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looks awesome.

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Not to get technical, but the game you "own" is a license. The legal value of which is exactly the same as if I download it. So in short you don't own jack.

I would've been able to trade and lend my digital games to friends but the internet exploded over that idea.

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Every AC game, All the elder scrolls games, Every GTA, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, and those are just off the top of my head. In short, is this news worthy? I guess I just want people to put some more effort in their submissions instead of simply writing a short blurb on one minor and at times hardly worth mentioning fact.

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I agree with you. Maybe we should submit an article.

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If there is one thing that is certain in a Metal Gear Solid game is that I will have not a clue what the hell anyone is talking about.

Oh yeah, he's just part of the La-le-lu-le-lo. Oh of course. -nods-.

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Every open world game that came out in the last decade allows you to commit motiveless killings. I hate how every single detail pertaining to MGS V gets its own article. Please god not another David Hayter v. Kiefer Sutherland article I beg you internets.

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For the most part I don't purchase 60 dollar games unless I have reason to expect that I'll get my moneys worth. I think the last 3-4 XB1 games I bought digitally are the witcher 3, shadows of mordor, advanced warfare, BF:Hardline (regretted this one). I buy a ton of games on steam, I have about 61 steam games alone.

Digital purchases I certainly regret: Watchdogs. I can't remember a game that put me to sleep faster.

On the other hand I stopped re...

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Probably just skins and shit, who cares.

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If it's a desert island the games I would take are games that are very difficult and have the ability to beat your own score. Otherwise you are going to run out of content and will have to make your own rules. Like playing skyrim without clothes/armor or something.

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I haven't bought a game in a box in over 3 years.

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I know exactly what you are talking about, maybe 200 times. Those war quotes start getting old real quick.

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I remember playing world at war on veteran and grenades would literally fall from the sky directly onto your position (and not just one). You really needed situational awareness then.

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pretty sure elders scrolls online already came out and "missed"

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didn't bother watching the video since the 500 or so words in the article didn't discuss anything that wasn't already visible and previously analyzed in the trailer released by treyarch.

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Don't care, can't wait. If you were playing fallout for the graphics you are clearly missing the bigger picture.

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i really enjoyed the lack of details in this article.

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bring back front mission, but not the one that was a bad armored core rip off.

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This is pretty much a fuck you to all the people who bought this game. Oh backwards compatibility? Fuck you pay me full price again. Oh you bought GTA V just a year ago? Fuck you pay me. Last of us? Fuck you pay me.

Fuck all these publishers they won't get a dime from me.

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its not accurate though...only people who purchased type zero are in the poll. and in the us i'd say only hardcore ff fans made that purchase, but in japan a lot more mainstream people did.

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I've heard a ton of positive comments from various "sources" about this game. If it is so amazing why have they yet to show it to well anyone.

Why are all the viewings of gameplay done behind closed doors, and why can't anyone actually describe the gameplay.

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