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Even though WoW did not have the most cutting edge graphics it still had a great art style and scope which folks enjoyed. Coupled with the fact that the engine scaled so damn well that tons of folks could play it there's no wonder it was such a big success. For myself I would have loved to play AoC but the game just did not perform well on my machine. Hence I did not buy it. I'm also worried about Warhammer for requirements. If it wont run moderately well on what I have now then I wont...

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That being said I played the demo and was not impressed. That's why this game is getting so much attention. You have two different camps out there sweating in my opinion a very forgettable game. Those that buy this day one aren't fools they want this kind of game to succeed so they support it. Those like myself who fail to see the greatness will rent this and unless the multiplayer is compelling (Which is what they should have shown in the demo) most will likely beat it once and then ditc...

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Just a average game. This one is a rental for sure. If the multiplayer amazes me somehow then maybe it will be a used purchase down the line.

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The prices for accessories for 360 are out of hand. Especially the harddrive price. I have a original pro. 20gig or should I say 10gig drive. I am really looking forward to installs, Netflix support and the new live experience but.... I just cant bring myself to drop that much on the 120 gig drive. I'm hoping they put a 60 gig drive for sale as a upgrade soon and hopefully they get there head out there a$$ and lower the price to reasonable levels.

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I like that some devs are confident enough in there games to release a demo pre-release. SK did it with Too Human (Which now I will rent) and lucasart is showing confidence as well. Now if only Tecmo would have released one for Ninja Gaiden 2 then I wouldn't have wasted 60 bucks. It let's you make a more informed choice then reading reviews and fanboy posts.

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Because you know that anytime during any game your machine can die. That is not acceptable. Microsoft fixes it of course but still when I think of my 360 it's like a old beater car that you want to keep running but realize that it wont be around for long. If it wasn't for the strength of the there game library and online model this machine would have died out before it got started. Goes to show that if you put in a great user interface and compelling games folks will still stay loyal.

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I played the demo. It just didnt pull me in. I wouldn't say it's a terrible game though. I just dont see it having a huge impression on folks who are not into action/rpg. Is it a day one purchase? Nope I would say it isn't. I'm gameflying this one for sure. NG2 was one that I waited for and purchased full price just to be let down and traded in. I plan on playing this with a couple of friends (Both of which are only renting this as well) and then see how the experience is when mulitplay...

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Better rent this one first. NG2 was going to be great and it was just meh. Even though it had awesome combat the camera killed it for me. I've played the demo many times and can say I will rent this first before |I buy.

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My friend had one though and we played marvel vs capcom till our thumbs bled. That game was awesome in so many ways. Graphics gameplay and a ton of characters to use. Also a lot of the staples in gaming today the Dreamcast was a prototype for it seems.

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Fanboys cry but will still go out and buy the same title/system in which they hate. Diablo three looked absolutely cool to me from the videos. Who cares if it lost the gothic dark look. That look stemmed mainly from limitations in the engine at the time. Now that they have the technology to improve the look and give you more diverse environments it looks better then I could have imagined. At least they didnt completely change the feel of it. Diablo 3 is going to rock. On to fallout 3 I...

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This game is a rental at best.

Combat is brutal fun and fast. When you can see it...... The camera was horrible for this style of game. Yea I know learn to play and hit the trigger to swing it back behind you. I call BS. I still cant count how many times I died because the camera went wonky and I couldn't see myself. Levels were boring and linear. Even more so then part 1. They did slightly improve towards the end but you still basically run from one end to the other f...

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I thought I had left pc gaming in the past. Then they go and pull you back in. Damn Blizzard. I didnt want to even think about buying a new pc or upgrading one of my older ones. Looks like I need to start hiding some money away here and there until release. Wife would kill me she catchs me with a new computer for one single game. Diablo 3 is worth it though.

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Case in point is the now discontinued Xbox. Everyone knows the 360 has crappy BC. I was glad I didnt turn my original Xbox in when the 360 was released. Cause now there is a huge library of used xbox games out there that are dirt cheap. In fact Gamestop is running a buy two get one free deal as I type. You cant beat a 5 dollar game which you passed up when it was 50.

One thing that is pissing me off is the rare game trade. You have cats out there selling a copy of the origi...

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Me. I'll be getting it on gamefly and trying it first. Played the demo instead of being convinced it was a purchase it ended up becoming a rent it first. SK made a big mistake with the demo not allowing folks to have a multiplayer session to show how that mode will play. Cause lets all admit that multiplayer will be this games saving grace. If the multiplayer isn't fun then this game will fail.

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You know you are going to buy it. No matter how much you nitpick bout the gameplay or graphics. The fact remains that no other game is more fun to whip your friends ass then Madden. Just watch the game on tv this sunday. That football itch will hit ya and you guys will go ahead and pick it up. I swear gameheads these days are never satisfied.

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Unless the demo is on another disc you should be able to rent the damn thing at blockbuster and play it anyway.

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I want them to first add more voice chat features. Also get more hardline with there PSN network. Meaning force devs to comply with a set of standards for all games. Once that's done they can release home.

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I'm seriously thinking about trading in Cod4. Really haven't heard anything about new maps and since cod5 is coming out more then likely you wont hear about any till after that is released. If they do add some content by that time a cheap used copy is always there if I want to jump back in.

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