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i can't wait. the delay sucks but it isn't huge and i didn't really believe it would be 2017 anyway

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I think MAYBE parties, if switch even has them, will be app only. that would suck but i can't imagine Nintendo would let PDP and other accessory makers, who often make nintendo branded accessories for nintendo, go to retail with products that do more than they have to do. I also can't see them letting retailers like GS advertise this if it isn't included.

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i may be mistaken but when was a tales of game announced for switch?

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yea it looks good to me. hoping pikmin or animal crossing sneak in but i'm prepared for those to be 2018 games.

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this would be pretty good. i'm guessing 2017 will focus on selling it as a console then in 2018 a no dock handheld model will be introduced, at least in jp, and they'll sell it as a handheld in 18.

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1. why are there two posts about this on front page
2. its not like he's a person making that choice. seems like a dumb thing to say publicly seeing as his bosses likely want to keep an open relationship with nintendo
3. tf1 ran on 360. i doubt it couldn't run on switch

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lol no. consolidating nintendo handheld and home console into one? $250 is great for that price. small profit, which most of the console makers are doing now, while still being affordable.

You're telling me if you could combine Wii U/3DS game libraries but for $250 instead of $380 (2DS plus Wii U) OR $500 (NEW 3DS XL plus wii u) that isn't a good deal?

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i feel like this is reaching in order to make the headline get clicks. why would accessories help it? does it need help?

price i suppose is relevant but lol. the accessory thing isn't relevant at all. just looking for dem n4g clicks.

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? Why would those systems effect a spring 2017 games release ? Early June is still spring. SUMMER is 6/22 or after until 9/22

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Every woman that has ever been raped? You know that happens like every 2 minutes? Or to like 1/3 of US women?

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I thought "it can't be that bad" and then watched video holy shit why even give the girls that animation you are literally molesting them wtf. They don't even react to it nicely they look upset what the fuck man. How do you defend this? Nvm I don't want to know

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Ha no way. That Foxconn rumor will be NX or anything else. Sony let the vita die for the last 3 years and pulled all support. They moved projects to ps4. There is so little room for another handheld to begin with

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This isn't real news. Cex marks up price on rare items. Xbox One S is like 460 euros there ATM. The guy on Twitter (shortman82) said he paid 220 euros for his

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This isn't news. Most games are front loaded. This is click bait purely because it's trying to capitalize on the games poor reception. Not saying that's right or wrong but no duh sales drop off. I bet sales for overwatch, uncharted 4, doom all dropped like this in weeks two and three

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New console is unboxed before it's even announced. What a time to be alive

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I really am surprised at how much I like the white one. A black unit could look really cool but I wonder if the white emphasizes the smaller size better than any other color

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I've sold major consoles on CL. Just go to a public place with lots of traffic, like a mall, with someone (preferably a buff or military looking male friend) and no matter how silly you feel walk up to part of the public place that's visible to all. Like if its a mall walk up to the entrance of one of the department stores, have the person met you there. When I've done it I made sure to take my time getting back to my car too, like not immediately go back to it, just in case I get...

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True. Thinking about selling mine to a friend to get whatever model they release. I'd like $200 minimum ideally.

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