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She will come back, she's the emotional side of Master Chief...and ironically the more human side of him despite being an AI.

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Cortana even said herself that if Halsey makes a new AI it won't be the same won't be her.

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This is why I hate prequels, theres always inconsistencies that you spot and don't make sense. Look at Batmans gear or his suit they look better then what was in the future games. Take the batarang which can latch onto two people/objects...where the hell was that in Arkham City

Anyway, the game only takes place 5 years before Arkham City, thats not really that long is it especialy to call the game "Origins". Plus it dosn't give enough reason why the voice ac...

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Yes ok then princess...whatever

You said something, your in the wrong and no instead of admitting it your going to try and argue your way out of it.

You've already done the first thing people do in these types of situations...point peoples spelling/grammer out because you have nothing else to counter the argument with.

So yeah good luck yourself.

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Guys say what you want, like the guy above me has said it's what these types of forums/commenting news sites are about. I might of but then again a lot of people do it so you know don't try and counter my comment with something like that.

If it was any other studio with a bad track record people would be saying the exact opposite. Why is it these guys get a free pass.....oh yeah because it's an old franchise people are HOPING will be good. If every game you've...

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The only person who will hurt Killer Instinct is the developers as far as I'm concerned.

Why is it people are forgetting that they've made terrible games over the years. Not one bad game, not two, not three...a lot of bad games.

I love Killer Instinct but I'm not feeling it with this title. How could MS, with all the money they have give it to such a crappy studio. It's the same feeling I got when I saw Slant Six were ...

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Thats nice dear

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All I want is to go online, get in a jet, fly around, see a group of players riding together in the city, think to myself "Thats nice"...and then crash my plane into them as I jump out

I'll be satisfied then

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Yes because every perosn who hasn't liked what the Xbox One has offered us are fanboys /s

This fanboy excuse is getting out of hand on here

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TitanFall looks nice but it's nothing special

Take a Sci Fi setting +
COD mechanics/gameplay +
Mechs +
Wall running +

= TitanFall

It's nothing we haven't seen before, it's just what COD should of evolved into this gen. I can't believe it won those E3 awards though over WatchDogs, The Division, inFAMOUS SS and many others. It was just another typical FPS, without a single player

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Well I'm not the one getting disagreed am I so your the one in the wrong.

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Thats the problem I have with Nintendo at the moment. They said Mario Kart wasn't put into development barley over a year ago. Now Mario Kart is a big franchise why wasn't this put into development when the Wii U was finished development, we could of had the game by now and they could of had a Metroid/Star Fox game in the making for the end of this year instead.

Who knows when they actually started Zelda U

Then you have the fact they are making Smash ...

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He's too fixed on sticking to tradition, they need a fresh look on the company and get with the bloody times. If they don't they'll end up further and further away from the PS4/Xbox One that they could end up going down SEGAs path.

Sony realised they couldn't stick with tradition that's why they got Mark Cerny to help with the PS4 and now the PS4 looks fantastic. A huge improvement over the PS3, a console which tried to stick to tradition.

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How can they get better if they can't admit they are having trouble. Thats the thing about Iwata he lives in this dream world where everything is fine and dandy.

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I saw it and I'm still a little sceptical. I mean it's coming out next year, the same time as the film, and despite it not being a movie tie in game I still feel it's being made to go along with it. Like how the Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands was made for the film.

Second of all, the character model seems like it's based on Tom Hardy who is the new Mad Max...instead of an original character design or a one based off Mel Gibson, which to me is a little off pu...

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Because they have a franchise they started....yet they won't continue it.

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Well that's funny because Prince of Persia is a franchise and you still haven't made a sequel to the 2008 know the one where the DLC ended on a cliff hanger

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Why don't they create a team who will make non canon Zelda titles which experiment with stuff you wouldn't to do with the main franchise incase it dosen't go well.

Look at the differnt settings people have made up in the past

Modern Zelda
Steam Punk
Where Zelda/Link are the bad guys and they try to stop Gannon the good guy
Zelda as the main hero helping Prince Link
A Mature Ze...

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See I prove my point above

People calling me a Sony fanboy because I don't think DH are a good developer despite their horrible track record which is pure facts.

I just think this KI could of been so much more then what we are getting now.

You call a developer and it's "Your a Sony fanboy" I come out bloody mature about this. I'm not a fanboy of any kind, just an average gamer with common sense

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