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It's dumb that people cried so much about a dev pretending not to give us a bunch of extra stuff, when there are so many worse practices out there, like retailer exclusive pre-order bonuses.

I would have liked to get the game early. At least it sounds like we get an extra skin or whatever it was. #13
It's a shame... in gaming communities, people like us are the first to stick up for a developer's vision, and don't want it to be compromised by an out of touch publisher, or allowing it to be dumbed down.

Yet the second it's something we don't like, it's "lazy" or "not worth it", and we complain when something like a single player campaign isn't tacked on to tick a box for the sake of appealing to some demographic that isn'... #89
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"So everybody that doesn't have a stable enough connection the hell with them!?"

It's not fair.

It's an awful trend with games lately. I refuse to support a developer that doesn't cater to absolutely everyone. There are so many people being left out nowadays... those with poor internet, those without the console, those without electricity... it's disgraceful. #3.1.7
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"the amount of big, blockbuster, exclusive titles that you can get this holiday on Xbox is just stunning. I mean, it’s really amazing"

It's Halo, Forza, and a timed exclusive Tomb Raider. Time to stop drinking your own Kool-aid. It's not "amazing" at all.

Some combination of Halo and Forza comes along every other year on Xbox. It's a pretty average year. The only thing special about this year is it looks better in comparison to... #37
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It's silly to think otherwise. You know they had it planned before releasing GTAV. There's no reason why they would scrap it just because online is so popular.

It took over five years to make GTAV. Heists took over a year. Even GTA4's first expansion didn't release until a year after GTA4's release. Gay Tony released another six or seven months after that.

Rockstar takes their sweet time. Seeing as how it has taken this long though, I'... #5.1
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Didn't they say that the combat was one of the weaker aspects of Human Revolution? That was pretty evident in the boss battles. I think that's the only reason it's being highlighted more. They already nailed the stealth. Now they're trying to make combat equally viable.

I don't see anything wrong with the pre-order deal either. It amazes me that this is the pre-order plan to generate the most hate when it's moving away from the crappier standard practi... #4
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You bought the wrong game. I couldn't even get through the demo of Thief. Human Revolution is fantastic. Holds up to the original well. #3.1
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This is kind of my point. This looks less like those trends you're describing, and more like a step in the right direction.

All this stuff could have been stuff they charged for. Bundle all this stuff in a $70 or $80 version of the game. Or limit us to one option based on the store we pre-order from.

Yeah, they're making us jump through the smallest of hoops to acquire this stuff, but that's so much better than coughing up extra money for a specia... #6.2.1
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And yet with all that said, it's still a big step above the usual pre-order bonuses.

Yet this is what people choose to bitch about.

Nothing's ever going to look as good as giving us everything with the game. But that's not going to happen. #6.1.2
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Yeah, let's whine and cry to the guys who are not only giving us our choice of pre-order bonuses, but are giving us extra stuff in addition to that if more people pre-order.

God, I just loved it when we were stuck pre-ordering from a certain store if we wanted a specific pre-order bonus, and having to pony up an extra $20 for a "Limited Edition" to get bonuses like a soundtrack.

It is so awful to get choice and content above and beyond what we u... #6
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What even gets uploaded to PSN?

All the shared stuff goes to other websites. PSN servers shouldn't affect that. #6.1
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I love how you list "crazy big games" and include one you can't even remember the name of.

List padding at it's finest. #6.5.2
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So, some guy contacts some other guy running a third-rate gaming website. Gaming website guy goes to support forums, sees a couple people with the same problem. Guy decides to speculate that PSN, which has millions of users is hacked, based on the fact that a few people are complaining of problems in a support forum.

Stop the presses.

Here, let me write next weeks article for you...

"My friend's PS4 stopped working. I went to the sup... #15
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Anything can happen. But why is that your point?

Hypothetically, Apple can be bought out by Ouya and topple Sony and Microsoft. Anything is possible given the right series of events.

But in terms of what will realistically happen, there's nothing to suggest there will be a major shake up that will change the way things are going.

Sony is three for three after 20 or so years, and it's looking like they're going to be four for four.... #1.3.3
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And all it took was for Sony to launch a year later with a platform that cost $200 more.

And even then, Sony still beat out Microsoft.

If Sony's worst performance yields results that are better than Microsoft's at their best, maybe he's got a point. #1.3.1
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If you want to waste your money and spend $60 on a game at GS, then trade it in a month later for $30, which you can only spend at GameStop, you're basically throwing away your games.

You're much better off shopping around for a good pre-order deal, or waiting a few months. You'll save upfront what you would get back via trade-in, plus, you can actually keep your games instead of feeling the need to rush through them to get the highest value at GS. #4
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Wow. By that logic, the store can lie to you to sell you a product, just because you aren't "forced" to buy it. #5.2.5
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I'm not sure why you keep pretending I care about your remote outside of this discussion. You brought it into this conversation to make a point. I'm just asking you to elaborate on it so we can determine how ridiculous this apples to oranges comparison you're trying to make is.

My remotes lasts me months, if not years, with two AA batteries. My controllers don't last that long on a single charge. Even those that use AA batteries.

I'm curio... #1.17.11
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You brought up your lovely new remote to make a point about AA batteries in game controllers.

Seems pretty relevant to ask about it here. #1.17.8
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So... yes? The remote that came with your TV can do all that stuff? Controls for your lights, gaming, and voice activation?

How often do you change the batteries on this fancy, next-gen remote? #1.17.6
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