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"Stop playing with that, you'll go blind!"


Crom!!! #2
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That seems like a bigoted view of the west, you sound just like the people you complain about.

On Topic: I didn't mind Haterd, it was just a very average shooter that that got popular for poking the right people with sticks, I'm sure this game will be just the same. #1.6.2
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.......Come on!

I'm waiting on this patch before I start my second playthrough.

This patch should be called... "Stop Preston Gravy sending you on endless repeat missions to Federal Ration Stockpile and Wicked Shipping Fleet so you don't need to mininuke him in the face every time he opens his fat f****** mouth". htt... #1
N4G should make their approvers give reasons for approving articles like they have to for failing them. If they did 99% of these useless opinion pieces could be eradicated and we wouldn’t have to sift through monumental amounts of crud to find some gaming news.

I didn’t learn anything from this article apart from if you put doubt about an anticipated game in your title you get some cheap hits. #1.1.1
7d ago by MrDead | View comment | Well said

Have a look.

Jimquisition on Games in Development. http://www.thejimquisition.... #3.1.2
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GoG really shows how early access should be handled. Lets hope that they can keep up the QC as it becomes more popular. #3.1
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The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling to keep it chugging at 30fps. PS4 so far has been full 1080 at 30fps, it may use dynamic resolution in the full release but it hasn't shown in the beta.

But the important thing is they all play the same, and thats what matters. #2.1.1
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MacCreadys Killshot has made it impossible for me to miss a headshot in VATS, distance doesn’t seem to matter my hit chance always reads 95%. #4.1
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Good list of fixes, covers a lot of my issues with the game and just in time for my second playthrough. #2
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Rise of the Tomb Raider is a fantastic game that has been tarnished by the greed of money men. #4
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He’s saying that about 5% of PS4 owners are interested in PS2 Emulation, so your market would be 1.75mil gamers. To have a PS2 game sell almost 2mil units you would need 100% of that market to purchase one title. #7.1
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I enjoy the building, the only issues I have is that you don't have a free cam.

You might be using the wrong walls or floors as building has a snap feature, they auto line up and connect. #1.2
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My crowbar is ready. #1
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It's all good, directing anger at a Daily Star article is a very natural (and correct) thing to do. I had to Brillo pad my eyes after reading to make sure no trace of it was left to soak into my brain. #2.1.2
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The Daily Star is famous for featuring naked women every day on page 3 of its news paper, I wouldn't call them prudes (I don't even like referring to it as a news paper as 90% of it is sponsored content).

I think the reporter just found out about these mods and was so excited about seeing some flesh in gaming he had to write about it. There’s even a pole, 14% of readers think that it’s wrong 86% don't see a problem.
If this article writer saw Skyrim on my... #2.1
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I love this game but I have a few gripes too.

I avoid Sanctuary, The Castle and Preston as much as I can, every time I visit one of those places or go near Preston I have to save Sanctuary from ghouls or rescue someone from the Federal Ration Stockpile and return them to Abernathy Farm, it happens so often the enemies don’t have time to respawn. I don’t know how many times I’ve rescued someone from an empty Federal Ration Stockpile or had to kill a single ghoul in Wicked Shi... #3
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...... wow!

The Move really works well with this. #1
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It is pretty, and dang fun. #1.2
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Nissan Skyline, always my go to car in whatever game it appears in.

Hope they do a few more classics, a collection of 80's GTIs would be great. #6
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I wonder if it will get PSVR support when it comes to the PS4? #2
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