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Yes, let the market decided. I feel like if some of these anti-indie people opened up about more expensive indie titles we'd re-establish the AA game market. I miss the days of going into a store and taking a gamble on a game that wasn't from a mega publisher. Why else would anyone have given Croc/Gex/Countless PS1 JRPGs a try?

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OMG, these articles are anti-small business. You want AAA pubs to control the industry totally?

Jeez, try something new. Stop lumping all indies together. These people are beginning to sound like an 40's dad who eats nothing but fast food chains and drinks bud light.

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They continue making consoles, maybe just handhelds, for their own games with some select third parties supporting them while the big three (EA, Acti, Ubi) ignore them.

They've got enough money that even if the NX sells as bad as the Wii U it will likely still be profitable, even if not bringing in THAT much money.

Honestly, speculation articles about Nintendo not making another console after any one of their consoles has bad news about sales should not ...

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I want to do this but I don't want my PSN banned. I think this violates ToS. Wish Sony would just buy (or Kojima) all the rights to PT alone (not silent hill necessarily)

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Yea when I read it at first I thought "oh the 3DS did better than I thought it would this year" and then realized they were counting the systems LTD sales.

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I enjoy Towerfall but bringing it to the Vita seems strange since its best feature is 4 player single screen local play. It doesn't even have online If i remember correctly.

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Wish we would get a straight up sequel though this does look good. Heck, I'd take a PS4 port too.

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Well since she's not a body type that's realistically unattainable by any breathing human and not having every bouncy moment followed by a pervy voyeur camera (Quiet/DOA Xtreme) then I don't think any "PC" people will care or get offended just because she's overweight. Its a gameplay mechanic, at least in the original games and heck the original glorifies making her not thin in order to win.

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I don't understand the point of nude mods. If you're a nudist or something it wouldn't matter to you since you enjoy being nude yourself, not necessarily seeing others nude. This just doesn't seem to have value to me, especially considering how silly nude 3D models look its not even like you can get pleasure out of this.

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by your logic, they would have never dropped the original Xbox's price and never made money off it just to make a bigger install base leading up to the 360. Xboxes being sold at a loss per unit is pretty much one of the most important things about the brand in its history since MS wasn't against selling OG Xbox at a loss to make an impact or the 360 during its early years.

Though I could totally see them release a $250 or $300 slim model at E3 2016.

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I can't imagine they won't do something.

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Most likely, in order of likliness:

Smash Bros DLC footage, price, release date, Pikmin 4 reveal, more Zelda U footage

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True. If you don't mind spending a bit of cash and don't have a friend with the game currently that is an easy way too!

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What if you're dead broke for the next 10 days?

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Vs. The Orange Box (Portal, Half Life 2, Team Fortess 2), Bioshock, COD4, Halo 3, Crackdown, Skate, Assassin's Creed, Forza 2, GRAW 2, Mass Effect though?

Its good, don't get me wrong but 360 had some really good years too IMO.

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I can't speak for the person who quoted, but I would say I am all for cultural diversity but anti-censorship. This isn't censorship, Tecmo isn't removing content they're just not localizing it because it won't make them money, despite what they may say.

You can be for diversity and still anti-censorship. No one wants to take away these nearly-softcore porn games, they just say they think they're not good. If you truly enjoy something there will always ...

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Was anything censored? Tecmo knows this game will review poorly, sell poorly and get negative attention for silly, unrealistic portrayals of women. They know the fans that want it will just import it anyway so they're still getting the hardcore fans who find fun in these mediocre games, so if anyone is to blame its Tecmo. They're just trying to redirect the blame off themselves.

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Retailers don't carry those games so it would make even more sense for Tecmo to not release if it was rated that, which is should be since its pretty much software porn along with a disturbing character who looks like she's 14-16

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Of course a downward image of boobs is used as the main image on N4G to hit more hits.

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I can't see it passing 150M, it seems like this generation was frontloaded a bit. Plus with the rise of 4KTVs, I could see a new console from MS in 2018 and Sony in 2019. Unless Sony releases a $250 slim PS4 next fall (which is more doable then you would think) then I would imagine sales would start falling a bit below 15M per year gradually. At the moment I can't see the PS4 doing 20M+ in one year like the PS2. 80M-100M I think easy by the end of the gen.

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