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That was good for a laugh.
His buddy should have slapped the piss out of him. I dont care if your friends or not in a public forum you respect a team member. The way he disrespected his friend was out of pocket. #14
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Why is it hyped?
Because and this will shock everyone. It's fun. That's it the game is fun it's classic 80's action sci-fi cheese and I love it. I'm all for deep engrossing gaming experiences as well. RPG's, RTS and Survival Horror being my favorite genres but there's something to be said for a game that can really bring out the beast in everyone. That's why Gears 2 deserves the hype. #30
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I'll be buying it on Ps3.
Lead dev platform for this game for many years. If you have both consoles it's a no brainer. Only thing MS could do to sweeten the deal is throw some money out there for some exclusive dlc. Which would influence my purchase for sure. #4
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Dont worry.
They will offer this for purchase to everyone else at a later date. This just promotes a day one purchase. Which is a clever way to boost first day sales. They aren't stupid though they will make sure they get some profit out of the new maps as well. Worry not used gamers! #31
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Really a no brainer.
I own both consoles (I also own a Wii but I dont consider that to be a true next gen console) when it comes to the platform I am buying Fallout 3 on it's a no brainer. 360. The thing about multiconsole owners is that I can cherry pick the best version of a title. Mainly devs are not enhancing one version over the other in terms of graphics or performance so it comes down to features which make the sale. So far MS has secured the most feature rich versions of multiplatform titles released... #8
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I can see why it would be top rental.
Cause its simply a rental at best anyway. Buggy, terrible targeting system with sometimes great mostly frustrating combat. I'm glad I rented this. Gamefly is turning into a great money saver when it comes to games of less then AAA status. Beat it then send that crap back and buy it used couple years later. #3
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This is great news for folks who haven't played the original.
Gametap is really becoming a little gem for older hard to find pc titles. Now if they would just get Silent hill 1 so I dont have to buy the damn thing for 40 bucks. #3
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Ugh. Of course lets not make the 60 gig a good deal.
If that 99 price tag for the 60 is true I'll be keeping my 20gig it looks like. I don't need a new headset and also I already have live. That price point and bundle doesn't benefit anyone. #15
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I own both consoles and can honestly say.
GoW over R2 for this year. I liked R1 but it wasn't a mind blowing fps in anyway. Gears just has a much more brutal viceral feel then R2. I think GoW will be the bigger seller by a pretty big margin. #20
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Does it disable achievements?
Rented this but will still use the codes to have fun while I play it. #1
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I'm buying it.
The Fallout series is one of my all time favorite games of all time. Being a child of the 80's and the post apocalyptic movies and television of that decade these games were absolutely great. Now I am not a complete Oblivion fanboy I thought it was a good rpg to usher in the next gen of consoles but it had it's flaws that's for sure. Still bethesda has been making rpgs a long time. So I'm expecting it not to be the originals in every aspect but am hoping they keep the adult themed violenc... #26
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Depends on the game.
If it's a multiplatform game I usually play it on 360. for the achievement points. I also try to find out what the lead development platform is. Until recently it was the 360. Now must haves like MGS4 have no need to add trophy's for me to purchase them. It's nice to have them but it doesn't make or break a system. Good quality games do and that above all else is what Sony should concentrate on. #56
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Here's my rating ror Force unleashed.
Rental. #7
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I'm happy about it as well.
While I loved the game I felt they sold out the absolutely great total punch control by allowing the old button control system to be used. Fast fighters were very tough to beat using the sticks vs someone just using the buttons. Let's hope they even the playing field by making the total punch control the true "Superior" control system. Oh and can we get the Hitman Tommy Hearns on the game please EA? You need the Motor City Cobra in this game! #4
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Regardless about quality of game.
10 bucks for it when you buy the official headset=Day one purchase for me. Just too good of a deal to pass up. #37
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While the demo was fun for a bit.
It just didnt grab me. While I dont think it's near the stinker that Too Human (I rented Too Human and finished it by the way so I an give my opinion on that one)is. I do feel it could have been a lot better. I wish Lucas Arts would take the kid gloves off and give us a more mature and edgy type of game. Let's have severed limbs cut by a light saber no blood of course because the wound is cauterized but still. Something to show the brutality of the darkside and the force powers that come w... #15
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I'll go ahead and say it.
MS did this as a cheap low cost solution to all the out of warranty 360's that are out there. Make the arcade cheap enough so that folks who are plagued with rrod will just go grab a new one. That's what I'm going to do. Why pay 100 hundred or so dollars for out of warranty repair for a extra bill you get a brand new one with hdmi which my original does not have. #17
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Once again.
Sony is showing that they have a better handle on how to bundle value into there system and peripherals. Great official headset with built in features that are awesome with a game for basically ten bucks is a heck of a good deal. I basically preordered this and the game because I'm still using a Ps2 logitech usb headset for my ps3 so this is a much needed accessory for me. Good job Sony. Now get your head out your asses and get us cross game chat and voice mail you will have a winner here. #21
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Folks are going to say what they want.
When there is no face to put with the language or views. I long ago have came to terms that folks are going to say whatever the hell they want online and you just have to deal with it. Being in shock over what folks say and getting upset is exactly what those people want you to do. I just avoid the player and then move on. You can say any racial comment you want till your blue in the face the only way it has power is when another party acknowledges it. Mute,ignore and report all you want... #20
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The game was weak.
Nothing else to say. #48
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