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PS+ games always release the first Tuesday of the month. That's not for another week.

Some people need to work on their calendar skills. #1.4.1
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Not saying it's not a good deal. But Rod Ferguson said there is no Marcus Fenix collection. People's logic was that it wasn't a MF collection because it included Judgment. If a collection was coming this fall, they wouldn't be giving away one of the games included for free. That technicality doesn't hold up well anymore.

It just doesn't make sense for them to release it this year anyway. They have Halo, and plenty of other games. Black Tusk has been wo... #5.2.1
Didn't say it won't happen or can't happen. I'd be surprised if it didn't happen eventually. But people act like it's releasing this fall and trying to interpret every denial from a Microsoft exec as confirmation it exists.

If they were going to release a Gears collection this year like everyone seems to think they will, it simply doesn't make sense to give out the worst received game in the series so soon before release.

Besides,... #5.1.3
Where did I say I'd rather see a Gears collection compete with another Gears game?

I clearly said they could use it in 2016 if the next Gears isn't ready that year.

And yeah, if I was trying to sell a Gears of War collection in fall 2015, I'd start out by not giving every Xbox Live subscriber one of the games for free. #5.1.1
Nothing in that article made it sound like they "debunked" anything. They just didn't confirm anything.

They said there is no Marcus Fenix collection outright. Some took that to mean it's a Gears collection with Judgment, and not strictly a Gears 1-3 collection. Yet they just announced they are giving away Judgment. They wouldn't give you Judgment for free then ask you to buy a remastered version six months later.

If it's happening,... #5
I saw Gears Judgment at Target on clearance for $10 yesterday and wanted it, but passed it up because I still have Gears 3 in the backlog.

success_kid.jpg #11
Wow, eight disagrees and one agree for my comment.

You people are delusional if you think a back catalog of thousands of PS1, PS2, and PS3 games downloadable via PSN, requiring no additional development, couldn't be more profitable than a couple dozen remastered games. #1.4.7
If Sony and MS offered backwards compatibility, they could offer thousands of games their back catalog and make a killing. They aren't leaving that feature out to sell some remasters that plenty of people would be interested in buying even if they could play the old versions.

Nearly every remaster I ever bought was a game I had on an older system. #1.4.3
I get so mad when things I buy get cheaper several months later. #4
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You get a console ban! YOU get a console ban! Everybody gets a console ban! #40
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He says... "I'm locked out of logging into my own account on my PS4 for six months."

The funny thing is he also said this...

"I then turned on my PS4, logged in with my new credentials, and attempted to activate my PS4 with my account, but it informed me that I could not activate it as long as there was another PS4 bound to my account."

He sounds like a smart guy. #10.1.3
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Not for me. #2.2.1
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Got the season pass on Xbox One for free, but on 360, I had to get the three map packs individually. #10
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Let's give them hell because of server load associated with free DLC.

All those games that released last year work right yet? #2
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Think long and hard about what we are doing? I think we're counting the days until Bloodborne, while you're counting the the months until the fall.

Have fun with that. #21.9
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Why wouldn't I consider it a good score? The people giving the game that score do. #78.1.1
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That can't be right. #7
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It's universally recognized that 2014 was a major disappointment. Watch Dogs. Destiny. Titanfall. Halo. DriveClub. And then we had delay after delay after delay, and half the stuff we were expecting to play by now still isn't out.

But "what has happened to Sony's first party exclusives?" as if there's some issue specifically with Sony's studios.

What's really funny is that even when something like Infamous or LBP3 scores an 8... #78
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What does being a launch title have to do with anything?

A new piece of hardware doesn't make it any more difficult to nail down solid gameplay mechanics. #11.2.1
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Look at all the people interpreting someone else's score with their own scoring system.

Random French guy gave it a 7.5. A 7.5 is great/crap according to my review scale. Therefore the reviewer thinks the game is great/crap. #56
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