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No, i'm not an old man, i'm just not a mentally deficient child like you, nor am I a batman fanboy, i've never read the comics, i've seen each film once, and I even said I preferred Asylum to City, you however, are a butthurt child who is attempting to troll but is far too stupid to pull it off, congratulations, you're too stupid to even be a successful troll, your fat crack whore mother must be so proud of her son, I bet they said you'd never live to be a teenager wit...

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See? with every further reply you prove your immaturity, grow up lmfao.

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Yes, your taste is poor, just like people who think Final Fantasy 13 was a good game have poor taste, not to mention you're acting like an immature brat in every post you make, let me guess you were at 1 bubble before they got reset? LOL, grow up SON.

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I'll never understand why people review games 6-18 months after release.

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and the UK is primarily an xbox over ps3 country (I have a ps3 and I live in the UK, pretty much everyone I know has an xbox instead)

so that's really saying something.

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And still orverpriced by 25% for the pile of crap it is.

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Clay Fighters

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No, but I do think people who think good games are "another load of shite" have bad taste.

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Whilst I prefered Asylum to City, City was still great, if you don't think so you've very poor taste.

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PC version was announced at the same time as the console versions, so yes it's happening, as for controls, use a pad, as for running well, it actually ran just fine, I record at a solid 60 fps everywhere in dark souls with (above) max settings using DsFix.

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I love it too lol

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They already lose money on their console, you really think they're gonna cut the price? lol

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People confuse graphics and art design too easily lol.

the art design is beautiful, not the graphical fidelity.

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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

No seriously, what a stupid response.

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it's a phishing bot not a troll

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No i'm really not

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it means they're uninformed, casual, or stupid.

so you're saying you're the third?

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There's a difference between trolling and just telling the truth, are you the XBox One Neo? are you the only One who will buy it?

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Nobody will buy one to play to unlock them so it doesn't matter.

oh, and press/game reviewers/let's players don't really count as sales.

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I hate vibration with a passion, makes my hands go numb, takes me out of the game and distracts me, makes noise if i put it down, and also vibrates it's way onto the floor or something.

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