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I played it last night, it was very good. My favorite of the war stories so far.

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Weird - price aside, the most powerful GPU currently on the market is the 2080TI. If a game can't run at 60FPS on 4k Max settings, the issue isn't with the's with the game.

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It had like 3 release dates. Sort of hard to really accurately judge its release. Also, I don't even know what your last sentence means as it doesn't apply to this game at all.

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How about 60 FPS before 144FPS is standard on pc.

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yup, not sure what these other people are talking about. this is fact. i wouldn't call them allies though - more...of a "non-aggression pact"

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Except the guy is right. Russia also invaded Poland in 1939, Stalin and Hitler had what was a "non-aggression pact" that neither intended to honor...but did so during the early goings of the war.

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If there are microtransactions - I haven't seen them yet. Can't even buy scrap.

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Plays better because the PC servers are 60hz.

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Not true, literally been playing all day today - along with many other people.

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They took all the funky cosmetics out - all camos in the game are realistic and fitting with the theme.

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Except everyone starts with weapons that are fully upgraded. - For this reason.

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Been playing for the last few hours. Hand over fist better than the Beta/Alpha's I played earlier this year. So much fun.

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This and the game needs more fast travel options. I find myself not wanting to do quests because the distance of travel back and forth.

It sucks.

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It probably matters less because this game is hit scan - you don't need to constantly update trajectory of projectiles and player location.

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First, DLSS is not available for any game outside of the demo for FF15. So any benchmark review is ignoring the tensor cores on the GPU. I figure within the next two weeks or so major games will have DLSS profiles completed and you'll see significant performance gains. Also this guys benchmarks don't match up to what Tom Hardwares put out - he doesn't list the specs of the PC he's using to benchmark - I am not even sure if you can take the review seriously.


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checker-board looks amazing. DLSS performance increase is real - as in you see little to no fidelity loss and significant increase in performance.

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These numbers don't take into account DLSS...which is where the real gains are to be seen.

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The game needs to be fun. They haven't really released any marketing or anything since E3. I played the closed alpha earlier today for the first time, and the game imho, felt like an inferior BF1 - in almost every facet.

This is from someone who preordered...and will probably get the game regardless. btw, despite preordering - i never received any alpha beta any invite - i had to borrow a friends account to give the game a whirl. I'm not cancelling my pre-order but...

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a shot? i'd guarantee it.

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"However, I wouldn't be too surprised if the Star Wars licensing contract has been shortened." I mean thats not how Contracts work.

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