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I think it is about time that N4G added a new feature to view posts before the edit. #1.2.2
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Unsure who is disagreeing you, it has officially been announced as a 2.0 feature and for that reason it was left out of yesterday's new feature announcement #1.2.1
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I like it. I hope it is easy to use and enter as in just have straight access via PSN and not have to sign up to other stuff.

Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more from this. Maybe at the ps event in december... #6
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I don't think I've switched a game off since I was much younger, I have however had to pause and have a breather because it got a little too intense for me. #1.2
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I honestly can't see the ps3 store getting another major overhaul, maybe a few tweaks but I believe everything is going to be put into the ps4 now. #1.5
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It is exactly the same as politicians and it is such a shame. People on backtrack on things once they realise they are not in the position that allows the upper hand.

Policies should be be put in place for the good of the gamer, not just to keep higher ground. #14
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Just going to copy and paste triangle_todd because he said it well enough.

"Guys, this isn't so much about the resolution and framerate in general but about Ubisoft's decision to purposefully hold back the PS4 version, even though it could be performing better than the XBO version.

Did any of you actually read what Ubisoft (and this article) said?" #25
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Not a very constructive comment.

It all depends on your taste of games. If you are going to give them a wing, then i'd recommend skipping the first title because as awing as it was graphically at the time, it was a dull and repetitive game. The second game was what the first should have been.

After that, I am afraid I can't tell you because I stopped purchasing them due to the amount that was being churned out and I feel the initial story went out o... #5.1.1
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Lukas, the ps2 games were indeed fantastic! #3.1.2
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Impressed that beta account carries over #5
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mentioned. The story was based around them heading into it, how could that be missed hahahaha #3.1.1
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Something about inFamous has just never caught me. The games look beautiful and are interesting, but I could never completely feel involved in it as it always felt like something was missing,= which is a shame.

For me, I would like a new IP from Sucker Punch. #1.4
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Had to stop watching half way through, i'm sold and I now don't want to spoil it. It looks intense and very well put together. The atmosphere is chilling and I really like the choices. #4
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Music is essential and unfortunately an over looked feature by a lot of gamers. Music can be the difference between an emotional attachment during a key scene. #1
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I'm actually glad, the call of duty franchise unfortunately became stagnant years ago and a lot of people brought based on the name.

I would love to see a true gritty FPS set back in ww2. I think it is time to go back to that period and do a truly honest and dark shooter. #5
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I brought R3. I was that excited, I brought the sharp shooter and completely the entire game using the move attachments. It was brilliant, sadly there aren't enough supporting games for that! #5.1
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Stability updates are always welcome but I understand your frustration. Given time, the system will begin to change the way the ps3 did. #1.2
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The alpha left me in two minds, it showed that there was a lot of potential but some of the things I found slightly repetitive such as the whole we need x amount of this, kill x amount of this to retrieve it. There seemed to be a lot of that, which is fine, but I personally felt that it needed a bit more of a variety for the smaller side missions.

The bigger missions with the multiplayer battles are great though. #2.1
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I understand your frustration, but in this circumstance we are talking more about the support for next gen being increased through the higher than expected sales. Bodging a game is a different topic entirely. If you don't like watchdogs, or any other game because it has been "bodged" then stop supporting it. But overall, this is good for the industry because it makes the systems more accessible, more viable to the develop for. #3.1
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