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Is this a extra mission that is seperate from the complete game? Or is this integrated into storyline so that when I do a play through I can access this during normal gameplay? I left the game because my save files became corrupted and so I decided to wait to play it again after the first dlc came out. Just wondering.

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I understand the beef with the new direction of action over horror but the controls fit this style of game perfectly. If you want run and gun play a FPS. If you want tension to build because a giant axe murdering freak is bearing down on you then the stop and go gameplay fits perfect. The game will rock and folks who b**** about it will still buy it. I for one am impressed and can't wait for the final version.

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Lets agree to call it survival thriller now. Even though they have shifted the focus away from the old formula to this new more action oriented one doesn't change the fact that it still makes for tense compelling gameplay. Which is good. Day one purchase for me for sure. I can't wait. I have loved this series since it came out on PSX and have no complaints about the direction it has progressed to.

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Just wish they would make Total punch control so superior to using the face buttons for throwing punchs that it would force users of that control scheme to switch. It really frustrates you when you play someone who strictly uses the buttons to throw punchs while you have taken the time to learn to play the game the way it's meant to be played. I usually still win but when I do lose to one and we all have it sucks. Also we need the Hitman Tommy Hearns.

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Though it's the 1st party games Mario and Zelda etc which I feel gamers will be wishing they had more of. Get your heads out of your backsides Nintendo. Gamers can care less about third party support for this console because Wii is everyone's secondary system. Anyone who is a fan of Nintendo is a fan because of those classic IP's which is why we all bought the machine. Worrying about third party support isn't the thing I want new Zeldas, Metroids and Marios not Conduit a fps which 360 o...

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I just wish they would take button users out of online play or make total punch control so superior that folks would have to learn to use it. Cause there is nothing I hate more then folks who use the button combos and think they are good at the game.

Oh and add Tommy the hitman Hearns! With his old school 80's Jheri Curl and that killer right hand the motor city cobras screaming for virtual immortality.

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It's common sense. We are visual creatures by nature anyway. When you first look at a game what do you evaluate first? Graphics of course. So if you own a HD capable console and a HD television you owe it to yourself to experience HD games in that format. Now the comparison between 1080p and 720p I cant vouch for. Because my hd only goes to 1080i which I know a lot of games do not support. Regardless my games look damn good running 720 so I am satisfied. I will make the jump to hdmi i...

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Not since 04/05 versions has there been anything in Madden resembling simulation. Still interesting that the game was that accurate.

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We simply didn't need home. As a gamer I needed cross-game chat I needed the ability to send voice messages and also to follow friends into games they are playing. What we needed was a online model that has parity with live.

I think folks aren't getting the point with people downing this program. It's not that we want the Ps3 to fail in fact it's far from it. We just want Sony to start making good choices and use some common sense when it comes to how they are handling th...

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Gold should be of course demos and free stuff also dedicated servers for the top AAA multiplayer titles. Let the silver subscribers have P2P and of course pay for DLC etc. It will never happen but we could hope.

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Cable/communication company's have way to many folks behind them to lobby in favor of keeping it a pay for service. I dont mind paying I just want them to improve the infrastructure to support faster speed. At least give us a value for our money because what we pay for compared to other countries is garbage.

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No longer does it use a pass through for the power solution. So basically at this point there isn't much it does do but assist your internal fans in cooling. I will wait for some reviews but I probably will pick this up.

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Does L4D have competitive multiplayer? If not then no way does it have Gears 2 beat. Coop is great but competition head to head is what gives a game legs. Cod4 was not purchased for it's great single player it was purchased because folks enjoy fragging each other. Now if L4D has a death match or other modes then I could see it being right up with Gears. As it stands now the game looks fun but is still just another FPS which we have all played a million times. I'll pick gears and rent th...

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Not with Gears 2, Call of duty world at war and Left for dead being released. I can wait.

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It's no big deal. PC games have had installs for years now and no one says a thing why should consoles with harddrives be any different? This issue is stupid compared to the other things Ps3 devs need to work on (Like parity when it comes to multiplatform quality) Buy the game and eat lunch while it installs. Folks complain over the most stupid nit picky crap.

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They need to move away from the spikey haired androgenous characters and cutesy themes to something dark and mature. That is why they are losing the western market that used to be dominated by japanese game devs. I enjoyed many a JRPG in my time but now I tend to not look forward to them as much as I used too. Games like Fable 2 and Fallout 3 to me are much more compelling because of there mature themes and the option of choice. Most JRPGs while having tons of side quests are still extre...

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In building a new pc. let's hope they take a page from Blizz and keep the specs modest so that folks with lower end pc's can play it. Cause I'm not dropping a couple g to play two games. Or if they bring it out for consoles even better. Ps3 to me would be the obvious choice.

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I'll rent it before playing Resident evil 5.

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The PC version is on life support as we speak. No way they are going to pump anymore dev dollars into a 360 version. No way I am going to pay for live and then also pay a 15 dollar fee for a mmo that couldn't make it on the pc it's main format. Plus with the annoucement from Lucasarts/bioware which I think will usher in the new xbox. Just let age of conan die already. They failed.

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Make all games online playable over free silver account. Give folks like myself with gold accounts. Dedicated servers (Let silver users mess with that P2P garbage) and other benefits like netflix and stuff to entice.

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