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i disagree, a 980 has only 5 teraflops. that card can run 4k 60 frames.

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chapters fine, the game needs more story. like a ton more. i wouldn't even call this a final fantasy game, that's how little story it has, and the side quests are an absolute joke, world of warcraft has more interesting fetch quests than this game.

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It's not free content if it is key to understanding what is the plot of a story-driven game. That is part of what you are buying.

I can't believe the people defending this game. I used to look forward to final fantasy releases more than anyone, but this game is insulting. Imagine FF7 came out and you don't know anything about aeris at all at the end of her story arc, other than you feel like you're supposed to care. because that's the type of stuff that...

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why not release the fucking game when it's done. instead i end up playing a game for 30 hours that has less story than the latest titanfall release.

a narrative so disjointed that characters are dying that i feel like i should care about, but i only saw them maybe once before.

and don't tell me to go watch kingslaive because i didn't buy a final fantasy game so i could watch some shitty animated release.

what RPG ships with ...

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$$$$$$$$$+risk. do you want to spend all that money just to be the "watch dogs" of gta.

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thought it was way too short, and there just wasn't enough about the world and the characters in it. i was pretty disappointed. completed it in 30 hours, along with 60+ side quests.

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What's a shame is that wolf among us is in my opinion one of the best ips tell tale has and it's ignored for shitty rehashed pop culture shit.

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I'm not saying i'm representative of everyone, but i've logged over 60 hours of this game with the only time having a server issue when the entire east coast of the us was being ddosed.

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Does anyone actually want this game? The original was so uninspiring.

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red storm entertainment. would change square enix to just squaresoft. how about capcom?..midway, sierra.

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did you really blame the quality of ff13 on the xbox 360? that's like blaming the dvd player for how terrible paul blart: mall cop is.

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<3 Day9.

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you used to be very much invested in your character, now a days; who cares.

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shouldn't have been doing this in the first place.

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nvidia 970 been out for a year and a half, still haven't cut prices despite new models about to come out. pretty irritating as a potential customer.

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November 7th. 2016, write it down.

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i was thinking they all need to be more difficult

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Because the quality of the multiplayer only shooter is garbage. If your game is only going to be multiplayer then take the money that you saved from single player and invest it into your multiplayer. You don't. See Battlefront, See Titanfall. How do you release a multiplayer only game with fewer maps than the average call of duty/halo/battlefield which also has singleplayer? ON top of that you charge us the same.

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It's a gimmick already.

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why? that's like buying a car before the roads are built.

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