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No no no, I didn't say it was a bad thing, just that with MS if it dosent sell well like Gears or Halo it's not worth supporting. They just give up on things and move on instead of having a little faith in the developers to improve the game.

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Translation: MS didnt want to fund a games development which wasn't going to sell and gave us another chance to make a new IP

Typical MS eh, why dont Remedy go multiplatform. I want AW2 so badly

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Well technicaly it won't if it gets renamed, Versus 13 will never come out, FF15 will though XD

That is if the rumors are true

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Reminds me of a precursor egg from Jak and Daxter. I cant think of anything that features an object like that

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Actually Sony are debating whether or not to bundle the camera with the PS4. This suggests that you wont need to use the camers if you dont want to, why not include something you need to play games with

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Oh the irony

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I was going to get it, I was really looking forward to it but I'll be saving up money fot next gen by then. Gta5 also comes out then and thats the only game I'll probably buy then.

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