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This looks to be the biggest game to utilize kinect. Until kinect sports comes out. It's in Xbox's best interest to drum up interest in the kinect. This looks to be a promising avenue to do it.

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Why doesn't xbox market this game heavier?! I am definitely downloading this gem on day one. Don't you dare let RARE feel unappreciated Xbox! If they ever return to form, it will pay big dividends.

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I am excited for both systems. Competition breeds diversity and strength. Why not have the best of both worlds? If finances are an issue, wait a year or so and sales will start to pop up. Brand loyalty can be inhibiting to your gaming experience. I am getting both, but I am embarrassed by some people and their fierce loyalty.

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Boneriffic!! One of the best games ever hands-down.

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Any chance you could stop advertising that you are Canadian? I really don't wanna be associated with you. "Noob at consumerism"? That's the dumbest thing I've read on here yet.

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I'm just living in the glory days of perfect dark and jet force Gemini. A fool can dream can't he?

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#1- jump back into bed with RARE.

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No way I'm leaving the 360 behind! I still have a huge backlog of games on the go. And bioshock Dlc is just around the corner. Just the same, I am getting an xb1 on launch day. No turning back now!

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Oh god yes! Jet Force Gemini was one of the best ever! I haven't found an emulator that can rock it though. :(

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Dead rabbits, why don't you just go bone yourself? You are obviously very sad at life if ps4 is your only reason to keep going.

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Zoo tycoon stole a little piece of my heart. I will definitely snag that as well as dead rising and ryse.

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Have you played any of the games for ps4 or Xbox one? No? Just demos? Well it certainly sounds like you have an educated opinion there mister.

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Don't waste your time on this site by trying to use logic. The ps fanboys are whipped into a frenzy of jerking each other off to Sony propaganda.

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I hope to god they do the submission and transmissions good in this game. Graphical parity don't mean dick-all if they bring back that stupid cat n mouse submission system from the last game. At least EA is on the case.

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So EVERYONE complains that you need xbl to play netflix, but you are gonna 'donate' to psn to help Sony out?

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It appears that dead rabbits trolls every Xbox article to complain.

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Magoo, you're the biggest ps4 fanboy on this site. I'm sure you would say that about any Xbox game. It is a hack n slash game. What did you expect?

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Or the overused "greatness awaits". God damn did that get old.

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As if you're getting an xb1. You troll every ms article hardcore. Or are you just a malcontent?

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@deadrabbits so you're not getting a psn subscription after paying $400 for a console? Do you use that logic and forgo Internet because of the monthly fee? Or are you just trolling an Xbox article....again?

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