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I feel the same way.

The formula wasn't quite as fresh for Origins, but I still loved it. I even enjoyed the multiplayer. It was far from perfect, but it was still a great game.

People treat it like it was a bad game, but even compared to the other Arkham games, it didn't feel like a bad game at all.

I'm actually disappointed that this supposed collection doesn't include it. I would love to play it again. #5.1.1
Nothing says "legit" quite like an a crappy snapshot of what's supposed to be a teaser, apparently taken in an otherwise pitch black room off a monitor that isn't big enough to display the entire image.

It's pretty much confirmed to be real. #5
What are you talking about?

They have E3 in June. Paris Games Week in October.

Whether they have PSX again or not, it's irrelevant since it's in December after all games are released. #10.1.4
You don't need a Gamescom press conference to sell games.

Especially if you already have two press conferences lined up for the year. #10.1.2
It's not like they can hype their games without a press conference at Gamescom or anything. #10.1

Agenda campaigns!

Two for one sale on tinfoil!

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"Companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Sega spend gobs of money on developing the greatest technology, marketing, securing exclusive content agreements with game developers."


"Companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Sega"




Party like it's 1999! #5
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School? #1.8.1
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This has nothing to do with exclusivity to Microsoft.

This company can now publish their games on Xbox. They publish their games. Not Microsoft. #1.6
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"To be fair... Sony ended their press conference on concept art for a tv show unrelated to video games. At least the CG trailers were about video games. I do agree that less CG and more gameplay would be nice."

To be fair? Really?

They spent around five to ten minutes on a TV show in the middle of their conference, which was a half hour longer than Microsoft's. They dedicated as much time, if not more, to games than M... #1.2.5
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I see what you mean now.

This article is all biased Sony propaganda or something something something.

I'm sure the lack of articles pointing out easter eggs on the Advanced Warfare boxart had nothing to do with the lack of easter eggs on the Advanced Warfare boxart, and everything to do with Microsoft having a marketing deal.

Stupid Sony Ponies didn't want to talk about easter eggs then (even though th... #1.2.6
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"when is the last time we saw a box art for COD getting its own story on N4G?"

Last year.
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I like how six people disagreed with a question, yet none answered.

Doesn't matter though. I know the answer. I just wanted to see what people would come up with. #28.1.3
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There are no 1080p 60fps games on PS4? #28.1.1
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The need to give up a whole minute of my time every month or so is truly a problem that Sony needs to address. #4
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Wow, really?

I had a friend who's family had to stay there. But truth be told, they probably should have budgeted better so they could afford their kid's heart transplant, and the numerous amputations resulting from complications, and ponied up for a months' worth of hotel bills near the hospital, like a responsible family, instead of freeloading.

We're all just a bunch of enablers. And what's even worse, corporations are now allowing peop... #13.1
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"Sorry to hear about your sick brother or sister, kids. We know you're stuck here, far from home so that you and your parents can be closer to your sibling while in the hospital, and we want to make you feel at home. But instead of playing video games to pass the time and have some fun during what must be a truly terrible, emotionally draining time in your lives, here's a tablet you can use to study! Because priorities! Enjoy!" #12.1
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Child's Play should just shut down right now. All the people donating to things like that should actually be giving food and clothes to kids.

These families who have to spend days at a time away from home, caring for they're sick children can tough it out. Hell, McDonald's should just give them rental tents and call it a day. Put the money wasted on making people confortable towards food and clothes for children. Oh, won't somebody pl... #8.1
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"anything Sony announces at E3 won't be out for at least another year, it's always been that way"

Is that so?

Bloodborne, released nine months after being announced at E3.

LittleBigPlanet 3, released five months after being announced at E3.

Never mind other games like Gran Turismo 6 that were announced with well under a year to go before release.

Facts can be such a... #1.2.14
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"Strangely these same people/sites are the ones making these unfounded claims."

Thank you for keeping track.

Please share your lists with us. I have a hard time keeping track of opinions from all over the internet for the purpose of identifying hypocrisy, so a resource for those of us who want to know all about these people that say contradictory things would be helpful when we attempt our own internet shaming. #4
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