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The reviewer still had an excellent time with the game, and as he said in the text he liked it so much that it might possibly have received 10/10 had he not encountered technical issues in the PS4 version.

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It is definitely coming to PS4.

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"Of course Halo: The Master Chief Collection has moments where it's brilliant, and if you've a hankering to play the single-player content, we absolutely have no problems recommending that you pick it up. But if multiplayer is your jam, it's impossible to give it any kind of positive endorsement, even three months after launch."

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I agree, and say as much in the article, however, this is about the multiplayer side of MCC, not the single-player element.

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It did mention that, albeit briefly. That content is now back in the rotation, so progress can resume as before.

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Can't wait for this one. Be nice to drag a few of the old Halo crew up a generation too.

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I looked for a search functionality, but couldn't find it.

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That was mentioned because those who pick up an Xbox One Day One Edition will also get a game included. It just closes the distance between the gap in value between the two consoles.

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