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I can't speak for the person who quoted, but I would say I am all for cultural diversity but anti-censorship. This isn't censorship, Tecmo isn't removing content they're just not localizing it because it won't make them money, despite what they may say.

You can be for diversity and still anti-censorship. No one wants to take away these nearly-softcore porn games, they just say they think they're not good. If you truly enjoy something there will always... #3.1.1
Was anything censored? Tecmo knows this game will review poorly, sell poorly and get negative attention for silly, unrealistic portrayals of women. They know the fans that want it will just import it anyway so they're still getting the hardcore fans who find fun in these mediocre games, so if anyone is to blame its Tecmo. They're just trying to redirect the blame off themselves. #2.1
Retailers don't carry those games so it would make even more sense for Tecmo to not release if it was rated that, which is should be since its pretty much software porn along with a disturbing character who looks like she's 14-16 #1.4.1
Of course a downward image of boobs is used as the main image on N4G to hit more hits. #72
I can't see it passing 150M, it seems like this generation was frontloaded a bit. Plus with the rise of 4KTVs, I could see a new console from MS in 2018 and Sony in 2019. Unless Sony releases a $250 slim PS4 next fall (which is more doable then you would think) then I would imagine sales would start falling a bit below 15M per year gradually. At the moment I can't see the PS4 doing 20M+ in one year like the PS2. 80M-100M I think easy by the end of the gen. #6.1
I don't get it, these games usually don't play very well what's the lost value here? No one is trying to take away big boobed women in games or even DOA the fighting games. If Superman 64 had these girls in it, as high res as they are, would you still want it? I'll shamelessly quote Jim Sterling who summarizes my thoughts pretty well:

"Nobody is taking the games away. I still stand by that. A corporation made a corporate decision (and if you think a few b... #38
Who disagrees with this? Lol. Good for you getting the best of all worlds this holiday. #6.1
I don't if its a "no contest". Xbox does tend to sell better during the holidays in the US, like Nintendo products sell in December. I could see Xbox winning, maybe, but not by as much as last year. #5.1
I wouldn't necessarily say that. I hear it runs poor even on New 3DS, which has a Quad Core ARM and 256MB RAM. Its easy to forget the Wii had a single core 729Mhz PowerPC CPU and like 88MB RAM. Heck, I don't even think Isaac would fit on the Wii's 512MB internal memory either. #5.1
I don't know man. If the PS4 with a price drop and Uncharted for 3 weeks can't outsell Xbox One with Halo for just like a few days, I can't imagine how much more the XB1 would have sold in October with a $399 PS4. If 100k people bought an XB1 due to Halo in October, 360 BC, etc over a PS4, then that's consumers missed out. I don't know if a $299 PS4 would have convinced all of them to abandon their Xbox buying plans but it could have dented those plans a bit. I personally... #1.1
That's a silly comment. Two different situations I mean Nintendo has said Pikmin 4 is almost done, next year is Mario 64s anniversary , etc. much easier to predict NX titles than PS5 titles in 2018-2020. You're exaggerating #6.2
If Sony cuts PS4 price at Paris Games Week to $299, say good bye. Just bought an XB1 again and I'm looking forward to the new UI, but if Sony acts like PS2-era Sony then Xbox doesn't stand a chance in the US in terms of hardware sales. #3
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Who says it has to start the next-gen? Also, why would it be shocking that a console released in 2016 would feel underpoweredcompared to a console released in 2019 or 2020 potentially? What stops Ninty from then releasing an NX2 a year or two later that bests PS5 or is close to it like this, etc? The strategy of intentionally releasing a newconsole mid-gen might work for them. #4.3
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My guess would be something close to the $199 Nvidia Shield TV from Nintendo, just with AMD inside. Quad/Six core ARM x86 or ARM APU, 1TFlop GPU, faster RAM about 4-6GB, light OS that only takes up 1GB or less and only 32GB flash, expandable storage via microSD slot or USB drives, etc. #3.1
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Yea I don't think he/she read the link. Not just Nintendo but Square. The 3DS version will likely sell a ton in Japan and make major profits. The PS4 version on a small user base in a market where consoles are fading? Not as likely. If Square was choosing between porting the 3DS version that they'll make bank on or porting the PS4 version which major profits aren't certain, they'd probably want to port the PS4 version somehwere if at all possible. #2.1.1
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If Nitnendo goes AMD x86, that alone improves the situation. If PS5/XB4 comes out, say holiday 2019 and NX comes out holiday 2016, that's a good three years for ports. A mid-gen release is a gamble but it might pay off. Problem with Wii U was it was coming out during the time all third parties got their PS4/XB1 devkits. If they aren't getting PS5/XB4 kits until late 2018 at the earliest, if not well into 2019, it could bode well for NX. At least it COULD give publishers a third portin... #1.2.2
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You have to remember Iwata saying "the days of $300 consoles and $200 handhelds may be over" a few years ago. So I wouldn't expect it to be exactly PS4 level but a decent step up. I'd say $199 at launch, ARM A57 8-core @2Ghz, 4GB DDR5 or 6GB DDR3, 800Gflop-1.2TFlop GPU. And I would imagine it will re-use Wii U's propetiary disc drive to shave costs. #1.1
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The image here looks like the starting screen in Dying Light, just saying. #1
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The PS2 sold like 22M in Japan. PS4 will need a miracle to get half off that in 5-7 years in Japan. I'm guessing 6-8M in JP, meaning a potential 15M unit dropoff in one region from PS2 to PS4. I see PS4 nailing 80M pretty easy, 100M if it explodes, 150M is not very likely if not impossible with today's conditions. Unless China smoehow buys PS4s like crazy I doubt it. #13.1
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Good game, tried to finish it with new patch without borders but still, the pacing is a bit too slow for me. In chapt 5 i think, waiting for it to pick up but I honestly don'tthink I'll finish it #1
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