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*** but to say it can't be a part of the experience I don't really understand. ****

Because Bioware have proven they arn't one of those devs that can handle doing an online mode and a single player mode at the same time during development

Rockstar, NaughtyDog, 343, Bungie for example have proven they can do them both at the same same during development.

Bioware are in a state where they have to earn fans trust back and show us the...

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With some crappy "illogical" story about how they were better.

I understand if it was so you could fire unlimited rounds for a short time before you ran out of thermal clips and your guy went back to it's cool down state but they didn't do that.

I liked that about the first ME, I was like finally a game where in the future they sort the ammo thing out.

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I hope to god they go back to cool down weapons...I hated the thermal clips, it made the game feel like a full on third person action shooter.

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Really? I thought the multiplayer was horribke, it felt forced and it got boring after an hour or so. They wasted resources on that after the ending leak instead of focusing on creating a better ending.

They need to get back to what made ME so great and multiplayer can't be a part of that

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People keep saying this but I don't think your looking on the other side of the coin. Yeah they saved it but wasn't to save the franchise it was because Nintendo knew they were lacking with third party content. Besides I doubt Nintendo give them that much money...

So yes they saved Bayonetta 2 but at the same time they didn't really think the decision's not like it was a game Nintendo fans loved, the first one wasn't even released on the Wii....

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Well they only release the HD collection not to long ago

Not to mention for a Legacy collection they should of included more goodies.

I feel like if MGSV ends up being the last one in the current timeline before Kojima decides to reboot it with a new timeline (hopefully with the same characters, just differnt outcomes) they'll do another one of these collections but with amazing goodies Snakes bandanna, eye patch, a replica ration, a massi...

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I agree

However at the end of the day I feel like Nintendo aren't fully to blame, they are only half the problem. The other half is the fans, they will defend anything Nintendo throws at them even though they have made some ridiculous decisions lately.

Only when those die hard Nintendo fans Nintendo actually listen to because they aren't the ones to point Nintendos flaws out, basically they listen to only what they want to hear, then that's when ...

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By just releasing it on the Wii's not going to happen.

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Why does she want to encourage females to get into the gaming can't force someone to go into it you just have to let them go naturally. I mean you can't force someone to be a gamer, you either like games or you don't.

I think she just wants it for the sake of it. I feel like because she's a women she wants to give off this whole "equality" message but the problem is games back when they first established themselves were targeted towar...

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Bullcrap...if they wanted to do spin off's fine but they should of been non cannon to the main games.

Now people are going to have to play Birth By Sleep and especialy Dream Drop Distance (on differnt platforms) to understand KH3 story

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We need to see Bigfoot and Aliens...imagine getting abducted by Aliens and it forces you play another character since they are being probed or something.

Zombies would be pretty cool and DLC as a non cannon story like Undead Nightmare. Hell I wouldn't mind other things like vampires, ghosts and warewolfs to pop up

Oh and the Jaws one is a good idea since we can now go under water with scuba diving stuff

Hell I think they should throw as m...

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I think more people are concerned with the Xbox One's second issue...Kinect

Untill they give us the option to buy a Kinect-less console then they will continue to gather a bigger negative reception

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I don't see why it won't let us go into third person mode. I know it's a FPS game but least give us the option.

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Air Vehicles and Cars that don't blow up so god damn easy when going off road. Do they really expect everyone to follow the road...stuff that I want to ride off into the fields too get to my destination quicker. Even when you went off a small hill the car would be half damaged.

One thing I know this game DOES NOT NEED is online, co-op or multiplayer. It's better suited as a single player game...we only get so few these days.

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*** Almost all of FC3's marketing was centered around Vaas and he's the first one gone? *facepalm* ***

I was more ticked off at the fact that with all the flashes and distorting on the screen because of him hallucination when fighting Vass you didn't really feel the satisfaction of killing was like "What....I actually killed him....he's dead"

He should of came back in the end to be the true final boss

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Why...Blood Dragon 2 could be it's own franchise with how much it differs from Far Cry

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Guides? I mean really....of all the things they could do

Keep that chest, include a massive artbook, a tri force, a little pouch of rubies, an Ocarina, majoras mask face mask and the Wind Waker.

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I do agree about the items still being their when it changed seasons and I totally agree on the crafting system how you couldn't use any kind of cloth or sharp objects for shivs off broken windows or anything else your found out there.

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You won't be able to beat this edition

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