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If Sony cuts PS4 price at Paris Games Week to $299, say good bye. Just bought an XB1 again and I'm looking forward to the new UI, but if Sony acts like PS2-era Sony then Xbox doesn't stand a chance in the US in terms of hardware sales. #3
Who says it has to start the next-gen? Also, why would it be shocking that a console released in 2016 would feel underpoweredcompared to a console released in 2019 or 2020 potentially? What stops Ninty from then releasing an NX2 a year or two later that bests PS5 or is close to it like this, etc? The strategy of intentionally releasing a newconsole mid-gen might work for them. #4.3
My guess would be something close to the $199 Nvidia Shield TV from Nintendo, just with AMD inside. Quad/Six core ARM x86 or ARM APU, 1TFlop GPU, faster RAM about 4-6GB, light OS that only takes up 1GB or less and only 32GB flash, expandable storage via microSD slot or USB drives, etc. #3.1
Yea I don't think he/she read the link. Not just Nintendo but Square. The 3DS version will likely sell a ton in Japan and make major profits. The PS4 version on a small user base in a market where consoles are fading? Not as likely. If Square was choosing between porting the 3DS version that they'll make bank on or porting the PS4 version which major profits aren't certain, they'd probably want to port the PS4 version somehwere if at all possible. #2.1.1
If Nitnendo goes AMD x86, that alone improves the situation. If PS5/XB4 comes out, say holiday 2019 and NX comes out holiday 2016, that's a good three years for ports. A mid-gen release is a gamble but it might pay off. Problem with Wii U was it was coming out during the time all third parties got their PS4/XB1 devkits. If they aren't getting PS5/XB4 kits until late 2018 at the earliest, if not well into 2019, it could bode well for NX. At least it COULD give publishers a third portin... #1.2.2
You have to remember Iwata saying "the days of $300 consoles and $200 handhelds may be over" a few years ago. So I wouldn't expect it to be exactly PS4 level but a decent step up. I'd say $199 at launch, ARM A57 8-core @2Ghz, 4GB DDR5 or 6GB DDR3, 800Gflop-1.2TFlop GPU. And I would imagine it will re-use Wii U's propetiary disc drive to shave costs. #1.1
The image here looks like the starting screen in Dying Light, just saying. #1
The PS2 sold like 22M in Japan. PS4 will need a miracle to get half off that in 5-7 years in Japan. I'm guessing 6-8M in JP, meaning a potential 15M unit dropoff in one region from PS2 to PS4. I see PS4 nailing 80M pretty easy, 100M if it explodes, 150M is not very likely if not impossible with today's conditions. Unless China smoehow buys PS4s like crazy I doubt it. #13.1
Good game, tried to finish it with new patch without borders but still, the pacing is a bit too slow for me. In chapt 5 i think, waiting for it to pick up but I honestly don'tthink I'll finish it #1
It depends on how aggresive Sony is with pricing. With PS2 they dropped the price often to stay ahead of competition even though they were already ahead, like $199 price in May 2002 after only 19 months on shelves. PS4 is at 20 months. If they cut to $299 in Sept-Oct then it sure could get up there. A $199 PS4 slim in late 2016 or late 2017, whenever AMD can get those 14nm APUs out, would really push it to PS2 levels.

If Sony takes their time with price cuts like they are now... #11
You clearly didn't understand correctly since you have 3 disagrees on your report. Rocket League can't be released on Xbox One right due to this clause therefore it exists. If Psyonix doesn't want to add Xbox content but wants to release it on XB1, MS will not let them because of a lack of "launch parity", as is in came out on a competing platform first and with more content.

Also, don't use publishers as an example because this doesn't apply to... #2.1
I don't know about that 10.6M number being EXACTLY in two years and 3 months. I remember a good amount of sales on the system for $50 with a few games and VMUs around early to mid 2002. I'm sure retailers sold a lot of stock after November 2001, meaning that 10.6M may have sat on shelves or in warehouses a lot longer than 27 months. Ugh, if I could go back in time and appreciate the DC starting 9/9/99 I would!

EDIT: The Wii U has been available 2 years and 8 months a... #4.1
That's not really a fair comparison since Nintendo has two platforms to develop for, not to mention NX (which could be more than one platform too)

Xenoblade, Yoshi, Kirby, Splatoon, Star Fox Zero, Fatal Frame, Super Mario Maker, Mario Party 10, Mario & Sonic 2016, Mario Tennis, Mario vs DK Tipping Stars, are all coming out or have come out this year. That's 11 first party games by my count. Just saying. #2.1
Umm, math? How did it take them five years if the Wii U released November 18th, 2012?

That's 2.5 years, half the time you're saying? #1.1
Well Sony outright said they expect to sell more PS4 units this fiscal year while making less profit so,...a price cut is practically confirmed. Plus the CUH-1200 model cuts costs too. #1.2
I'd be fine with PS4 getting one or two PS3 PS Now titles, like permanment access to them no limited time. #16.1
These people, constatly getting upset at indie games on the service, are what's wrong with gaming. They want some big AAA game for free that's years old, handing more money to big business, over innovative and new indie experiences. Rocket League is AAA if you ask me and one of the best games of the year. But no, who cares it isn't AAA by mega-publisher definitions. Quality new indie games are something I'd take everyday over old AAA games from big publishers. #20
Please read this mods: I keep getting an error about sockets when I try to attach an image, that's why there is no image attached. #1
A note to anyone who reports this submission for not having an image: I'm trying to add an image but everytime I do N4G gives an error so that's what there is no image ATM. #2
Off topic: I really hope they release a retail version of Rocket League. Include the game on disc and a replica car, either a small toy like one or a bigger replica, for $30-$40. I know the game is free and $20 normally but this just deserves to have its own retail presence, especially with replica cars! $40 with remote control replica? #16
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