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It is a nice update and i don't see an issue with it. They're basically just cleaning it up a little. Would have been worse if it was an entirely new model with a better screen!

Still loving It, absolutely addicted to rigs

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Competition is healthy for the industry

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Resistance 3 doesnt get a mention either and that game was brilliant when used with the sharp shooter

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What are you buyinggggggg

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I'm going to take a punt here and say it's because you're stirring.

Pc is not confirmed or even suggested, ps4 exclusivity is.

Behave yourself?

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The division was addictive the first few weeks but after completion, you soon realise it's the same stuff over and over.
One of the things that really killed it for me was the power difference in levels. Bring a higher level should give you a sight advantage but not an unbeatable one. A skilled lower level player should be able to beat a higher lesser skilled player but it really didn't work like that

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I hope Games Workshop tell them to Furget about it :D

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The resident evil movies have all been a major disappoint for me. The first was ok, but the ending scene where she stood in the city with the shot gun, now that captured the atmosphere and tone I wanted in an RE movie but unfortunately they never captured it and three films went in a wacky OT direction.

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As much as the stock issues may seem annoying, they also work to the advantage of Sony because it creates a hyped demand. Remember the first year of the Nintendo Wii? If you were able to get one, you could instantly sell it for much more online (not saying this is a good thing, just and eg).

It's both good and bad.

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I'm sorry but I'm sick of these articles.

PSVR is something special and not just because it's playstation the medium itself is something special Oculus rift, vice as well!

Playstation has done a great job at launching an affordable version that can be and is being strongly pushed. When I first brought my psvr, I was thinking tha that most games were sort of like demos of what could be in the future and then I played eve valkyrie, and then I ...

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I don't think physical media went anymore? Although it might be convenient i've never liked digital versions unless I also have the physical like some blu rays offer.

As sad as it may seem, I love looking at the physical collection i've massed over the years :)

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I really do get worried with the "gamers" sometimes. Because the world has become so fast paced and technology i.e phones and apps are turned around months apart, it feels like people expect this in every area which shines an unnecessary and mostly unwarranted negativity over things such as NEONRIDR comments.

Tech needs time to grow and games need time to be developed. We are on the cusp of something great and there is a lot of support behind it. The rhythm will ...

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I love VR, and I really don't feel that it is being forgotten. It's early days and there is a lot on the horizon.

It would be really naive to think that Sony spent millions on r&d and marketing for it to just be dropped.

To be completely honest, I don't know where the ideas behind this articles keep coming from.

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Clicked the link as I was genuinely interested and as soon as I seen that it's a click per title, I had to leave which is gutting.

Websites should cater to the people and not the pocket. Genuine work relieves genuine views.

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Not sure how they would pull off accurate full body tracking (my mind is always blown by advancements though) but I thoroughly expect some sort of gloves to potentially replace the controller whilst in psvr

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I thought OOT was a great game during it time, the only reason I hold it close to my gaming me pried is nostalgia, but for me personally, I've played a lot of games since that I've preferred.

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I'll be honest, the last cod I enjoy was black ops, have brought one since and really have to be blown away to be convinced to as well.

I'm waiting for a gritty, detailed ww1/Ww2 fps. I think it's time they went back to that period.

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You're coming across as very protective when I'm simply suggesting some minor improvements in to make the game more fluid.

Some times I don't look at the ammo because I think I've already reloaded and the revive bar should maybe be bigger or more apparent as I'm clearly not seeing it.

As for the fast travel, it's not fun having to continuously go through load screens, especially when you want to encounter the random events on route. ...

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It's a shame there are a lot of disagrees when most of the comments are genuinely on topic and honest.

For me, vr is exciting because it's what I've been wanting in gaming since I was a youth and now Sony have brought it to my console of choice at an affordable price. Not just that, but the fact that it's being heavily supported makes me feel like this is going to be a success that will see countless improved iterations.

I hope all the VRs are...

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