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good stuff!

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100,000? That's alot, didn't think there were that many PCs in the world that could play it.

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This article made no sense to me at all. Like I read it...It's a good thesis...but then nothing else.

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AC4 was WAY better than I anticipated. I gamefly'd it and my god was I blown away by how good it was compared to its predecessor.

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I loved Socom and Socom 2 and even Socom 3; but that was because it provided something that wasn't existing in the market at the time. Online-competitive gaming.

Fast-forward to 2013: This type of gameplay is clumsy, latency is also seemingly an issue. Would it change if we get a locked in at 60FPS high performance oriented version of Socom...maybe. But I still think there is a lot to say about the clumsiness of the "Third-Person Tactical Shooter" when stacked ...

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That's Manhattan Bridge. Connects Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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yeah all 23 seconds of it. some people need to get a grip.

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a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer lol.

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And the sky is blue and the grass is green!

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My brother can't seem to get an Xbox One. He's been trying too.

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You know what i'd like; some effort in the next release. Especially in the "next-gen" iterations.

Take the year, release it in 2. Higher some people make a good game that looks good, feels good, has that twitchy awesome feel.

The search and rescue game mode in this latest one is a great new addition but the game outside of this can't help but leave me feeling well no longer justifiable to buy any new editions of the franchise.

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Oh Activision, milking a franchise by releasing multiple sequels with marginal improvements

Who'd a thunk it!

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That's because Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has received a lot of polish over the last 6 years.

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I don't constantly crash in the game. One time in 7 hours yesterday on my clan's 64 man server.

search for "the legion" running china rising maps. I haven't really noticed any imbalances yet either but i'm sure there is potential.

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Ah the ol slippery slope fallacy. Paid DLC has always been around one form or another. Never bought an expansion pack before?

Micro-transactions are the latest craze in monetizing games and this practice is not exclusive to Microsoft. Sony Online Entertainment is releasing a game on the PS4 called Planetside 2. F2P out the box a ton of micro-transactions there.

But I ...

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Not to sound like a PC Elitist...but the PC I built last year for around 800 dollars can make "next-gen" consoles "cry." I think its a forgone conclusion at this point that PCs are way more advanced as gaming machines then the consoles are.

You see the next-gen BF4 that you console owners finally got your hands on? Well that is exactly what BF3 was for people who owned a gaming pc. That was over 2 years ago.

Now if you guys could only see...

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Any threat or breadcrumbs of Epic and Gears breaking ties with Microsoft are purely negotiating tactics in order to gain more money in retaining their exclusive partnership.

Also it's worth noting that Microsoft's own game studio publishes Gears of War. As in they pay for the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the game.

So, in order for this game to be multi-platform Epic would have to front the entire cost of the next Gears of...

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I love the voice commands. Not sure why anyone wouldn't love the feeling of simply saying Xbox Play Call of Duty Ghosts and then it is immediately on the screen.

On the other hand I do agree that some features that were easier to access on X360 are more complicated on X1 (Game invites?...Party invites? Party Chat v Game Chat?)

Also the picture in picture is a little laggy from the tv, hoping that is smoothed out over time.

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Game works perfectly on PC.

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I like the Crysis games. They are pretty fun.

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