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Hopefully your not a titan much.

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I'll believe it when i see it.

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two worlds?

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i do agree with the list. Unfortunately, i do not see any of these happening.A Chrono Trigger sequel is pretty much never gonna happen with their "dream team" working in different companies now. the classic turn based jrpg is also on the way out with home consoles , but still might have a chance on handhelds. Super Mario rpg also fits into this as for the rts games on the list, people do not seem to care for these games much, which sucks since i really enjoy them.

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idk. personally, i didnt like resistance 3 much. felt like all you did was run away in the game, which kinda pissed me off. i enjoyed the previous entries alot more.

i do like joes idea about the series taking a leap 50 years forward, so much potential in all directions.

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and here i was thinking that i was going to be waiting until aug-sept. better start preppin

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problem is, with most games this gen online has been needed just to patch games(anyone remember the issues with skyrim?)so to me this isnt any surprise.Truthfully if you have a console without a internet connection, might as well not even try to use it.

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I agree with you roper, but i wouldnt say the story is worth praise. maybe in the beginning it is, and truthfully I enjoyed the story right up until the end. The ending just left a foul taste in my mouth.

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