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Well if it is multi platform then the question is how are they going to repay Sony for funding L.A Noires development. Have they been given the money back or not? #1.2
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Early stages...after how long it's been in development it better bloody not be #3
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I think the difference with the FF15 gameplay is's not traditional FF but it's a hell of a lot better then FF13's system.

I mean it's basicaly Kingdom Hearts battle system and that fits more with FF then the one in FF13. So in a way I'm ok with the FF15 changes

Still hope turn based will come back one day though #1.1.1
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Yup...keep changing it piece by piece into a game which isn't FF. Not like you hadn't done that enough in FF13 and FF13-2 ¬¬ #1
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I hope it's bloody not...the first game by them to finally count to 3 and it's not Half Life...what the hell man

Portal 2
Tons of TF2 updates
Meet the videos
Alien Swarm
DoTA 2
Source Film Maker
Big Picture Mode

Come on...all before HL3

I'd be fine with it if we get to play Zoe, Francis and Louis again...maybe Bill if they decide to make the L4D2... #1.5
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Maybe that version of the human race in Animal Crossing are only white...basically what I'm trying to say it shouldn't be a massive issue

If they included skin color in the next game great but we shouldn't play on it. Hell it's made by Japanese developers, you can't really call them racist can you, not like the characters in AC are Japanese #1
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*** so please lay off the bashing ***

How is that "bashing", this is what I was talking about. It's not bashing, it's common sense, they have done this before, MS have lied, they have declined in terms of their support with core's fact not assumptions or bullcrap.

*** I hope neither scenarios play out like that again, and lessons are truly learned ***

Well after everything Microsoft has said and done since th... #1.2.2
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*** The only people who don't want the Kinect are the ones who weren't sold on getting an XboxOne to begin with ***

and you know this how?

I want a Xbox One...I just don't want Kinect

I'm not sold on the Xbox One BECAUSE of Kinect #11.1
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I think in my opinion that's why they reversed their DRM gain a bigger fanbase off the core gamers. Once they have an established fanbase and all those games they showed off at E3 (some like Halo, Quantum Break and Sunset overdrive which we'll see next E3 aswell) come out they'll revert back to what they were doing post Kinect and I think they could possibly bring DRM back in some way

They've done it before...this isn't about fanboysim it's... #1.2
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I feel like they were the studio who got it popular in my opinion...especially with the success of Uncharted 2 #1.2
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Still should of had Ironside, there was no reason for him to go

I think Ubisoft are just cheap #3
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*** that during numerous attempted meetings at E3 the system crashed repeatedly thus explaining why the one-on-one meetings were ended. He confided to me that they had 6 to 7 attempts at meetings each time the hardware was unable to be stable enough to complete the demonstration and that the issues seem to remain at Comic Con as this had been an ongoing problem over the weekend. ***

Owch... #1
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So let me get this straight...

For Deus Ex we are getting Scott Derrickson & C. Robert Cargill people who have never really explored outside the horror genre...and I mean the bad horror genre with the cheap scare tatics.

For Dead Space we are getting a crappy writer who let alone has never probably played Dead Space but did the god awful Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li film. Way to go EA, being cheap as always and getting a crappy director/writter..... #1
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I appreciate the fact that they wanted to improve the game but I think after how long it's been would of been to little too late.

I mean they should just keep the feedback for the sequel which I still believe they should get another chance at. I honestly don't know why Sony didn't give them more time on the game instead of what seemed like rushing it out last year.

Give us a health mode, give us the characters we actually want (keeping ch... #1
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Thank You....some developer finally gets it

Same should be done with Skyrim/Fallout...those games should never get co-op.

I mean most people only want it to show off to their friends for a few hours then the novelty wears off and they start to go solo but then realize things are buggy and empty because the devs spent too much time getting co-op to work properly. #1
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1) It was a slap to the face when it's supposed to be about "All Stars" yet they included a character who people didn't like and the fact his game hadn't even been released yet

2) It's not the Dante we grew up with on the PS2


3) You don't add a character from a crappy DMC game where people have been wanting old Dante. It's like they arn't listening to what their fans wanted. #3.2.1
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Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft, Cloud/Squall, Resistance character, Tomba, Gabe Logan, Dart, Croc, Abe, Gex, Ico, Cole who can transform between good/bad, old Dante

Basically all the ones that we actually wanted but never got.

Characters like those would of made the game seem better overall but the main problem was the "super" was boring and got old fast. I want a health system, people are still comparing it to Smash Bros so it's not like... #3
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When they said a while back that it would include a hat I kind of thought it was going to be an army/military hat...not like what we've got #2
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You do realise the whole point of collectors edition is stuff like that among statues and other goodies.

When collectors editions are just packed with DLC and exclusive in game content it's not really a "collectors" edition is it. That stuff should be included aswell but not just buy it's self, thats more of a limited edition. #1.1
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I think sites twisted Kaz's words at the time, he said you would want it so bad you would want to get a second job to pay for it, like it's that good you'll want to get one as fast as you can...not in in the way it was reported. #10.1.1
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