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Of course hardcore players buy it. Those like myself will only play with it to play the 1st party franchises that nintendo has always excelled at making like mario,metroid and zelda. My kids love it for the kid friendly family games which they can play on it. Hardcore gamers know what the Wii was about before they even purchase it. To say that nintendo has betrayed you is garbage. If anything this is standard procedure since the N64. Most hardcore players have another console anyway.

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Yet I pay for live cause it is the most full featured service to date. Still the peer 2 peer networking model they use does make you pause and go why are they charging for this????? If MS were to add dedicated servers to live and quit trying to hustle us so much with microtransactions (Charging for new costumes and weapons???) I would have no complaints.

In fact I wouldn't mind if Sony charged for PSN if it would mean they put a stranglehold on the network by setting up st...

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Starscream you having a bad day? First off I don't even play WoW anymore also I haven't even tried AoC. I quit because I got bored and didn't have time to commit to that type of game. I was going to look into warhmamer because I loved dark age of camelot. Fact is they are removing some features they confirmed that. So getting your panties in a bunch about negative posts isn't going to change anything. Don't worry bud. I'm not trying to stop you from purchasing the game and being disap...

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Your not going to find a better MMO then WoW until Blizz releases another one. That being said I gave up on this one when it seemed they weren't commited to keeping with teh adult themed world that warhammer is based in. The news about feature removal just shows that they are not being given the time to make this game complete before shipping it. I will pass.

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Plus dont expect it to be life size either. Collectors editions are stupid anyway. I love how these companies hustle folks with that crap they include in those overpriced packages.

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I own both and can easily state that Live is the superior online service. It better be cause we pay for it.

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With multiplatform becoming so big now will 3rd party devs even worry about utilyzing the abilities of the machine? I would think not because they want parity with 360 version and vice versa. That's why exclusives are still important. It allows the devs to concentrate all there efforts into bringing the most out of the hardware. Sony has a ton of 1st party devs and I hope we see that. Oh and once again Sony. Get your head out your arse and give us some rpgs!

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Played the demo and I'm still not sold. Until I play the coop with someone and experience that portion of the game then I'm not buying.

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I still have questions about this game when it comes to replay value. Multiplayer is not supposed to have story elements is it? Are levels random like diablo? Or are you just leveling over and over looking at the same cutscenes and camera angles? How long is the single player? These are things I have not been able to find about the game. This style of game I think needs that formula to make it have longevity. I guess my thing is that this game could be a purchase if it follows those line...

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They are catching up very quickly though. They need some basic things to close the gap.

1. They need to put a iron grip on the psn. Meaning start getting tough on a set of standards for games released with a multiplayer component. MGO is a example of a great game with terrible online management.

2. Release that damn Sony branded mic already!!! It better work worry free with the PS3. That is still why I have a better online experience with my 360. It c...

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Still who cares ten bucks for some new content that is gameplay and not costumes or something I'll bite. This is where the true hustle is dealt. Weak little addons like costumes or weapons which should be free.

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I like when folks try something new. As long as they take out the clutter of the original and hopefully add a web browser I'm set. The backend is still there so functionality can't be lost anyway. Win win if you ask me.

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I used to buy NCAA football. I quit because year after year I would purchase it then end up never playing it again because Madden was released so soon after. NCAA never really had a hold on me because it just seemed a bit too arcade like in certain aspects. Impossible to stop anyone on defense. Became basically who could use the time up better in a drive and then score in the last min or two. This coupled with the fact that EA's football titles have declined in quality year after year. ...

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Still they didn't show me any coop with the demo and that is what will give this game legs. Also I want to know if coop will have random level layouts and monsters? Cause if all you do is join a buddy and are forced to level in the same stage with the same camera angles and stuff that will get old very fast.

I am becoming a big supporter of rent before you buy. It's been hard to stick to it but ever since Ninja Gaiden 2 burned me bad I have vowed never to drop 60 bucks on a day ...

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I wasn't blown away by it. These types of games depend heavily on multiplayer and them not showing how that would look or play is to me a bad mistake. Cause as a solo experience it lacked something.

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I have to admit this looks really cool. Who's to say it will be that big when it comes to gaming itself. But as a forum to advertise it's endless. Imagine themed rooms for everything from new movies to music or sports. Wow when I think about it this could generate a ton of money for Sony from advertisers. This does show that Sony is trying there best to be a bit more advanced then the rest.

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Sony needs to step up right now and quit being stubborn. They are slowly losing t legacy of software which they built up with the Ps1 and Ps2. I for one have all three consoles. So I can safely say that the Ps3 while leading in my mind in over all quality has a long way to go to catch up software wise to the 360. This comes from Sony not being a software company but a hardware company. Microsoft knows how to please there userbase. They have consistently worked towards getting the types ...

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The playstation brand will no longer be synonymous with console gaming around the world. It will share it's glory with MS and to a lesser extent Nintendo. The fault lies with Sony alone. Overpriced tech with no software to backup the purchase is what did it too them. I own all three consoles and while I love the Ps3 for it's obvious hardware quality I still can't recommend it for the most important thing.... Games. MS has consistently made moves to secure games for there user base that ...

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I just watched the ending of the presentation. Big time screw up Sony that was one game that needed to stay exclusive to the playstation brand. Now the issue is which platform for me to buy it for? I guess the one that releases first.

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All I can say is...

Rental buy it when it's used for 20 bucks. While SK always were great story tellers to me the gameplay just doesn't cut it. Plus I remember reading that the core game is really short. Another example of a game with too many delays and issues trying to combine too many genres. Unless there is some drastic change between now and next months release date I don't see it improving or changing much. Maybe coop will be this games saving grace?

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