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I think they've had plenty of time man

All they are doing is increasing peoples expectations until it gets to a point where they can't possible meet them.

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Maybe because they have done so many times in the past that you kind of become skeptical when they state something new.

People learn from past experiences you know.

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I think the real question is how big is the Pokemon world. I mean all these new regions...the world must be huge.

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They are really p****** me off. Just as DoTA2 comes to a close and will soon enter it's full release...they start another bloody project.

I mean what the f***

Valve have so many things going on, I'd honestly be surprized at this point if theres anyone working on HL3. We probably could of had it last year or maybe the start of this year if they had worked on it more.

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It's sad when you need to do petitions to grab a companies attention to do the most obvious thing fans actually will want and something which will get them a ton of money.

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*** I’m a woman gamer. ***

Here we know that were off to a rocky start when you start with this

Why do female's make out like it's people being sexist when more people are concerned about her work history. You don't just take someone who has never been in the gaming industry and put them into the head of the entire Microsoft console division.

Look at Jack Trenton for example, he's been in this industry for 27 years, h...

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Plus my 10% discount if I decide to get one :D

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Could of announced a brand new character to go along side Olimar. Announce an old character returning with a new character

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I think she stood out more Xof because she was in a bad game...something worse then herself.

She is bland, depressing, she moans, she's b*****, she complains, she's a bore, she is basicaly like Plank off Ed, Edd and Eddy.

Least Cloud/Squall for example had well writen character development to why they were like that during the game. But she's just like that for no reason and that's why she's a terrible character.

Most male...

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Does he have to sound like he's bending over left, right and center for Nintendo...least try to sound a little angry, you guys didn't do anything wrong.

What Nintendo tried to do was silly and low...there was no reason to try and cancel the event and stop people from broadcasting it.

I know it's their IP but come on it's so old now, it's free advertising for them and it's a well liked thing to do for the Smash Bros community

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*** They'd have to play the other two first anyway, right? ***

What I've been saying since they announced FF13-2

Why would anyone give the second or even third game a chance when the first one sucked and the majority of people didn't like it. It means you would be buying a game where you most likely havent bought/played/completed the first one and if you havent played them then your going to be confused in the sequels...especially the horrible com...

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I much are MS getting paid for this. I bet they wouldn't of done it for free

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Wasn't Shane's death more to do with the actor having problems with the director or something....I'm sure him and the guy who played Dale aswell weren't happy or something along those lines

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Maybe it's because it wasn't as good as people made it out to be...I played it after it got GOTY last year and I honestly don't see whats so special about it. Yeah it's a great game I'm not doubting that but I don't see the big fuss over it

I think it only won GOTY because of the comic fans and the tv series fans put alongside the gamer fans. Plus it was an Indie title and it would be different for an indie title to win GOTY.

Off Topic...

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It might be about MS in general but with the Kinect fears about it spying on us, I think it kind of applies since this would link it to the gaming division

This is why MS need to remove Kinect in some bundles. I will not get an Xbox One untill they remove it.

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We better get a Doom announcement

1616d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment long as they sell their franchises to good people

Mega Man/Viewtiful Joe - Nintendo
Resident Evil/DMC - Sony
Dead Rising/Lost Planet - Microsoft

For example

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I think it also has more to do that she was the head of the Windows 8 division.

Don apparently was a gamer and look what he was like (a waking train wreck), now we are getting someone who probably hasn't touched a game in her life. It's kind of worrying.

Anyway look at that...N4G is famous :D

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Very true...however I think we can agree that MS has brought this on themselves.

I mean we are expected to pay more for less but with the PS3 it was a higher price because it had blu ray, something which was really expensive at the time.

Now looking back I wish I hadn't called Sony with the high price point, it's not as bad as what MS is doing.

People even blew Kaz's comments out of proportion when he only said it's so good y...

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God I hope LBP3 will introduce 3D levels aswell as more 2.5 stuff

Imagine the stuff you could create with massive 3D worlds.

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