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Nice to see you did your research too...

PS+ subscribers: 10.9 million

Also, how do you figure 24 million is three times higher than 10.9 million? #7.1.6
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"Thats more of a sony fans way of thinking. I would even bet the majority of those PSN+ accounts are owned by former X360 owners. No wonder sony only has 8 million PSN+ accounts VS the 48 million XBL gold accounts in the wild. You guys just want free/cheap shit!"

Let's just put aside the fact that PS+ is only required to play online on PS4 and the impact that would have on numbers.

1. PS+ is almost to 11 million subscr... #7.1.4
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I never felt like the Arkham games were lacking.

When buying a game, I try to look at what I am getting, not what I'm not. When looking at a game for what it doesn't have, you can find fault with everything from the shortest of games right up to the GTAs and Skyrims. There has to be a point where gamers can say that developers have given us our money's worth, and that they can put their time into content not available in the base game.

With the Ar... #1.1.3
It's Rockstar. They take their sweet time.

People might not like it, but it's a hell of a lot better than what other publishers have been doing, pushing out trainwreck after trainwreck with broken multiplayer and glitchy single player. #12
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That's a terrible comparison.

Netflix has never been anything but a subscription. They have a price, and the content they offer is the content they can afford to offer while maintaining that price point.

What goes onto that service only ends up on there because the content creators are okay with it being part of the subscription, and making what Netflix can offer while maintaining that price.

Sony can't just ta... #7.1.4
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"It's a relevant service for people who haven't owned a PS3, that's about it"

Why does it need to be more than that? What do people expect it to be? Cost isn't going to change that.

PS Now is a service for old games. If the old games don't interest you, why do even care what the price is?

If older games do interest your, there's nothing wrong with spending less than the cost of a single game to have three mon... #7.1.1
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People will line-up to spend $60 on a new game and trade it in a month later for $40 or less in store credit, but $20 to play over one hundred games for a month is too much. #7
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Winner. #18.2
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"Charging me to play online"*

*and giving me access to a minimum of 72 games each year at no extra charge.

"I paid $100 for a 32gb mem card for the Vita"*

*and refuse to delete any games, some of which are probably among those 72 yearly PS+ games.

"$3.99 for 4 hours of streaming"*

*that is entirely optional, and one of numerous options I have for playing games, just like the abil... #3.3.1
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"I think they make a good point though."

Hehe. #4.1.1
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Okay, okay, I go first...


There are pills for those who can only get the Wii up 70%. #3
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You should go track those people down and ask them directly if they bother you so much a year later.

Or are you just one of those cranky trolls that generalizes so you can play the hypocrisy card against all the people that don't like your toys as much as you do? #2.6
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You're saying this is bad pricing, based on the fact that people have played most of the games before?

If you've played most of them, you probably aren't the target customer.

There are hundreds of millions of gamers out there. Every product and service Sony puts out there isn't aimed at the exact same audience.

Pretty sure Sony isn't going to be too heartbroken if you chose to go spend $60 on a s... #17.2
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I sure hope this is sarcasm. #18.3
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If not, we could always sue.

I once ordered a cheeseburger at McDonalds. They informed me that they were out of cheese.

I filed a class action lawsuit seeking to right that injustice.

I now get free ketchup and napkins with every meal. Fight the power. #10
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I love all the comments from people treating PSN like it's garbage and that Sony is ripping off it's customers.

I can only imagine these are all disgruntled PS4 owners who jumped ship from Microsoft after the two weeks of trouble Microsoft had in 2007.

Seven years later, with $50 or $60 in revenue per year per subscriber, and being one of the supposed leaders in network and server tech, and they've only beaten thieving, piss poor Sony in recoverin... #44
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Xbox Live had serious problems for two weeks over the holidays back in 2007 or 2008, and they didn't even have an attack to trigger it all.

Would you have suggested that they start over too? #9.2
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Well done, Microsoft.

You cleaned yourself up faster after neckbeards had their way with you until Kim Dotcom paid them to stop.

What a remarkable service Microsoft is running. Top notch! #14.4
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It's such a pathetic level of fanboyism to gloat about which service went up faster.

It's the equivalent of two high school girls arguing over who's jock boyfriend is tougher based on which one got up off the ground faster after they were both pummeled by a third grader until their mothers paid him to leave them alone.

What an achievement!

*slow clap* #7.3.1
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I was having that happen all day, even when PS3 and Vita worked perfectly.

I saw something online to change MTU to 1473 when setting up an internet connection. I did that and it worked, although I really can't tell you if it was helpful or purely coincidental. #9.2
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