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Which did have better physics and gameplay then this. At least so far. I loved that game and still have it for my original xbox.

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While I enjoyed it I wouldn't say it's a day one purchase. Main reason being I tend to finish these types of games in a week. Strong multiplayer titles and lengthy rpgs are what I usually spend day one money on. Action titles and platformers are rent first buy used later. Unless they are very compelling example God of War or MGS4. This one just didnt strike me as that caliber.

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No sequel sets out to lose the core audience that made the first one a hit. You think folks at Epic are dumb? It already had a awesome looking engine. Tweak it and polish it is fine with me. Multiplayer while buggy still was exciting and fun. I and a lot of others still play part one and I'm going to be picking this one up.

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From what I seen it looks like a very basic hack and slash rpg. Only rpg's worth getting coming up are Fable 2 and Fallout3. Last Remnant I haven't seen much of but if it's anything like this. Rental only.

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Home is too close. No way they will give Sony that type of news without a retort.

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I could see it coming out around the time Gears 2 and other top holiday titles would be released. I'm looking forward to it.

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Too Human=Not relevant anymore.

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That is why I bought one. I bought my 360 mainly for th multiplayer shooters that were a staple of the original xbox. I bought my PS3 for the single player rpg's and action adventure titles. So far the PS3 is behind in that aspect. Which is disappointing. Still I'm happy with both consoles. I just want some more rpg love for my PS3.

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Maybe when those solid state drives get cheap and plentiful but until then hardrives are still too prone to failure for me to sit there nad not have a backup on hard copy. It's as simple as that. Sony seems to have a great vision about where they want there online model to go. Microsoft still hasn't shown me that they are commited to giving the same value. Mainly because they still try to pull a hustle with the outlandish prices they charge for there harddrives. My poor 360 is in real ne...

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Which was a awesome game if you can find it used I suggest you pick it up.

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Sony at least seems to try to give the consumer a better value of features for there money vs the other companies. My 60 gig while expensive had a ton of tech included plus full BC which looking at the SKU's now being released with bigger drives but less features makes me much more happy with my purchase.

MS on the other hand has shown me nothing but greed in a lot of the way they deal with the consumer. My 20 gig pro model while already having endured a rrod and not having...

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First off if you have to jump on forums to defend your own creation that means you aren't sure about it as well. Now he is doing disaster recovery for a game that is average at best. I dont know why he's tripping about it because it will sell well enough to garner a Too Human 2 hopefully they dont name it that.

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To me the Wii is more of a throw it in your living room get the kids on there while dad sneaks downstairs to play the real games. Now I love Zelda,Mario,Metroid etc but those are about all I will purchase for the console. Other then that it's for the children. If you purchased a Nintendo product post N64 everyone should already know these facts.

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Way to much hype over it's overall quality. I think most can agree that from the many reviews it's recieved it's a below average game. I think gamespots review hit my biggest issue right on the head. The single player is only ten hours long????!!!! Now for just a straight action game that's a okay length. A rpg though that's basically a drop in the bucket. See even if you have a so-so game if it has a meaty lengthy single player most rpg lovers can overlook issues with combat or gamepla...

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Rental. Folks can support this one if you want to but with much better titles being released shortly I'm just gonna gamefly it.
I liked SK's other projects but I'm not going to follow blindly into another purchase based on previous track records example is Team Ninja NG 2 really let me down.
If this sells well (I think it will regardless of reviews) and if SK is granted the rights to make a part 2. Maybe it will be worth revisiting if they get there act together and act...

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Epic rental that is.

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No review or anything until the game was actually released. It's a big trend lately with games that are of so-so quality. Give SK credit though for actually having the balls to release a demo first and show everyone that this game is a epic rental at best.

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How folks are nitpicking about at least in my mind minimal changes that Blizz is trying with this game. Brighter colors and more detailed environments??? Oh heavens no we cant have that! You can pick the gender of your class???? Say it isn't so!!! Geez why cant folks just be happy they are making a new one? It's just like people crying about Fallout 3. Bethesda didn't have to aquire the license and make it. We would be just where we started waiting and wondering about if anyone ever w...

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I dont see the hype for this one. Rental.

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