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It seems like something you would want inside your TV, kind of like how now PC's have webcams inside them.

Least then you don't have to worry about it spying on you since it won't have an internet connection.

I mean how many times have you sat down, gotten comfy and see the remote on the other side of the living room. With Kinects tec you can just use the voice commands. #1.2.2
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Yeah a game shouldn't need that many updates after launch full of promises and fake gameplay videos which looked better then the game, to make you happy with your purchase.

They f****** up and this sort of practice shouldn't be supported #2.1
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Doubt it would be Uncharted 4, we already had the Atlantis of the Sands in Uncharted 3 and it would be werid to have another "Atlantis" in Uncharted 4 I mean another lost about they get some treasure for once

Plus the title of the comic was called "Eye of Indra"....not really a creative title now is it when your motion comic has roughly the same title #3
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We already have one coming's called WatchDogs. I'm kind of convinced that before they started to milk AC, Watchdogs was kind of the concept of what AC3 should of been like before it went big changes to make it a new IP. #1
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yewles1 - Thats only because the PS+ DriveClub is free. Thats why it's stripped of some things, I mean they aren't going to give you the entire game for free.

Below - Yeah but I'm guessing you can actually download the full retail version, the free one is to give people a taste of the game. It's basicaly an upgraded demo. #4.1.3
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"They know how much Sony fans like to brag and act like fools on the internet. They give you gas for your flame, then pour water on it and have yall look stüp" much denial

MS didn't do all this (from the DRM thing to this, to mandatory Kinect etc) to make people look stupid they did it because they f***** up, they don't give a crap about us and they are disorganized.

Seriously it doesn... #1.1.3
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Yes because every British person sounds and act like this

I'd understand the stereotype if it was true, even by some degree...but it's not so I don't see why people overseas trying and take the p*** by this like it's funny. #4
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Wow...what a load of bullcrap, I can't believe they would say that. Motion Capture for a stealth game, it's not MGS is it. It's like people saw the success of Uncharted 2 with their hardwork on motion capturing and thought "We need to do that to have success".

Even MGSV was a bullcrap excuse, if you wanted a motion capturing actor then get the Japanese voice actor to change, the english fanbase is much bigger... #1.1.2
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I'm the same at the moment. I loved the old Thief games but this heading down a road thats familair to most of us this gen...a road where classic much loved games get a new installment but don't feel like the past games.

In my opinion I don't see why they didn't just

1) Fully reboot it with a new character

2) Continue where Thief 3 left off


3) Continue but with a new character, I mean Step... #1
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I think they are....they are one of the few companies to push themselves, do harder things to create better experiences and always try to get the best out of the console.

I'm not saying their perfect, they kind of have a little reputation with the online games where they fix the stuff that doesn't need fixing and leave the stuff that does need fixing. Plus I never liked what they did to Uncharted's multiplayer with Uncharted 3 but they've done a lot for gaming... #3
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I hope Eight Days is alive still, the game looked amazing :D #1.2
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Oh you mean how FF13-2 was supposed to be the game FF13 was...pffft please. If your a fan of the first two fine you;ll enjoy it but to those who didn't like FF13 and even FF13-2...FF13-3, I mean Lightning Returns will be just as bad #1
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You don't need a copy it's quite obvious #1.1.1
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Zombi U ? #3
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GTAV looks like what we should of had with GTA4

Although saying that when it comes to the VGA'S Game of the Year award I hope it doesn't go to GTAV because it's GTA. I'd rather see it go to the Last of Us because of how different it is to other third person shooters but with GTA, you know what to expect, a crazy open world game. #1.1.1
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SR4 has not evolved at's basicaly DLC which has been worked on more and made to look like a full retail game.

Basically Volition squeezing out another game for more money before this gen comes to an end this year.

It's set in the same city with nothing new added but more gimmicks #1
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Good for them but I think we can mostly all agree that the GTA4 ones are not all that deserving.

That my friends is how hype overcomes you #1
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No...they love more Ratchet and Clank

Just because they make a game to appeal to one fanbase doesn't mean they are going to forget about how much they've fallen over the years. People will just put it on the back burner untill they've played and completed Nexus and then they'll be back on the same page they were before the reveal. #2
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Oh come off it, even the majority of die hard Xbox fans probably don't want Kinect.

*** You mean the sony trolls that don't want a X1 but dont want "us" xbox fans to have kinect either? ***

Oh for f*** sake what the is it any criticism against MS (well deserved by the way) you along with a bunch of others on here like your some Xbox die hards pack, say that...that people are "Sony fanboys" o... #4.1.7
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Hmmmmmm ok then... #1.6.1
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