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Binding of Isaac?

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GTA V Please, I'll repurchase that for Switch

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If Nintendo truly merges their console and handheld departments, the Nintendo Switch will extremly successful.

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Is there a chance that consumers can expand the memory using SD cards?

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Duude, I remember the days when it was spend $100 get $50. I feel like digital games are waaaay over priced. You can do so much more with a physical copy in terms of lending and resale.

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ummm, open beta?

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The minuscule frame rate drops/pop-up when driving is the only thing I can think of...


Greatest GOAT

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THANK YOU BASED GOD for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

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Rockstar did get flak for GTA V not having a female character, but replied saying, GTA V is a man's game. Of course women play GTA, but the overwhelmingly majority of players are probably male.

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Some of you guys are pretty dense.

Of course nobody cared in the (early) nineties, everything looked like blocks or a cartoon(exception: mortal combat, it was super photorealistic). The realism is extreme in GTAV on nextgen. It's fucking awesome! Yet, I can see why parents would freak out.

Think back to when you were introduced to video games, pong, mario, pac-man, sonic, crash, etc... Now think of GTA V on PS4 being the first game you see, let alone play...

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Still waiting on the email... anyone else have a ps4 code that can PM? I'll share the wealth when and if I receive my code.

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I did the same with GTA IV. I think it was the dark tone, and I was still used to the sunny and upbeat vibe of San Andreas on PS2. I felt right back at home with GTA V tho. The color palette, the humor, the tight mechanics... It's an amazing game that's about to get even more amazing.

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It plays exactly what you'd expect a launch game to to play like. If you are okay with that, you might really enjoy it. If you, like myself, enjoy games that play like the developers were completely familiar with the architecture of a system ..not so much.

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Def. looks smooth! People were saying it ran at 20fps -smh. If 900p means smoother gameplay, I'm down for what plays best.

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We can all agree, the war is good for business. Both systems have awesome exclusives. This gen. it might really be best to own both.... Hell I'll prob. have a X1 by 2016. I just hope these systems can pump 6+ years of quality games.

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The X1 version def looks better in terms of graphics... but I actually like the color palette on 360 better (maybe it's the settings on OP's monitor).

Both look great and I like the slightly slower pace mechanics. Might have to check this out.

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I wouldn't go that far. Ubi makes some awesome games. Rayman is a masterpiece & I believe Far Cry 4 will be awesome. Idk what the hell is going on with Assassin's Creed tho.

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If they hold back the PS4, they might as well do the same for PC. That's soo fuckin' weak to make a game the same across consoles. When 360 had better multiplats, they didn't let the PS3 hold them back. 1080p or suck my D!$k.

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It's because many people who played the E3 version said it was very pretty to look at ... and that's about it. Supposedly it has/had stale gameplay. I hope it's amazing, but I've been let down by almost every game this year except remasters: Tomb Raider was dope, Last of Us played like butter, and GTA V should be the best game yet.

[edit] Before the disagrees; I wish there were some amazing new IP's and such, but the closest thing I've played this year...

1233d ago 2 agree1 disagreeView comment it me, or does this look pretty boring?

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