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All this code is for, is pre order on xbox one. youtubers always tryna get them likes smh

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Nice that you can shoot out the car as a passenger. thought they left out drive bys completely

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I don't care if the graphics downgraded I'm getting it on ps3, long as the game play is good its still gonna be a great tittle

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Glad I missed the initial launch issues. Game runs smoothly for me and I have fun so I guess it's successful In my eyes

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I call fake. All the retailers had the original gta v release date wrong so I'm certain this is wrong too

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Well deserved

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I have, I got it. I love the story but it's just too cliche for me and after the story what else is there to do. He multi-player decent but I like games with freedom

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Gta v deserved the award. Name one game from a technical standpoint better. No game has the same level of detail, scope, graphics and freedom V has. Once you beat tlou that's it. No going around having random fun just a linear movie style game. But congrats to Rockstar

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I don't understand the love for last of us. I mean it was a great game and I enjoyed it, but to me it wasn't something we haven't seen done a million times in movies. And once you beat the story that's it. I personally like games I can explore months and years after release and Gta the only that can provide that. The only thing last of us has on gta is probably the voice acting and motion cap other than that gta deserves it with all its technically feats

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I'd really like to see a spin off playing as tommy. Showing what he was doing while Joel was away

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Getting a Ps4 just for this

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Bought a ps3 just for last of us. it was worth it. Just wish the story was longer :/ maybe i played it too fast lol

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I dont really care for artwork or info.. I just want a solid release date ! think it might come soon

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The game is actually okay . Just difference of opinions in the reviews and such .

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Leon's campaign isn't that bad , haven't played the rest yet . But it's not as bad as some reviews

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