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Fallout New Vegas was definitely one of my favorite games last generation. Played through it multiple times.

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It's not that, I just felt the title of the article didn't accurately convey what the article actually said.

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This is what jumped to my mind.

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The author of this article didn't use the word "impress" in his article. Also, his preview didn't seem very good. I don't think its good when a shooter is described as "on rails" and "was happy to be able to move up and down the stairs, down hallways, and into rooms with freedom"

Thank god for the next-gen /sarcasm.

This game is going to be a disaster.

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It might be contractual. Telltale probably already licensed the Minecraft IP for the making of this game prior to the Minecraft acquisition by Microsoft. You guys are all really blowing this out of proportion.

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If you release a shooter at sub-60 fps, you are releasing a failed video game.

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I really liked sonic generations, it just wasn't long enough.

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Just want to say. I played the Halo 5- multiplayer preview beta and fucking loved it.

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The Wolf Among Us.

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I love it.

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Neither console has 16gb of ram.

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This is the crappiest video, making any analysis on this video is a mistake; the only thing that is clear is the XB1 is better, but that's not saying much.

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crysis 2 and 3 were good games imo.

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Wouldn't really call this "leaked" they've been live streaming the game on twitch the last week or so. Watched some of it.

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I have over 30 days played in PS2 it is a great game.

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Fuck does anyone need a review for? Anyone that was interested in the game was able to play it personally. The game is not going to be dramatically different from the "Alpha/Beta" you all played.

Make your own decisions and quit relying on some uninformed guy who may or may not be on the payroll influencing you.

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70 percent of people shot Kenny.

37 percent ended up with Jane.
20 percent went it alone.
30 percent went with Kenny, more than half of which left Kenny once they arrived at Wellington.

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There is kinda shit for games on next gen platforms, yet there are actually alot more games for PC gamers to play, especially with all this early access stuff and indie stuff thats more and more prolific now adays. My gaming community hosted a server for BF4, we stopped playing around February.

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Yup, but whoms lost money?

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New Vegas is one of my favorite games. I miss the radio. Ain't that a kick in the head.

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