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Why? Its sounds like a fun game (haven't played it, gonna buy it on PS4) What do you mean "tolerate" this type of treatment? Did they commit some sort of social injustice? No, they made us wait 6 months for another version of a game. Its no big deal, especially to those who own multiple systems (Only thing I don't own ATM is XB1, which will change in near future hopefully) #3.3
I can't see the slim coming anytime before holiday 2016 or holiday 2017. I don't think the PS4, even as good as its doing, can maintain $399 for 2-3 more years. That would be Wii 2006-2009 levels of success and that isn't happening for anyone again barring changes in the industry. I think the fat PS4 will get one major price cut before the slim comes out. Mind you Sony took 4 years to release PS2 slim, 5 to release PS One, and 3 to release PS3 Slim so it could be as quick as 3 yea... #4.1
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I can't be the only one that thought the face at the end sorta looked like Andross from Star Fox games? #6
It actually talks very positively about MK8's sales, saying its doing very well compared to others with the exception of Mario Kart Wii which was a juggernaut. #8.1
It does compare days, its near the bottom of the post where it compares how many days on shelves each game had in their first two months. #4.2
Happy to see MK8 have a bigger effect that Pikmin and even 3DW. Now market it to death Nintendo. There is nothing that will move units until Smash Bros but maybe if they released that rumored Virtual Console subscription service some people would jump on Wii U for the nostalgia and then discover all the great games on it. A $19.99 Player's Choice line with great games like W101, Pikmin, Lego City, etc wouldn't hurt either. #7
SPOILERS FOR RESDIENT EVIL REVELATIONS FOLKS:I haven't played RE5 in a long time or the DLC but does the game follow up on Raymond and Jessica secretly working for another organization? I know Rev ends with Jill/Chris going into the Nightmares DLC but is the Raymond/Jessica thing resolved? Jessica gives him the T-Abyss virus and he says he has his "reasons" for saving Parker. I'd imagine a sequel would explore what Raymond/Jess were up to. #4.1
I think that's a large part due to PC gaming making a big leap now that 6GB-8GB is becoming the minimum and with resolutions not really changing. Sure, we're getting far more 1080p than 640p from 360/PS3 gen but overall the leap from SD to HD had a bigger "wow" factor, at least for me.

Though I can't wait to see the leap from 1080p to 4K in 2018-2021 from MS/SONY/Nintendo if their next consoles support 4K. I hope so. Can you imagine? We could one day in... #13
Lucky! They're hard to find here. I thnk the MSRP is $199.99 #1.3.1
Well yes the two discuss the same subject but this one talks about why this shortage may be happening, thus being an opinion piece while the other one is classified as news. #3.1
For reference, randomass171, this is about the lack of availability for the Borderlands 2 bundle. That is the new bundle, its barely two months old. #1.2
That's a very sensationalist way to phrase things. Sony didn't fall behind Nintendo/Sega when they released the PS One, they didn't fall behind Xbox/GameCube when they released PS2 slim either. They'll release it at some point when sales decline a bit and costs can be cut enough. I'm guessing PS4 slim in late 2016 or summer 2017 for $199 #50
Looking forward to it though I have to admit a big part of that is due to how anemic Vita's exclusive line up looks going forward. If it were as packed as some years/seasons for PSP I'm not sure if I'd give this a glance but it does look good. #5
"This sounds like....", it literally says in the description that it is a response to that. #1.8
Wow, look at me with so many typos and errors while pointing out bad spelling! Lol, shows what I get! #8.1.2
I'm sorry you feel that way BoneBone. I don't think this is entirely negative. I think someone admitting they have a problem can actually be really good for them. You appear to be taking this as 100% negative. I thought the wording in the post wasn't overly negative but I guess I was wrong if you're taking offense to it. Thanks for checking it out. #9
Sorry this upsets you so much. I didn't think it was out of context, since its just talking about Nintendo admitting "their products" aren't in top lists anymore. It does discuss why that may have happened and the things Nintendo is doing to change it (marketing).

Also, I think it would be spell Troll-Jingles since the same is a reference to the old Bob Dylan song (with an I instead of an A that is) #8.1
Having 1.5 hours is no excuse Sony. Nintendo had 3 days of game reveals and live streaming. Heck, they spent 90 mins revealing a new IP that's a hybrid turn based/third person shooter for 3DS a day after focusing on Wii U in their digital event. If you've got more Vita stuff to show you could show it off like that throughout the week instead of just hoping to hit all the right buttons in 90 mins. Vita fans especially seem like the type that would watch live streams after the confernec... #32
Parameters: Not being used by many people and not making a profit off the Gaikai purchase? #1.1
That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Classic JR. Wish he'd come back to WWE full time. The Luigi one at the end is amazing. #1
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