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Ratchet and Clank...awww man

I must be the only person to think we've had too many Ratchet Games over the years. They could of least waited untill a few years after the PS4 came out

I wanted a new IP, Insomniac haven't been good for years now. The last Ratchet game was a huge disappointment

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Not to mention you'll be playing it with a DS controller like we did with GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA4 etc

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It means Valve seem like the only ones who still care for PC gamers.

Take Crytek and Bethesda...they jumped ship to consoles years ago.

Better PC exclusives then most of the stuff you can get on consoles....ok then

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Yeah but if this is more powerfull then those consoles then games now should look the same or roughly the same as games such as Uncharted 2, Halo 4, The Last of Us etc. If this was last gen fair enough but the Wii U is next gen so they should be having better looking games then those we've seen with old tec

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Then why have we not seen a game yet that looks better then something put on the Xbox 360 or even the PS3 (The Wii U's Last of Us). I mean they arn't even getting GTAV for example

By the time it gets made most of us will already be playing on our PS4's and Xbox Ones.

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Is there any other developer beside from Valve who still focuses on the PC community and makes amazing games

I mean Valve are good and all but the development times are so long that it's not going to cut it. Plus with them looking into a Steam box, hybrid PC/console, they obviously want in the console business aswell.

You know what I really hate about PC gamers, when your in a group and talking about a game...

"Oh I'm going to g...

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I was going to go through the points but I've said it so many times especially when the games come out that there's no point...people know what's wrong with the game

Here's one point which you could separate into smaller points

It's anything but a Final Fantasy ga,e

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You know what's wrong with this piece...he's clutching at straws the whole way. Trying to twist the bad stuff into good stuff

You want to know "hate" in a amazing FF game where people nit picked it death despite being a better game then even FF7....FF8 and that's because it wasn't a direct FF7 sequel.

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If you read the article he's talking about single player.

*** I think the one thing The Last of Us was missing was a co-op mode. The game made you grow bonds with Joel and Ellie, so what better way is there to increase this immersion. To put 2 best friends playing side by side or online acting as each others backup, much like in the main story but with the added feature that you are enjoying the story with another person at the same time. ***

That just wo...

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That wouldn't work unless it was like Uncharteds online non cannon missions.

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Because they thought the DRM thing was going to stick and had to lick Microsoft's ass someway in the order to fix the most out the new feature which would benefit a company like them more.

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and no one has forgotten them...Xbox One reveal/DRM stuff prime example which has happened just recently.

Yeah they might not respond straight away and I'm p***** off still at MS but it's more about the fans....Nintendo die hards go along like everything is fine and dandy and nothing is wrong when thats not the case and if Nintendo do something selfish as this they are forgiven because they do a U turn which they only did because they didn't want any negativity br...

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Doesn't mean they still aren't massive d**** for doing this in the first place. They just didn't want bad publicity

Seriously...thats it....all is forgiven.

If MS/Sony did this people would have their heads on a spike

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The ones who defend the crap out of Nintendo in all the Nintendo articles, the same ones who think that people are hating on them if you say one thing about.

Honestly they won't change unless people will admit it

They are not the same Nintendo we grew up with

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So it's finally launched....thank god now we can get back to the main focus, Half Life 3. No hiding behind DoTA 2 now Valve.

I'm sure they are going to Gamescom aswell...wonder what they might show. They won't show off a launched game

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Oh thank god...

So were back in the game :)

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Dust 514....Yawn

Oh well fun while it lasted. Still got Gamescom for some new IPs

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If you want that then play Borderlands, that game was created from the ground up for co-op while Fallout/Elder Scrolls aren't.

Fallout should never have an online...maybe an MMO in the far future made by a differnt team but it should remain single player.

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Well if it is I hope it's not God of War but something new.

That phrase reminds me of that SpongeBob episode

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But then why start with her

By the way the key word is "may"...this is square enix were talking about. You know the same company who told us ages ago we MAY get a FF7 remake.

Untill they come then I'm not buying into it

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