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didn't bother watching the video since the 500 or so words in the article didn't discuss anything that wasn't already visible and previously analyzed in the trailer released by treyarch.

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Don't care, can't wait. If you were playing fallout for the graphics you are clearly missing the bigger picture.

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i really enjoyed the lack of details in this article.

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bring back front mission, but not the one that was a bad armored core rip off.

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This is pretty much a fuck you to all the people who bought this game. Oh backwards compatibility? Fuck you pay me full price again. Oh you bought GTA V just a year ago? Fuck you pay me. Last of us? Fuck you pay me.

Fuck all these publishers they won't get a dime from me.

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its not accurate though...only people who purchased type zero are in the poll. and in the us i'd say only hardcore ff fans made that purchase, but in japan a lot more mainstream people did.

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I've heard a ton of positive comments from various "sources" about this game. If it is so amazing why have they yet to show it to well anyone.

Why are all the viewings of gameplay done behind closed doors, and why can't anyone actually describe the gameplay.

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The beatles.

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You can't remember because you haven't played them. Insurgency, H1Z1, any Total War game. CS:GO. Starcraft, League, FTL, and thats just whats on my desktop right now.

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Mac but not console. I think thats the point he was making.

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Studios after the completion of major projects cut staff. Kojima is clearly leaving the company after completion of MGS5. I do find it strange that they removed all the branding, makes me wonder if Kojima's taking his studio with him upon leaving Konami.

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Not really sure why you think this means MGO will not be good in MGS5. Konami's restructuring clearly signals the completion of MGS5, and therefore MGO.

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zero chance. it's practically April with barely a mention of beta, you are expecting a summer release? The server infrastructure they will need to release has never been accomplished by any UBI game, it will need a public beta before official release.

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Just what I always wanted to play, a character with a fantastic emo haircut.

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I'm fine with that, what I don't want is a re-skinned dragon age.

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They aren't banning them for using the exploit, they are banning them from this point forward for using this specific exploit. They are providing warning that from this point forward exploiting the game at the expense of other players consciously and repeatedly is bannable offense.

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Is there anyone who thinks duping is an intended game mechanic? Discovering it versus duplicating otherwise unattainable amounts of materials crafting incinerators in order to block off entry ways of buildings isn't cool.

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Great something that should have been included with the game is now included with the game!

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You've clearly never used a virtual boy.

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You clearly never used a Virtual Boy.

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