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As I've just said in another article...they are making it out like he's too old for motion capturing when you have someone like Richard Mcgonagle who plays Sully still going and probably will keep continuing to play him and he's like 2 years older then Ironside.

It's obviously about money...

Should of started fresh with a new character

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Bloody idiots...this is why gaming is being ruined, because of people like them

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Really...I troll every article

No I don't so don't do that, your an Xbox fanboy who is p***** off at people criticizing a console you love to death and it really p***** you off so you have to go with the only come back you know....the "troll" card.

If I'm a troll, then so is the majority of the internet/gaming sites.

Take your own advice man

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Thats nice dear...whatever you pops into your pretty little head

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You know I'm saying that and I've learnt my lesson with Conviction so I'm not getting it either way. Not even Spies vs. Mercs can lure me in

Plus they got rid of Ironside which was the final strike. Making it out like he's too old for motion capturing when you have someone like Richard Mcgonagle who plays Sully still going and he's like 2 years older then Ironside. It's obviously about money...

They should of jus...

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Thats what you said about Conviction...just saying

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Probably because they knew this statement would be leaked or shown to gaming sites.

If they knew it was going to happen may aswell make yourself look good after the massive s*** storm they've been through.

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Sorry to disappoint you No_Limits...but your clutching at straws...again

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Well if your paying more for less then yeah it is...least with the expensive PS3 back in 2006 we got a blu ray player with it which advantages has shined during the recent years.

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*** The team behind The Last of Us played a big role in Uncharted 2 and its evident how greatly it affected the series as they were busy creating the masterpiece of the game ***

I don't think thats true. Sony only spilt the team into two once Uncharted 3 began production. I think they even hired more people for the second team when they expanded so I don't think many people from the Uncharted team were on the Last of Us team. I think they are still all together becaus...

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After watching the trailers and gameplay videos it looks bloody terrible

Why do tablet games always get a free pass...they shouldn't of happened in the first place. I'd rather the team that worked on that worked alongside the Deus Ex Human Revolution team for the sequel...hell if that was the case we could of had an accoutrement by now instead of this crap.

All we're doing is telling developers it's good to do mobile games instead of putting r...

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It's the reason I've never got into it that don't want to just start in the middle of a franchise. It's like starting from MGS4 this just wouldn't do it.

Damn I wish Jak and Daxter got this much love

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If you died they would take your weapons.

In GTA San Andreas however, if you date Katie Zhan (who is a nurse) you are able to keep your weapons upon getting wasted.

I think GTA4 was the only one where you could keep them and I never really liked that to be honest.

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Well I've played the game and finished it and never came across one bug....must of been lucky

Besides does it matter....hell in 2011 we gave Bethesda Studio of the Year and Game of the Year to Skyrim. The most bug filled game of the entire year

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*** Whatever guns you pick will be with you throughout the game **** no no

I liked how in GTA if you died you had to get your guns back, it was sort of motivation to not die during a mission. I mean obviously they are going to take your guns off you at the police station

I don't mind if you kept them but you had to get them from your safe house but keeping them even when you die...come on

*** There are a...

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Considering developers have been moaning on all this gen for better RAM...they better bloody take advantage of it.

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Look at my post above to Firan...those games looked like that because they were last gen

If this console is more powerful then starting games should look like games from the end of this gen

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If it is Ratchet please don't crossover with Jak and Daxter

I'd rather see Jak come back in Jak 4 then another cross over game

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I'd be a little ticked off if we finally see Jak again only for him to appear in another cross over instead of Jak 4.

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It took place after A Crack in Time...most things which are spin offs don't continue from the end of the last game

I'm not against Ratchet and Clank I just rather of had it later on. Give us a breather from the series, same goes for God of War which i kind of thought it was before this teaser.

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