the entire year of steady exclusive releases that have kept the PS4 selling at an unprecedented rate, which looking at sales numbers have it selling 2:1 over its closest competition. Do you really think Sony is worried about having a slightly smaller sales spike (which is only likely to happen in one region) over Chr... #3
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Stop taunting me with these Yakuza pics...... sob. #2
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There is only one Lo Pan, the other is just a cage..... Also I already have light coming out of every orifice, so it’s a given. #2.3.1
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Shut up Mr Burton!

I had to say it. #2.2.1
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Sorry Mr Bueller. #3.1.2
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I would call it something terrifying like Quiet Elevated Gradients.... Spooky. #2.1
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They gave it a 9/10.... in October.... a little after the game was released. #3.1
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...... Did this guy just try to analyse a Polygon review!?! Be careful on this course of action as it is a path that can only lead to madness.

I once knew someone who tried to make sense of what was written in a Polygon article, his remains had to be collected with a sponge. #2
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To all the people that haven't purchased a Yakuza game, it is your fault that I'm not playing this right now and have yet to play Yakuza 5. Unless you rectify this heinous act of stupidity not one of you is invited to my birthday party.

The party theme is Big Trouble in Little China, only one Lo Pan allowed and that is me. #2
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NO!!! Don't read the flame article, read the full interview from the people that did the real work

It’s a shame that N4G approvers prioritise flame articles over informative ones. #6.1.1
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We knew this would happen, chop up everything that use to be part of Battlefield and release it as individual DLC. EA is in control so DICE has to fall in line until they strip them of all their assets and close them down.

It’s the EA way #1.6
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