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Well said

You know what bugs me the most, since it's not coming out at launch who's to say Sony couldn't do the same and release it round the same time frame. If MS were smart and had this planned from the start they would of had it done for launch.


What if it's only for Project Spark since the game is free and everyone will be able to download and use it.

We just don't know what it could be

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True...very true

I just want to know where they all came from, as someone pointed out a few days ago, they've only recently joined since either the reveal or the E3 show...and even now more people are joining just for that purpose.

"What I'm wondering is where are all of the Xbox defenders from yesterday "

Look at that there's one of them right below you and above me


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You know it's funny I mentioned a few articles ago when they announced this that there would be a catch and I got disagreed to death for it.


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I know right

I mean the same could be said for any game, look at ND do you think they were scared to create The Last of Us since the cutscenes were going to be put on Youtube....nope.

I think it's laziness in my opinion, they've said themselves how hard it is to create for a HD console and even then you have the other excuse about the handheld version that could hold the console version back

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Problem is if you look at the character model he looks like Tom Hardys version of its comimg out the same time frame as the film. I don't know im skeptical, its like when the forgotten sands were done just for the Prince of Persia movie

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Thats just being a little selfish though, if it's optional then everyone can enjoy it but if it stays then it means it splits the fanbase because people don't want to be forced paying extra for something they don't want or like.

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Septic I'm not even going to bother with you since you exactly the same. Your an Xbox fanboy trying to make people like me who have common sense look like a fanboy theselfs.

I've seen your comments and you are much worse since your also ignorant and get all insecure when your being proved wrong with all the BS that you come out with.

So just don't...want to know a real Sony fanboy look at MariaHel for example or XboxFun or Ape007. Don't make o...

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Don't start trolling, I'm sick of fanboys like you trying to make other people out to be fanboys.

If you want to pledge your alliance to one side fine but don't drag other people into it and try to out them like they are on the "other" side because they are being cautious towards a company who haven't been good to core gamers in years...and in your eyes people being cautious is people being negative towards them, a com...

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*** Really just sounds like you're still looking and hoping for things to complain about. ***

Because there usually is with MS...there's always a catch and this not being available at launch is one

What if...and I said IF, Sony reacts to this and in the same time frame does the same thing. You never know.

I say catch with this because I find it strange how it wasn't announced at E3. It's huge news, positive news, a fa...

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What do you expect, people see something posstive about the Xbox One, forget it's MS, see the catch and then are disappointed.

It won't be available at launch and if they are smart during that time Sony will counter it someway. Besides I think people are letting their expectations for this get out of hand, reading the comments's not going to be what people expect.

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Co-op does not belong in a RE game whether it's fun or not

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I think you would need to replace RE6 with RE5...if you were smart and ignored those people who kept going on about "trying the game out first" or "giving it a chance" then you knew what to expect.

With RE5 however that was a total letdown...especially when you see the RE5 concept art before they added co-op.

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Thats your solution..."get over it"


No wonder companies treat us like crap when people like you just tell us to deal with it. Like Adam Orth Junior.

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Does this game have summons...because him summoning a gay fish would be hilarious :)

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I hope to god they give us Rayman 4...a proper 3D platforming game

I don't mind the side scrolling games but they aren't as fun as Rayman 2 and Rayman 3 were.

We need more 3D platforming games next gen and I hope Rayman goes back to what it was like in Rayman 3

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Not really because in most peoples eyes your still paying for something in the box which you don't want to use. Everytime the price comes down you'll still be thinking in the back of your head

"This could of been even cheaper without Kinect"

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Yeah Iwata needs to's the only way they'll ever be able to push the company forward instead of roaming around in the past. Iwata is so fixated on sticking to tradition but some times tradition has to be broken if you want to keep up with everyone else.

Time have changed...I wish he realised that

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Hope it's true

Was it that hard to listen to what most gamers actually want. I find it a little funny how they would be going back on everything they revealed the Xbox One to be. If they had done a DRM-Kinect-less console in the first place they wouldn't have such a huge s*** storm on their hands.

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*** Never had so much fun getting my a$$ kicked online..:)***

Except when it's an over powered riffle that downs you in like two shots. Thats annoying

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They created monsters and they must pay the price for that

I mean no offence but after they get off so easy when creating games which sell a ton of money despite them hardly doing everything except rehashing the game game over and over unlike real hard working devs like NaughtyDog, Rocksteady, SuckerPunch, Remedy etc who work their arses off to create the best games they can and push themselves despite the hard work it creates....what do they expect. The...

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