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People say they will have a pr nightmare by shipping New 3DS exclusive games but I believe the box art difference will be enough. Its a new system, essentially. In the same way that the Game Boy Color and DSi were, due to exclusive games. A stop-gap new system that will probably be obsolete in 2016 or 2017 with a new handheld but still, a new handheld. Heck, 3DS came out 2 years after DSi. GBA came out like 3 years after GBC but Nintendo had no competition then. #3
If only the people who hate her could apply their passion for threatening, bashing an online video maker's beliefs (while all the while, making said video maker more popular because even bad press is good press) towards something good for the rest of the world. #2
To make it worse, the Skull Kid figure is a pre-order bonus for the Majora LE console in Europe too! #6.1
True I have an XL right now but the screen stretches the 240p out a bit too much IMO. That's why I was hoping for the regular N3DS. #3.1.1
It sucks that there is no AC charger but its far from anti-consumer. Sure, options are better but the author's points are poorly constructed. New 3DS exclusives are anti-consumer? Yea, just like having exclusives use a $150 Kinect, iPad only games/apps, DSi/Game Boy Color only games are anti-consumer right? You don't have to buy it. This isn't like taking away a basic right of gaming like used game DRM, its just tacking on a $5 charger fee. Heck, I don't even think they'll... #1
I wonder, do I buy xl now or wait to see if they release small model down the line? I fear the longer I wait, the closer I'd be to their next gen handheld #3
Its the same resolution as 3DS, its a redesigned model so graphics won't be better. Like DSi, etc. Loading times and frame rates will be better because it is now Quad Core instead of Dual Core and has double the RAM (256MB now and supposedly more VRAM) so it is a pretty big leap, even if its still just a 3DS. #1.2
Looking forward to a New 3DS release date! MH4U, Majora, New 3DS and The Order all in one month will be devastating for my wallet. #3
I got a pretty cool hand cannon. Not amazing but I'm happy with it. If it was like 12 ascendent schards I'd have been happier but its free guys. No big deal and at random. #24
Well they did say last year that it only needed 12 more months. How hard can a Star Fox be? Online rails campaign and maybe like 4-8 player online? All in all I doubt Nintendo spends more than $10 million on this. #1.1
God, I want a New 3DS so bad. All of these will ship by Jan 23, so mid-late Feb release everywhere else? I hope so! With Majora and MH4U preferably! #2
JacksonRGN, the BrickSeek is a widely known site that can find products that aren't just legos. If you entered in one of the DCPI codes in the article you'd have seen that it can find these Xbox Ones and 3DSs that are on sale. Heck, I found one of the $99 Smash 3DS systems near me. But instead you're reporting this as fake when you aren't even checking the sources you're claiming to be invalid. Doesn't matter anyway, reports have caused the submission to go into purgat... #2.1.2
It even has a picture from CAG. Did you even read it? #3.1.1
Ha, the site has a link to cheapassgamer talking about it. Way to not click links or read. #3.1
There is a link embedded in the text, "right here". You put in your zip code and dcpi code and look in your town. #2.1
Because third party developers laugh at PowerPC, no matter whether it is capable or not. Going with the same processor arch as Sony/MS and a processor more common on mobile or PC would help third party support tremendously. Might not fix it but it will help. If they go ARM in their console they could hopefully get more mobile ports, if they go x86 hopefully they get PS4/XB1 and PS5 ports in the future. #19.1.1
I don't know man, a slim version before the system's two year anniversary? What console has had that happened, other then Genesis? Additionally, since PS4/XB1 use roughly same APU from AMD, wouldn't it mean if one can shrink the system's motherboard and such that the other could too? #5.1
I don't know. I want Nintendo to go x86 but I believe this will be an ARM chip for 3DS successor if anything. Isn't AMD's project Skybridge suppose to let you run apps on either x86 processors or ARM? If Nintendo sticks with their Nintendo OS vision, could the console have both a x86 AMD chip and the handheld's ARM processor so they can sell games on both like iOS/Android but then only put the ARM processor in the handheld?

Either way, so long as the next con... #19
Trying to get this to work but can't figure out how to use my DS4 without getting kicked out of remote play. No rooting too. #1
Me too, but for a bunch of different links here on N4G. Like Dual Shockers, etc. Why? #2.2
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