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little late for that.

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Neither was Thief.

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dino crisis reboot?

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I believe its true, SOE people had a few "confidential" meetings this past week. Also, this corresponds with the release of some major content on the game.

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I know this, but I am talking reality here. Legally sure he can be fired for anything, but people do not get canned during the middle of projects for no reason, especially when they have an accomplished history with the company.

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They would be fighting for the same subscribers. Not a shot in hell new fallout is an mmo.

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Stop the presses folks we can dye armor!

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People don't get fired for no reason. Not sure what he did, but while his work on Halo was definitely noteworthy this is a different game and he still has to do a job.

Maybe the style of Destiny isn't matching his composing.

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I hate to say this but i'm pretty sure LoL rules the esports audience (I don't know why.) I'd say starcraft comes in a distant second with COD.

Just look at the twitch/internet streams of the events.

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The original had ATB.

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Played a few hours this morning, I didn't notice any dips in frame rate;

I am an experienced PC gamer and I can tell when frames dip below 60. They did not while I played on the X1 this morning.

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Good business tactics=panic?

Every store that does a buy one get one must be failing. McDonalds has a dollar menu, clearly they must be freaking out about the amount burgers they are selling.

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Gamer's want games. Publishers do not understand the incentive to innovate. So we get 9 Call of Duty's in 7 year, 4 Batman Arkham games, 5 Assassin's Creed games, 5 Guitar Heroes, 7 Maddens. They refuse to take risks, they're fewer and fewer options for the average gamer, so fewer and fewer games to buy.

Who here remembers Mutant League Football for the genesis? It's a simple idea, WHERE IS THE INNOVATION. Not every game needs to have the best graphics. Ma...

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free on a computer, i've had gold for 9 years not sure if you need to pay for it.

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have fun.

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You're a blind hater.

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This is the dumbest thing i've read.

Why would they set up an exclusivity deal based on sales?

If you want more sales you don't limit your market. I doubt this is the reason.

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I game on both PC and X1. I'll be getting it for X1.

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