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I remain skeptical...MS has been focusing on the kinect experience. They are targeting casuals. Casuals don't validate spending money for performance.

Also, let's not forget how budget the 360 was when it first launched. No, I'm not referring to the RRoD. I'm talking about lack of HDMI interface, bluetooth, the addition of a 'tray' for the dvd drive. #10
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LOL #1.1
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*about to click link then noticed 'google.translate...'*

Nevermind. #2.1
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The Fight is as accurate as it gets (with exception to the special moves). One of the most underrated games, as far as I'm concerned. #10.1
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I just thought I sucked...I didn't realize these hacks were being implemented. I was wondering how people were able to turn around so quick and one shot kill me from halfway across the map...I just thought those guys were awesome! #6
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There is so much wrong with your comment, I don't even know where to begin #5.2
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Just wondering how much time the author had with NHL 12....quoting "after a 19 year lull". Point being, I wont to know how much "better" NHL 13 is over NHL 12 from a user perspective.

Actually, it doesn't matter...I am a sucker for the NHL series so I'll be picking this up regardless. #1
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It's definitely fun. The only real downside I can see for this game is the price if you don't already own an electric guitar....but if you do have one, it's an excellent way to learn how to play.

Unlike in Rockband, when you have learned how to play a song in Rocksmith, you can actually play the song (or at least a very close variation of it, in some instances).

Bottom line is that it is a fun way to learn how to play, but you still need to put t... #7.1
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Really?? I know people in the US who are paying something like 30-40 dollars for the same speed but unlimited bandwidth. I assumed it was just us Canadians getting raped! #1.5.4
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As a guitar player, I found this game to be extremely accurate....the only potential case for lag is if you have the audio source set to be the same as other words, make sure you are using a receiver for your audio and NOT your TV.

If you already know how to play guitar, you may not like the missing difficulty control. Every song starts out VERY EASY when you first play have to play each song a couple of times (at least) to get the full notes. Sometimes... #6
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I doubt US pricing is worse than Canadian....I just got upgraded to 30Mb/s bundle which only includes 125GB/month for 80$...and if I go over, I pay a buck/GB over. #1.5.2
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Who is this minority you speak of? Everyone I know that owns one, still loves it as much as the day they first received it. #2.1.4
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LX-General-Kaos has a point...I just found out that the PSVita is getting 12 characters that WON'T be on the PS3. My problem is that they are selling this as "EXTRA" characters, but what they are actually doing is REMOVING characters from the PS3 version. Does this not piss off a bulk of PS3 only owners?

Have I misread some details somewhere? #1.1.2
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If I remember correctly, Diablo II let you download both Mac and PC versions seeing as battlenet allowed you to play with people on either machine

Don't be an ass #8.2
1419d ago by Mr_Bun | View comment the article is bitching about the Vita having portable versions of the top PS3 games??? I didn't realize that Sony was only allowed to put their top franchises on the PS3

Lame article is lame #1.1.7
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Reported as LAME #1.1.1
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Assuming that MW3's 9.3 million sold was a combination of PS3/PC/360, UC3 actually averaged a greater day 1 sales per platform. #1.1.6
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It is NEVER updated the same time, from week to week. You'd think they would be able to nail down a set time every Tuesday but it hasn't happened yet. Lately it seems to be updated around 6pm Eastern Time #1.1.3
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I was thinking the same thing, lol #6.1
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LOL ^ #3.1.1
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