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Clicked the link as I was genuinely interested and as soon as I seen that it's a click per title, I had to leave which is gutting.

Websites should cater to the people and not the pocket. Genuine work relieves genuine views.

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Not sure how they would pull off accurate full body tracking (my mind is always blown by advancements though) but I thoroughly expect some sort of gloves to potentially replace the controller whilst in psvr

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I thought OOT was a great game during it time, the only reason I hold it close to my gaming me pried is nostalgia, but for me personally, I've played a lot of games since that I've preferred.

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I'll be honest, the last cod I enjoy was black ops, have brought one since and really have to be blown away to be convinced to as well.

I'm waiting for a gritty, detailed ww1/Ww2 fps. I think it's time they went back to that period.

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You're coming across as very protective when I'm simply suggesting some minor improvements in to make the game more fluid.

Some times I don't look at the ammo because I think I've already reloaded and the revive bar should maybe be bigger or more apparent as I'm clearly not seeing it.

As for the fast travel, it's not fun having to continuously go through load screens, especially when you want to encounter the random events on route. ...

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It's a shame there are a lot of disagrees when most of the comments are genuinely on topic and honest.

For me, vr is exciting because it's what I've been wanting in gaming since I was a youth and now Sony have brought it to my console of choice at an affordable price. Not just that, but the fact that it's being heavily supported makes me feel like this is going to be a success that will see countless improved iterations.

I hope all the VRs are...

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Lets not rise to flame wars and keep this on topic :)

The good thingis the competition which will inevitably force Sony into putting better games on +

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Not sure if it exists, but I'd really love to play a remake of pokemon yellow but to the scale of the witcher! Graphically beautiful and rich in gameplay.

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My personal opinion is that ps+ has dropped in the quality of its games. I feel that after two years, you could give a bigger title away alongside some indies.

But it's a shame really because this comment section will always end up in a console flame war rather than talking practice and valid points.

For example, let's actually get this thread going in the right direction and list realistic games you think they could give away on +, maybe some of the ...

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When you are down and a player is reviving you, it doesn't show you how far off from recovery you are. It shows them but not you.

The quad would be for outside the DZ, no sense in having it in the DZ.

You can reload behind cover, but if you are out of ammo and aim to shoot, he stands up and reloads. This should be smarter (As should the user, I guess) and detect you have no ammo, so put you back behind cover to reload.

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My personal list..

-Official party support for more than 4 players
-Faster way to travel I.e quad
-Visual countdown for team members when you are downed
-Reload behind cover rather than stand and reload
-Better restarting as response tend to happen in the middle of a warning
-When resurrected by a team member, you should auto hug cover not stand in the middle of a fire fight

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That's what happened with assassins creed, the second one always felt like it should have been the first game, it was a much better, varied game.

The visuals out he first where still astonishing, they just didn't expand the gameplay

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I beg to differ, but honestly, until we have had a good year using the technology, how can any of us judge so soon?

VR is what I wanted in gaming from a kid, and for me, this feels like what I imagined... Nothibg like a sweaty head or a crab (you may want to get that checked out). But I'm more than willing to bet this will be a success.

As for 3D, it may not be used much in gaming or even too much in film releases but every new TV has it built in, so I wo...

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It's not ground breaking, it's blurring the lines between pc and home console.
It's actually really bad that rumours are being spread as factual as well because none of this has been confirmed and is all currently speculation. My personal opinion,is that this isn't true and it's just a ps4 slim that can stream 4k footage and if it is that or a complete hardware boost, I will not be purchasing and will declare myself out of sonys console because I can't afford ...

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Really would like to see them do London, but I'm sure I read an interview where they said it will always be inside America as it just feels right for the series.

If that is still the case, I think eventually it may be limiting but they'll always put everything they have into it.

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There is nothing wrong with ps+, I'm not saying it's perfect as the games could be better but they could also be worse. This is just another case of jumping on the bandwagon.

One website writes something and you can be sure that a good hand full will follow the click train.

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Can't help but wonder if that drawing in the top right at 2:57 is supposed to be ellie from the last of us :D

Regardless, I'm very excited for this game!

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I was addicted to this game to the point where I would spend 8 hours a day after work playing it in the first week, it truly is addictive but not without flaws.

My biggest griefs,

-Segregating the dz by levels. I understand the premise behind this but it ruined the fun for me when others around where at different levels and even when we where in a 4 person group, we couldn't access together. There needs to be some sort of open level zone for groups.

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VR will be brilliant when it comes out. For me, this feels like the first true experience into VR gaming. I thoroughly understand it may have limitations but for now, this will set me up for the advancements in this field.

I'm very excited to see Sony's interpretation of the medium.

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why not both?

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