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No, don't be confused by the image. The digital, non-special edition on Xbox Live in the UK is $94. #1.1
People have laughed at me for thinking there will be a system price cut this year. Reducing size of case a bit and power supply help to lower costs but cutting memory chips in half? In 2013 it was estimated that the 16 chips cost $88 for each system. I know half of those don't mean the cost was cut in half but I imagine its around $60ish for the RAM in each system now.

$349.99, maybe even $299, this holiday seems do-able. $349 at a profit per unit, $299 at a loss. #16
Rocket League is easily better than all other games on both this month. Such a great online/local party game. Has depth but is accessible to all. Such a perfect balance that is hard to find.

Please, everyone download it on Tuesday! #3
I get that you're saying a particular group of platform fans wouldn't want it (I don't really know which group or care) but I really want to know why this post didn't make the top posts. Doesn't seem fair since it more than exceeded the requirements. Hopefully someone will have an answer. #35.1.1
Did you proof read? It starts with "if" and the Nintendo AMD rumors have been pretty heavy since 2014. AMD said in 2014 they were supplying a gaming chip in 2016, they even said the dedicated handheld business would be nice to get into and cited the 3DS as a reason why to not overlook that market. Nintendo has a new console or handheld, NX to be revealed in 2016. Add it up. It may not be AMD but it seems possible hence the "if" . The popular belief has been that Nintendo w... #37.1
Off topic: Why is this no longer in the top posts on the main N4G page under "today"?

Its only an hour old and has 420, which is higher than the currently 4th post which has 330.

Is there something I'm missing about it? Seems like it should be up there and it was for a little bit but seems to have been taken out. #35
Um, its at the bottom embedded in "source"? #7.1
I'm sure Intel and Nvidia or ARM would likely benefit as Sony/Nintendo would flock to them. #3.1
I don't know why people think this isn't possible. The idea behind this new model is to cut costs. Let's say each PS4 unit is $360 and this new model is now only $330. That means a $349 SKU will still make them some money. You have to strike with price cuts BEFORE sales slow to keep them going. Especially if MS does a temp price cut with Halo 5 for the holidays down to $299,Sony would need to drop to at least $349 to not lose their entire lead in the US in two months. #2.2.1
I think its a 700k lead in the US, not 1M. If MS outsells them like 400k-500k during the holidays, like last year, that gap could be gone quick. #4.1

Its kinda a chicken and egg situation. You try to keep price as high as you can for more profit if you're selling well but keeping a higher price will inevitably effect the long-term chances of selling well. Think PS2's May 2002 price cut from $299 to $199. Sony didn't need to but they got the system to a point where they could sell it at a small loss and make more money on software.

Also, there are signs of slowing down. Minor but the... #2.1.2
But what if this new model is even more profitable? Let's say they were making $30 off every other PS4 and now $60 off this new PS4, they could cut it to $349 and still make a decent amount of money per unit and profit a lot.

I imagine they have to drop the price before Morpheus hits in the first half of 2016. Morpheus will be expensive so it needs the PS4 to be as cheap as reasonably possible to be successful. I imagine they'd rather sell Morpheus at a $50-$100 prof... #2.1
Um, because Nintendo took a risk on a new IP, a shooter even, andit paid off critically and commercially? Meaning they are more inclined to take more risks. #6.3
I've got a few friends on the fence about buying PS4s. With Uncharted, MGS and Fallout I'm sure a price cut would push them over! #1
I think Sony has marketed their 2015 games enough. Until Dawn, Rapture, Tearaway and others are very good alongside Uncharted. I really think Sony will cut the PS4's price, to $299 or $349, either for MGSV on 9/1 or for Paris Games Week on 10/28. That's around Halo 5's release. Imagine Sony announces a PS4 price cut October 9th, the day Uncharted Collection comes out? It will take away thunder from Halo 5. With COD/Battlefront marketing, I don't think Oct/Nov/Dec will be easy... #4
Well, didn't the Wii U barely sell 50k in the US during May, during Splatoon's first two days on sale? I'd argue that one bundle at that one retailer probablyhad little effect. Infact, I can still find those bundles at most of my local BBs though that is ancedotal. Either way, if that bundle made up 50k of 476k, that's still 411k left #1.1
They have been pricing some games lower, like Kirby. I'd be happy with $39.99 #3.1
Yes, I do.


Satoru Iwata said this in early 2014:

"In this perspective, while we are only going to be able to start this with the next system, it will become important for us to accurately take advantage of what we have done with the Wii U archite... #2.1.2
I understand being iffy on Nintendo's account system but "rent"? They let us import our Wii Shop and DSi Shop purchases to Wii U and 3DS despite those older system's archaic online systems. I'm sure NX will, the console version at least, let you play your digital Wii U games somehow. Nintendo did say their next system will "absorb" the Wii U's architechure so I wouldn't fear being only able to play digital Wii U games on an actual Wii U if that's wh... #2.1

PGS= Paris Games Show/Week in late October. Infact, it starts the day after Halo 5 releases so if Sony wanted to wait until then to drop PS4 price it would really take the wind out of MS's sales #4.2.2
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