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That would be nice.

If it's PS3 and 360 only though, I doubt it. #1.3.1
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Dumb question.

What's any console's biggest selling point?

It's that it's a game console. It plays games. Multiplatform games. Exclusive games. Indie games.

Every other bullet point feature is minor. Even the biggest exclusive games only sell to a small fraction of all console owners. It's the combination of features that set consoles apart.

I can't point to one single feature as a reason why I bought... #8
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Who's forgetting anything?

I'm not talking about the article. I'm talking about the comments here. I'm just saying, if people think using a quote comparing the game to Forza is bad, advertising for all of Microsoft's other products must be giving these same people seizures. #15.1.2
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I wonder if this this much uproar for MS's other products.

With the amount of flak Sony takes for this stuff, it seems like you'd hear heads exploding during those commercials comparing Siri and Cortana. #15.1
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I'm not talking about the details of the release, whether something is a timed exclusive or not. That doesn't really make a difference here.

I'm talking about a first party company blatantly undermining a partner company's business, just because it doesn't favor them.

If Square Enix wanted Sony to stay quiet on a Tomb Raider PS4 release because of a deal with Microsoft, it would be a lousy move on Sony'... #1.8.4
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I'm more curious what Activision thinks. Undermining the business relationship between them and Sony doesn't exactly scream good business. That would be like Sony spilling the beans on PS4 versions of Tomb Raider or Titanfall. #1.8.1
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cgoodno: "You are gaining nothing new."

lelo: "Are you that naive? X1 owners will get nothing new"

Umm... #10.1.5
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You're changing the topic? I admire your commitment to fan fiction. #7.1.4
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I remember last year at GamesCom, a Capcom rep said this about Dead Rising 3...

"Definitely not a timed exclusive, it's an Xbox One game. We see a lot of this online. It's not coming to PS4 or PC."


Good thing we had reps there to clear things... #7.1.1
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It's not like you get to choose between getting EA games through Games With Gold or through EA Access. Microsoft allowed EA to make that decision for you. Games With Gold can kiss any potential EA games goodbye. The funny thing is EA would have inevitably given out some of their games on Plus or GWG. They gave out four or so in the past year on Plus, including Battlefield 3. You'll never see that happen on GWG as long as EA offers their own subscription.

It's not... #1.1.3
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Three AAA games. I'd imagine if Sony was content offering only a handful of their own games each year, rather than two games per platform each month, guaranteed, they'd throw Killzone and a couple old sports games your way a little sooner too. #4.1.2
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Once the fall games hit.

Right now, it makes very little sense to offer a retail game on Plus. There are so few games on the market to compete with, publishers can sell their games at a premium. #4
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You're right. If you read the fine print on the EA Access site, they already exclude Titanfall in the fine print. It doesn't even qualify for the 10% off.

I figure it's because it's not EA-owned. #1.2.1
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Choice has to have a point.

PS+ has gotten four AAA EA games in the past year or so.

Why pay EA $30 more now to get access to... four EA games? #24.1
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One of the absolute best games of the past nine years isn't dethroned in the first eight months of a new console's lifespan?


Let's explore this mysterious phenomenon. #9
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In the past year, PS+ got Battlefield 3 (woo, free Battlefield!!!!), Dead Space 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, and starting next week, Crysis 3.

PS+ got four EA games free.

Now people are bitching because Sony won't let them pay EA $30 more to get four games free we would probably could have gotten through PS+ anyway.

Anybody want to buy some magic beans? Only $100. If you sign up for the MrBeatdown Savers Club for the l... #3.2
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"EA still sucks as a company, but as a PS owner, I would have at least liked the chance to decide if EA Access was for me or not.

Now, thanks to Sony, I don't have that opportunity."

Thanks to Sony, EA doesn't have the opportunity to opt to offer their games on their own service, rather than PS+, which you're most likely already paying for.

Those in favor of having a choice aren't seeing th... #1.1.24
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There is no real value in it.

The 10% off is off standard prices. I read yesterday the discount don't even stack with a sale on EA games currently running on XBL. It's a discount that's only good if you're not getting a better deal for free.

Everybody seems to be in agreement digital versions of retail games should be cheaper. EA's trying to get us to pay for that. The standard pricing is absurd to begin with. It&... #5.3.3
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"which won't be great for Sony's own subscription services."

Services which we will be paying for anyway.

Services which no longer offer games from publishers who keep games exclusive to their own services.

That sure as hell isn't good for us. It's great for publishers. That's about it. Options aren't always in the consumer's best interest.

This is going to be the online pass all over aga... #5.2.3
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It's possible.

Did he post this before 12:15am? #29.1.2
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