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Does anyone actually want this game? The original was so uninspiring.

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red storm entertainment. would change square enix to just squaresoft. how about capcom?..midway, sierra.

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did you really blame the quality of ff13 on the xbox 360? that's like blaming the dvd player for how terrible paul blart: mall cop is.

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<3 Day9.

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you used to be very much invested in your character, now a days; who cares.

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shouldn't have been doing this in the first place.

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nvidia 970 been out for a year and a half, still haven't cut prices despite new models about to come out. pretty irritating as a potential customer.

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November 7th. 2016, write it down.

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i was thinking they all need to be more difficult

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Because the quality of the multiplayer only shooter is garbage. If your game is only going to be multiplayer then take the money that you saved from single player and invest it into your multiplayer. You don't. See Battlefront, See Titanfall. How do you release a multiplayer only game with fewer maps than the average call of duty/halo/battlefield which also has singleplayer? ON top of that you charge us the same.

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It's a gimmick already.

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why? that's like buying a car before the roads are built.

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who even owns a 4k tv.

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I think 1977 was the year this game was announced.

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jrpg is a dead genre in western markets.

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I bought COD Elite way back in the day, that was the last and only time.

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I like tomb raider, I just like Halo, Call of Duty, Fallout and Starcraft more. I don't have the time/money to buy all of them. Unfortunately Tomb Raider was the casualty. I don't think it really mattered what console it was coming out on. Even Call of Duty was fearful of Fallout and released on the Friday before, can anyone recall the last time a video game of COD's popularity released on a Friday? I can't.

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it's true, but multiplayer where it matter is smooth as silk.

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Who the fuck plays fallout for the graphics. seriously. get lost.

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couldn't get a new yorker let alone an american to do the voice acting?

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