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I wouldn't of paid for that, I mean the extended cut in my opinion was terrible. Just added small non moving scenes and other small things to make it less crappy. You can't polish a turd you know.

If it was a proper DLC going off the Indoctrination Theory where it picks up where Shepard is waking up from his Indoctrination after he has been hit with the laser and we have a massive battle to make sure the galaxy survives adding hours of more gameplay THEN I would of ha... #2
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They'll do a Capcom, be cheap b******* and get a crappy dev to do it.

Even still they think the solution to their problems lie in the west but they don't. I feel like they don't want to admit theirs a problem with themselves and what they've been doing lately (typical Japanese company, too proud to admit their in the wrong) and would rather try to blame other things. Like now...trying to make it seem like it's because their games aren't western enough... #2
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What the hell...oh come on Sony, why the hell GT.

inFAMOUS, Resistance, Killzone etc...why the hell do a driving game #7
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It was already hinted at in AC3 with it's ending


Juno is now free and wants to control the world...we now need to find a way to stop her


With AC4 where the present missions are now optional thats been thrown out the window. They should of kept Desmond around for this but looks like you would have to play his father now. Hell it's not even hinted that we'll deal with the Juno situation in A... #2
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If it's L4D3 it better include the original survivors...

Either they say the DLC is non cannon so Bill is still alive and they head to Canada


They find a new survivor in Florida after they find their "safe paradise" is worse off then what they left behind...which would be a great way to introduce new infected. #11
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Why...they are totally different games...especially if ND go back to what TR was like where it was more about puzzles and tombs.

Besides ND has never let us down and they would be a perfect fit. #2.3.3
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Want to know why we have asked too much of them....because they never give us what we want and they never listen to us.

The list of things we want is getting bigger and bigger. Thats why it seems we want too much.

If they did a FF7 years ago when they were told then it wouldn't be so bad now and I bet they wouldn't be having financial problems #1.1.1
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Since Lost Odyssey was, in my eyes, the true FF13 of this gen then yes...yes it would be #2.4.1
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Hard to tell to be honest

Deus Ex and Hitman arrived first on the PC so I would like it if they continued to be multiplatform titles, same goes for Thief. Unless Microsoft wants to cough up some money for one of them.

Long as Sony gets their old PS franchises like Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy then I would be fine

Having a rebooted Final Fantasy game where Sony could open a Japanese studio for it would be amazing. Least then t... #2.3.1
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I would love if Sony got their hands on Tomb Raider again. Give it to NaughtyDog and do their own reboot of the original Lara Croft we grew up with when her plane goes down in the Himalayas and it kills her mother, father and fiancé.

Most of their franchise deserve to be in other companies hands.

Like DragonQuest should be given to Nintendo...maybe Sleeping Dogs to Microsoft. #2.2.1
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I highly doubt it will all be about the PSV.


Then they have TGS to go aswell

The thing about Microsofts reveals is that most of them like Halo, Su... #1.1.3
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What would happen if they did hit bankruptcy? Honest question...just a what if scenario, I'm curious

Would they have to sell their IP's to people ? #2
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Looks nothing like them

It looks more like the design they did for the PSN store #2.1
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"Take the developers word that this was thrown together just to give a quick sense of the game"

Why would you, at a massive gaming conference, the biggest one of the entire year, "throw something together".

You would make sure you give off the best impression you can, an impression so good you wouldn't even think of nitpicking things like the QTE or him always defending so easily with the tap of the A button.

Sorry but... #1.3
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" just come up with any kind of excuse to downplay MS huh. "

No offence but I could easily say the same for die hard Xbox/MS fanboys who despite all the horrible things MS has done since it's reveal have been spinning anything negative instead of accepting what they've done.

Why do fanboys call other #1.6.1
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I love it with die hard Kojima fans get p*****'s funny :)

The people who think he can't do no wrong when he has #2.3.2
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I like how they didn't say "Can you developer a game for our CONSOLE" rather then Kinect #6
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Should of went to see the Wizard in Emerald City #1
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Same, he was basicaly Jack Bauer in the game...not Big Boss. Thats the problems with Hollywood actors in games you think of them more to the character they've played the most on a TV show or Movie then the actual character. Thats why I liked David Hayter...he is Snake.

Even if they replaced him with a no name actor or even Richard Doyle I would be fine with this but they didn't.

It was like Kojima thought

"Oh getting Kiefer Suthe... #2.3
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I'm going to trust him on this.....he has a beard

Those people never lie :) #1.1
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