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I used to trust IGN.

But I bought a couple of games given very high scores, and I was disappointed with my purchases. I feel as if IGN is somewhat reliable when it comes to AAA titles, but they rate indies waaay too high in my opinion. #3.4
Near perfect? Not so sure about that.... But IMO Destiny is a solid 8/8.5 #1
Destiny is by far the best multiplayer experience I've had with a FPS on PS4. Does that say much? Probably not, but it's nevertheless the best experience thus far. #10
GOTY will be GTA V #21.1.1
I agree. I just think the industry reflects the demographics. It's not particularly a bad thing. It's just publishers know who they are selling to. If most of Sony's customers were 7 year girls who loved their PS4's, we'd see a much different line-up of games today. #10.2
I'm not saying they don't exist. I'm just saying that the majority of "gamers" are men.

Riddle me this, how many of you're PSN or Live friends are female? #7.1.2
Hell no! Games these days have TOO many cutscenes. And tbh, I think NaughtyDog cutscenes are just graphics porn... they are pretty boring to me. At least Metal Gear games try to mind fuck you, and GTA cutscenes are genuinely humorous. #46
Show me the demographics on video games players and I can show you an argument.

PS And I'm not talking about 99¢ kim kardashian games #7
It's confirmed that PS Plus gets this Day 1, right? I know it's won't be the full retail version but a stripped down version. #5
Game of the Year #8
Niiice. I hope I can get in the console beta this September. #1
Frisbee golf was my shit back in college. Big bong hits and the PS Move. #1.2.1
Thanks guys! I just gave it a try, it's awesome. #1.2
Has anyone played this game yet? I'm thinking about purchasing it. #1
....damn #3
I wish they would just reboot the series. We can't keep buying the same games with only upgraded textures and sounds.

They need to rebuild the game from the ground up. This better not be over $15. #108
The fact that it's being ported to last gen is disappointing. #48
I hope Resident Evil includes a photo mode. #24
@denawayne good luck with that. With games totaling 50 Gb's per install, I predict your hard drive will be full with a year (unless you upgrade to a 2 Tb). #1.1.6
They really need to give us Knack ... I can't believe they are still charging over $30 everywhere I go. #1.6
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