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Tis Site Pro-Sony? No way!

Btw u just won the award for sounding like the typical Sony-Slave. Quality, awesome Hardware, blablabla...yeah rite...and according to this site, MS does everything(!) wrong. And 70 million ppl are dumbasses because they enjoy games on the MS console...well then...

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I honestly guess he thinks the greatest Invention of all time is N4G then.

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finally every Sony-Slave of N4G commented on this crap.
Must be a lame day....

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Okay, all you Sony guys listen.
I have a question and I want answers:

What is the unique selling proposal (USP) of the new announced PS4?
What shall I tell my friends, when they ask me: Hey, what is new on the new PS4?
(For example: PS3/360 it was the jump from SD to 720p Games, PS3=Blu Ray, 360=Kinect)

What is THE "WOW!AWESOME!"-Effec t on this new announced console?
And now, please dont come up with: Its just better...

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He hates Sony as much as 99,5% of the N4G-users hate MS. So whats the deal?

Its his opinion. At least he is one of the few on here that has one.

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But the Sony-Slaves on this Site only hear what they wanna hear.
Let them enjoy their 3rd place (according to

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Lets see how this turns out.
Nice Stuff, MS.

Cant wait for May 21st!

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720p vs 1080p PS3 WINS?

U have clearly no clue what u talking bout.
1080p on your TV doesnt mean, that there is NATIVE 1080p support.

Even Atari 2600 Games can be upscaled to 1080p

There is NO native 1080p AAA-Title on the PS3. Even GT5 is not full HD.
Only a few minor arcade-Games are 1080p. On PS3 as well as on XBOX.

Just learn to Google.

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Why only hyping negative rumors?
Thats how Cell-minds work or what?

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^ this.

Nuff said.

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So where does he actually talks in his Interview about the XBOX 720??? Right, nowhere.

Oh right, i forgot...Articles sell better with the Xbox in title, even the guy doesnt refer to it in his interview.

And sadly, these sites call themselves journalists....

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@ opinion....what u expect on N4G???


Thats N4G. News4Gaystationers who are 11yo.

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So many words heard a million times. What does that exactly contribute to the discussion of the memory architure of the durango?

Right, nothing.

Stop derailing this ms thread with stuff everybody knows since 2006, mr fitler.

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PGR 5...come on guys!

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^^ well said haha

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12 Agrees, 67 Disagrees.

lol, News4SonyFanboys.

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Good, we dont want no sony slaves. Go away please NOW. Thanks.

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^^ THIS.

Sad but true.

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All the Sony-Boys would call their Xbox-Friends, they would go outside the house together, breath some fresh air, have fun, laugh, drink beer and they all suddenly would realize that nobody should care too much about a simple piece of plastic.

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The only one mad is you taking rumors and twitter-australian-fbi-stories way too serious...

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