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couldn't get a new yorker let alone an american to do the voice acting?

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it's hilarious, call of duty has been incredibly popular for years, and the people buying it, or not buying it (preferring halo) don't even understand the secret ingredient which is 60fps.

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i've one about 3-4 times as rebels in about 6 hours of play. we felt it was epic so there is that.

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dice is one of the few decent companies around imo. blame EA for forcing early releases, but i've been playing good games from DICE since 2002.

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I mean now that Taken King has released lets back away from any bullshit promises we may have made. Not once was the fabled 10 year plan distanced from in fact they liked the narrative. Made the game seem so much larger than it was. Which was essentially 5 Halo levels.

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it's obvious to anyone that could read. I was a little older than the author however, I was 11.

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I liked AW, made the game difficult for the first time in almost a decade.

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not a shot in hell.

What company would okay the killing of their most iconic/marketable character? None.

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A comment of mine that was down-voted for no flipping reason.

Been an N4G member for 5 years. Still have 5 bubbles but i've lost one from time to time.

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New IPs = huge risks. Sometimes the risk does not outweigh the benefit;

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Planetside 2 will likely run better on the XB1 then. Game is cpu bound to hell.

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Looks like the same art style to me.

Halo 3:

Halo 5:

Halo Reach:
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I agree with everything you said. I played the multiplayer beta earlier this year, it wasn't 1080p but it was locked in at 60fps it was smooth as silk, played flawlessly, and looked great.

I am not a Halo nut in anyway shape or form, I've played the entire series but I tend to only play them for about a month or two. This newest version in terms of gameplay I think is vastly improved compared to its predecessors.

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I played the alpha/beta it was at 60 fps.

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My fat 20 gig ps3 did not break and still works, no issues. But the responses from microsoft and sony are very different when it comes to acknowledging manufacture defects.

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yeah I remember the agony of going outside...I loved Graw 2/Cod4 so much; the agony, the suffering,...the sun burn.

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I had two Xbox 360s, one was a launch xbox that lasted 3 years before RROD; I sent it back they fixed it for free, held onto it until the 360 slim came out then gave it to my little brother. My PS1 would break all the time, Sony would never fix them for me. So my dad would buy a ps1, he'd unscrew the shells and swap them (so the model nos match) and pack it back up like new and return them to the store. He did this at least 3 or 4 times.

The ps2 was a little more complica...

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bring back texas hold em and 1 v 100.

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I like the controller, but the price is just stupid.

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My scuf was cheaper. Expected it to be 75$ at most.

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